Totally live up to every fantasy I had about ACA
March 22, 2006

Totally live up to every fantasy I had about ACA''s

First off, the earrings are absolutely beautiful and totally live up to every fantasy I had about ACA''s. Thank you so much for your careful consideration and the choice of the perfect diamonds for me. And please thank everyone else who was involved. You guys are the best. However, it was a harrowing experience finally getting my much anticipated Whiteflash earrings! The FedEx office near me is in an industrial park, one that is now undergoing construction/road repairs. I was less than a mile from my home, cruising the residential neighborhood that abuts mine, and I spotted a police car parked unobtrusively in a driveway. I checked my speed and knew, since I was coasting down a hill at quite a pace, anxious to get home and open my package, that I was about to get nailed. Sure enough, I got pulled over and ceremoniously handed a speeding ticket!! What I figure is this: it''s all Whiteflash''s fault -- and you guys should reimburse me the $$$$ for the speeding ticket!!! :-D Seriously, I am thrilled, despite the speeding ticket, and look forward to working with you folks again. Have a great day,
Vicki, New Zealand


March 01, 2024
Becca, Misty, Jennifer, and Claudia. First, thank you so much for your help over the past couple weeks! Your support made what I imagined would be a pretty complex transaction as simple as possible, and I can’t thank you enough for the help! I did receive the diamond on Friday and was really impressed - believe it or not, I’ve spent very little time handling diamonds and it was really cool to see how it sparkled! I was able to drop off the diamond at Steven Kirsch Jewelry, and I’m excited to see how the ring turns out. Steven is known for his work with custom handmade rings, and recognized the Whiteflash box immediately and commented on how Whiteflash has great diamonds. Again, it was great to work with you all - Jennifer - thanks again for the help in finding the diamond and placing it on reserve! Becca - thank you so much for helping me finalize my choice of stone and walking me through the order process (also… Jeweler’s Mutual did eventually insure the loose stone!)! Misty - thank you for your help and support with the FedEx and for handling their unexpected delay! Claudia - thanks for your help in managing the order! It’s been great working with Whiteflash, and I’ll be sure to recommend it to all of my friends that are actively looking for engagement rings or are thinking about beginning to start looking!
Matt P, Connecticut, USA
March 01, 2024
Becca, I am not sure how to thank you for all you did to assist us in finding these beautiful stones. The side stones may be a little large but we will keep them for earrings :) THANK YOU AGAIN!
Kim, Arizona, USA
February 29, 2024
Bought a sublime ring for my now fiancée. It was quite the ordeal in order to buy it from Canada but Becca was a great help and made the purchase a nice experience.
Julien Pier L, Canada
February 29, 2024
We just got back from a trip and, thanks to your fantastic overnight shipping, I was able to enjoy my beautiful new ring the whole time. I am absolutely thrilled with it. I was initially worried that the cut of a lab grown diamond wouldn’t meet the super ideal standards I was used to with your ACA line but the second I saw my ring I was ecstatic. The setting is perfect: not too high or low. I’m so glad I didn’t ask for it to be set lower. Thank you for getting through soft claw prongs for me. I just love the way they disappear into the stone. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you again for your help. Here’s how it looks with my wedding and anniversary bands. It’s like they were made for each other. Thank you!
Anne M, Washington, USA

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