Dear Bob,

I picked up my ring this morning and it is gorgeous! When I first wrote I was really looking for a ring with 7 .
May 11, 2005

Dear Bob, I picked up my ring this morning and it is gorgeous! When I first wrote I was really looking for a ring with 7 .

Dear Bob, I picked up my ring this morning and it is gorgeous! When I first wrote I was really looking for a ring with 7 .08 - .10 stones, just like the picture, but both in the original quote that you sent me, and my confirmation email, I missed that you had quoted me for a ring with 10 stones. When I opened the pictures I was thinking, this is not my ring, my ring will have 7 stones, then I went back and checked the emails. I wanted to try it on and see it first, get a feel for it and if I really didn't like it, I would send it back. I have a sapphire and diamond band with .08ct diamonds and the equivalent size sapphires and the 7 stones span from middle finger to baby finger when my hand is outstretched, when I close my hand in a fist, you can see the end of the stones and beginning of the platinum. This 10 stone ring really looks like an eternity ring because you can't see platinum on the sides when my hand is outstretched, nor when in a fist. I prefer this. I am thrilled with the whiteness of the stones and the sheer sparkle of them. It's really something to stand in full sunshine and be bathed in sparkles : ) Could you please tell me what grade and colour the stones are? (I think on the phone you said F/G colour, but I don't remember the clarity - need that for the Pricescope junkies!) Thank you on a job well done.
Bridget, California, USA


July 26, 2021
I received the rings yesterday! They are absolutely STUNNING. The prong work on my engagement ring is perfection and so beautiful. More beautiful than I could have ever even imagined. Thank you for all your patience and creating the ring of my dreams. I know I am rather specific and quite picky! I am so happy! Please send my thanks to the goldsmith who finessed my pieces. Impeccable work.
May, Canada
July 24, 2021
The rings look spectacular and the diamond sparkles. So much that she said 'yes'. Again, I appreciate all of your help with the diamond search and everyone at Whiteflash was extremely helpful. I will be forwarding anyone looking for an engagement ring to you.
Alan C, Canada
July 22, 2021
Oh my God!! We just picked up the ring and it is absolutely gorgeous!! and fits perfectly!! I really missed my ring while being resized and appraised and my excitement seeing it again is off the charts! I absolutely cannot thank everyone at WhiteFlash enough. All of you have been an absolute pleasure to work with! I don't want to fail to mention those behind the scenes; thank you to the jewelers for their outstanding craftsmanship. I cannot see where the ring was resized. Also, thank you to the web designers for making my online purchasing experience a pleasure. The website is fantastic with gemologist reports and microscope pictures so I could see exactly what I was selecting. I entered my criteria and the site directed me to those diamonds. Once again, I want to thank you for the diamond that I'll wear the rest of my life!! I'm sure my family members want to know who will inherit it. Blessing to all of you. Thank you.
Virginia J, California, USA
July 20, 2021
It was the best service ever. I was helped by Becca, and she was always there to help. I bough an ACA Diamond and it was the most beautiful I have ever seen. The final product was better than I imagined and I am very happy to have bought such an important ring with Whiteflash. Thank you so much for everything.
Luis T, Mexico

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