Dear Bob,

I picked up my ring this morning and it is gorgeous! When I first wrote I was really looking for a ring with 7 .
May 11, 2005

Dear Bob, I picked up my ring this morning and it is gorgeous! When I first wrote I was really looking for a ring with 7 .

Dear Bob, I picked up my ring this morning and it is gorgeous! When I first wrote I was really looking for a ring with 7 .08 - .10 stones, just like the picture, but both in the original quote that you sent me, and my confirmation email, I missed that you had quoted me for a ring with 10 stones. When I opened the pictures I was thinking, this is not my ring, my ring will have 7 stones, then I went back and checked the emails. I wanted to try it on and see it first, get a feel for it and if I really didn't like it, I would send it back. I have a sapphire and diamond band with .08ct diamonds and the equivalent size sapphires and the 7 stones span from middle finger to baby finger when my hand is outstretched, when I close my hand in a fist, you can see the end of the stones and beginning of the platinum. This 10 stone ring really looks like an eternity ring because you can't see platinum on the sides when my hand is outstretched, nor when in a fist. I prefer this. I am thrilled with the whiteness of the stones and the sheer sparkle of them. It's really something to stand in full sunshine and be bathed in sparkles : ) Could you please tell me what grade and colour the stones are? (I think on the phone you said F/G colour, but I don't remember the clarity - need that for the Pricescope junkies!) Thank you on a job well done.
Bridget, California, USA


June 19, 2020
Thank you so much for your support! Everyone through this entire process has been great to work with. Despite circumstances beyond your control, I have always received prompt responses and have felt comfortable that everything was under control.
John W, Michigan, USA
June 11, 2020
Whiteflash is my go to for all my fine jewelry. I've always gotten impeccable service and I am more than satisfied with each of my purchases. Your team is awesome!
Tonya W, Texas, USA
June 03, 2020
Both my fiancé and I absolutely adore the ACA diamond engagement ring purchased from Whiteflash. The entire experience (shopping, customer service, purchasing and shipping) has exceeded my expectations. Our sales rep was integral in this decision, as she took the time to answer every small question and opinion I could throw at her. Ultimately, it was the quality, trust and competency of the WhiteFlash team that gave me the confidence to pull the trigger. Their quality diamonds are hands down the most brilliant and beautiful I've ever observed. Thank you so much for making such a major purchase decision easy and stress-free. Lastly, Whiteflash offers one of the most generous trade-up programs across both online and brick & mortar jewelry stores.
Richie H, Louisiana, USA
April 22, 2020
I'm a month late writing this, but it's given me lots of time to admire the stunning ring I received from Whiteflash Team. My ACA diamond is truly something special. Buying diamonds online is nerve-wracking. I was upgrading from another diamond purchased online, and although I did my research and the diamond had all the right cut measurements/angles, it just never seemed that "brilliant". It was pretty but not stunning. Moving to an ACA diamond from Whiteflash is like night and day - this diamond makes me smile every time I look at it. Even my husband continues to make comments - he can easily see how much better cut this diamond is. WF staff were super easy to work with and responsive as I tried to select the right diamond for me. I went with a simple setting that is beautifully made. They even take beauty shots of your ring that you can share! I couldn't be happier with my decision to choose Whiteflash and will be back to work with them next time I want to upgrade :)
Shirley A, Massachusetts, USA

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