Waikiki Proposal
August 18, 2005

Waikiki Proposal

Thanks for calling and all your help! Monday night was perfect. We stayed at a hotel on Waikiki Beach and I told Tara that she needed to get dressed up for a surprise at 7:45. I left the hotel at 7:00 and went down to the restaurant and sand sculpture to make last minute plans. When I got there, there was a crowd of people gathered around the sandcastle and I called Tara and told her to look under the couch in the hotel for her first surprise. I wrote her a two page letter telling how muched I loved her and howmuch she meant to me. I called her at 7:40 and gave her directions to the scene of the crime and she started walking down the beach. I had two dozen red roses and the ring and box in my shaky hands. I waited for what seemed like forever and finally saw her in the distance. When she got a little closer she saw me and waved as she continued walking on the beach. She didn''t see the sculpture unt il she was about 10 feet away. She was approaching from the side and noticed that the people dining in the restaurant and a small crowd were looking at this sand sculpture with candles and flowers all around it. So naturally she started to walk around it as not to interrupt whatever the crowd was looking at. In her next few steps she saw her name and ""Will you marry me?"" on the front of the sculpture. I met her in front of the sculpture with a boquet of 2 dozen red roses. Then I got down on one knee and proposed. After the proposal we had dinner at a table overlooking the sculpture and the sea. We celebrated with a bottle of Dom Perignon. Everything was perfect and Tara loved the Whiteflash A Cut Above diamond. She hasn''t quit looking at it since! Thanks for the great experience!
Scott S., Pennsylvania, USA


The ring is perfect!
June 12, 2024
After a long while, I finally got it! Throughout the whole time, I thought there will be something wrong due to the low price point and non-ideal clarity/color. Now that I have it, I can say it's perfect! No imperfections visible to the naked eye, looking very white and sparkly. Just wanted to say thanks and I'm happy that I trusted your expertise.
Alek, Bulgaria
I’m glad I spent all that time looking at the hearts and arrows!
June 11, 2024
I’m very happy with the diamond I chose from WF. I had it set locally in a solitaire cathedral ring and it looks spectacular. Sparkles brilliantly! I’m glad I spent all that time looking at the hearts and arrows! I would definitely recommend WF to others. Thanks for your assistance.
Paul L, Maryland, USA
It is easily the most stunning engagement ring I’ve ever seen.
June 06, 2024
The ring arrived safely and expediently. It is easily the most stunning engagement ring I’ve ever seen. Nothing even comes close. The diamond, the craftsmanship, even just the aura of ring… And I’m glad that the finger to which it was gifted has found a suitable match. I thank Liza from the bottom of my heart for the endless patient she has showed for the last months in getting this absolutely right. I’ll keep referring friends to Whiteflash and happy to know where to look for in the first place for all future fine jewellery.
Pedro A, Switzerland
I have to give a major shout out to Whiteflash for sending me the most beautiful engagement ring.
June 05, 2024
I was able to choose the exact diamond and exact setting I wanted to make my Fiancée happy lady. Liza and her team made sure my ring was done and delivered on time and kept me posted throughout the process. I will definitely be happy to order my next purchase through them. Extremely smooth process.
Christopher C, California, USA

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