The top 11 most adorable and occasionally oddball real-life wedding moments

There was a time when if you wanted to watch a wedding video you’d either have to know the bride and groom personally, and be asked over to enjoy it with them, or have easy access to their home – which would bring about its own complications. These days the internet has made it possible to view from thousands of ceremonies without having to leave your seat, so let’s just sit back and appreciate a dozen clips from the best real-life weddings that have been uploaded for our pleasure.

There Was A Secret Chord

Wedding ceremonies generally offer few surprises. Will the bride and groom agree to love and cherish each other forever and ever? Well of course they will. Does anybody object? Not likely. Will the priest calmly take position and, before asking those questions, belt out an incredibly heartfelt version of Jeff Buckley’s much-covered song Hallelujah? In the case of Chris and Leah’s joining in matrimony – that’s one amazing “yes!”

Call In A Pro

This stunningly shot five minute musical edit of Gez and Hannah’s most magical wedding certainly demonstrates how much love they have for each other, and it does a fine job of demonstrating the benefit of hiring a professional videographer too. Beautifully shot in the Philippines, it condenses the day into a beautiful montage that acts as a trailer for the full wedding video, but leaves two important questions unanswered: why were Hannah’s wedding shoes left hanging in tree, and what were those divers hunting for?

Got Mad Love To Give

Wedding readings are curiously things. They can make one man weep, and other man sing. Or, in the case of the poetic prose read out by the friends of this lucky couple, they can have the bride, groom, and entire congregation in fits of laughter. It certainly seems that everybody was expecting a more standard approach to the time-honored task. They just didn’t get one whatsoever.

A Master Of Roshambo

While the chances of someone objecting to a wedding taking place are unlikely, there are times when such vulgar interruptions to the ceremony sadly occur. In this case it seems that somebody was a great fan of the works of Jack Black and they didn’t feel that the bride was marrying the right man. But should they really have interrupted the flow of the proceedings to make their point known? That’s up to you to decide.

Wiley & Mallory

If emotions ran any higher during this incredibly moving though slightly confusing exchange of wedding vows they’d probably run out of oxygen and crumple to the floor. The bride tells the groom of the years they have spent apart as he looks back at her as if he’s hearing the worst news imaginable and his eyes are about to explode. Then he explains his joy at their final unification, shows that he wasn’t upset at all, and it’s immediately clear that they truly have earned this moment and deserve a long life of happiness together, forever. Ahhh.

It Was A Bit Of A Peck

The marriage of William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor to Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was far from a subtle affair, but then how could it be? He was Prince who would one day be king and was dressed in full military regalia; she was an ordinary woman in an extraordinary gown, and they were joined in wedlock in London’s historical Westminster Abbey before the entire world. Then there came the kiss that the public (and the press) was screaming out to finally see. Blink and you’ll miss it.

The Wedding Singer

Matt and Kya’s first dance was always going to be to the sound of Ed Sheeran, but what they didn’t expect was for the overly talented musical goblin to attend in person to sing their chosen song live and direct. How was such an appearance even possible? The path towards their special day wasn’t easy and had suffered a family tragedy but, with the help of Australian radio station KIIS 1065, plans were put in motion to help the struggling couple have the day of their dreams. It also helped that Ed is one of the nicest people on the planet.

Where's The Ring?

Weddings would be a lot simpler if the groom was allowed to look after the rings, but where’s the potential jeopardy in that? He could just wear them safely on his fingers. What’s needed for that touch of extra drama is a ring bearer who could easily lose or just forget them or, in this case, appear totally unexpectedly in a way you really won’t find in any other ceremony outside of a lost 1980s John Hughes movie. Classy moves man – classy!

Bromantic Entrance

Psychologists have spent lifetimes defining the differences between how male and female brains function, but if you are looking for a clear illustration then look no further than this wedding entrance. It’s obvious that the groom has spent months planning his in great detail and has worked closely with his friends to create something unique. She, on the other hand, seems just as happy to walk down the aisle gracefully and without showing off – which is why you might want to skip her section from about 1:40 onwards.

Shoop-Shoop Vows

Why take a traditional wedding vow that’s been written by a complete stranger when you’re completely free to write your own? You could say exactly what you want to the person you love, make it more personal and with that more romantic, and even be able to add a musical interlude into the middle of what otherwise would have been just another adorable declaration among many. Nice one guys, you didn’t know you’d be asked to back-up the groom until the last moment, but you did so magnificently.

The Final Cut

When the bride and groom hold a single knife and use it to make the first cut into their wedding cake they perform a ritual that’s got a long history and is rich in significance. It’s the first task they undertake as man and wife, and one done in order to feed their guests. It’s also a massive opportunity for them to demonstrate another aspect of their relationship before their family and friends, and that’s not an opportunity that this couple was ever going to ignore.

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