A Guide to Men’s Jewelry

If you are married or have a boyfriend, you’ve probably experienced the Men’s Gift Dilemma more than once: it is simply very hard to buy a man the perfect gift. Women always love jewelry, perfume or a new handbag, but men’s toys—electronics, sports equipment, and car accessories—tend to be very specific and technical. You’d no more want to pick out a TV for your husband than offer to watch the Super Bowl for him. Other than boring, typical ties, what else can you buy your husband for Father’s Day, his birthday, or anytime you want to show him your appreciation for him knowing his way around a toolbox?
The answer, of course is men’s jewelry. “But my husband doesn’t wear jewelry!” you’re probably thinking, imagining men with leather bracelets and diamond earrings. Well, maybe he doesn’t yet. But there is a world of gorgeous, ultra-manly men’s jewelry out there that can make the perfect gift for your loved one. In fact, your husband is probably already wearing a wedding band, all you have to do is expand his collection.

1. This stunning pair of platinum and diamond cufflinks was designed exclusively for hip-hop mogul P. Diddy.

Puff Daddy platinum and diamond cuff-links
Style: Cufflinks
Who It’s For: The men’s jewelry novice
The most popular form of men’s jewelry is cufflinks. Cufflinks are the perfect subtle-yet-elegant way for a man to take his suit from everyday to special-occasion. They are easy to wear, even for the most hesitant wearer of men’s jewelry. Cufflinks are available in a variety of styles and materials, from inexpensive novelty pieces to gorgeous, distinguished pieces made of gold and titanium.

2. This titanium cross necklace expresses devotion in style.

Titanium Cross
Style: Necklace
Who It’s For: The guy who’s unafraid to wear his heart on his neck.
Necklaces are another popular form of men’s jewelry. Most men’s necklaces are simple pendants suspended on silver chains or cord, and many of the pendants have sentimental meaning in addition to being fashionable accessories. One common example is religious-themed necklaces, which are popular for men’s jewelry. Another popular necklace for men is the dog-tag style necklace—after all, there’s nothing more manly than something directly inspired by the military! Dog-tag necklaces can often be personalized with words and other engravings such as a monogram.

3. Men's wedding bands are available in many styles, including this Greek-motif band

Greek's motif mens ring
Style: Wedding Band
Who It’s For: Married men (obviously)
Even if you did not give your husband a wedding band at your wedding ceremony, it’s never too late to buy him this classic piece of men’s jewelry. After all, you get to broadcast the fact that you are married with the bling on your hand, shouldn’t he get to do the same? Plus, few things make a man look as distinguished as a handsome wedding band on his hand. Wedding bands for men come in a huge variety of materials and styles, from yellow gold to platinum.

4. This Edward Mirell men's bracelet, made with black and white titanium, has a classy matte finish.

titanium tuxedo bracelet
Style: Bracelets
Who It’s For: Mr. Casual-But-Cool
The word “men’s bracelet” conjures an image of a tan guy with long blond hair, a surfboard under one arm, and a braided leather or hemp bracelet on his wrist. Thankfully, men’s bracelets have come a long way since then, but they retain their casually cool vibe. These days, men’s bracelets come in leather, of course, but also silver, titanium, and other metals. They tend to feature sleek, simple designs with smooth lines and matte textures. Braiding and other intricate patterns are used sparingly, giving this piece of men’s jewelry an effortlessly elegant look.

5. A money clip is a simple but elegant way to enhance a man's look.

titanium men's money clip
Style: Money Clip, Key Fob
Who It’s For: the guy who won’t wear jewelry (at least not yet)
These pieces might count more as accessories than as men’s jewelry, but they serve essentially the same purpose: making your guy look classy and distinguished. Money clips and key fobs are available in the same sleek styles and materials as other forms of men’s jewelry, and they make great gifts for the guy who won’t feel comfortable wearing a necklace or bracelet. Plus, don’t you think its time your husband got rid of that plastic key chain from Universal Studios?

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