Is Tacori A Good Brand? Everything You Need to Know About Tacori Engagement Rings

For the past forty years, TACORI Engagement Rings have become a revered name in the realm of diamond jewelry. Handcrafted in TACORI's California studio, every piece blends art and precision, reflecting unwavering dedication to quality and design.
It's no secret that TACORI creates some of the most sought-after diamond rings. Their signature design element is a half moon arc in the form of a crescent silhouette - a striking motif.
Besides the immediately identifiable design aesthetic, intricate engravings and high quality craftsmanship are also factors that keep customers coming back. Below, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about TACORI engagement rings. From their brand reputation to the best places to purchase your own TACORI ring, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions you might have about this iconic designer.

1. What Is TACORI?

Tacori FE 643 5 Dantela Diamond Earrings
Tacori FE 643 5 Dantela Diamond Earrings
TACORI is a prominent American jewelry brand known for its handcrafted engagement rings and fine jewelry. The brand is celebrated for its unique design style, which combines classic elegance with modern flair.
Modern allure combined with vintage charm is what makes TACORI rings so distinctive. The signature TACORI design element is the crescent silhouette, with interlocking half-moon arcs. This unique feature allows light to amplify the brilliance of the diamonds.
While TACORI is best known for its engagement rings and wedding bands, they also offer a wide range of other jewelry, including earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

2. Is TACORI A Good Brand?

In addition to its high-quality, handmade jewelry, TACORI is widely respected as a good brand.
TACORI has continually evolved and reinvented itself to accommodate its clients' growing needs. A steadfast hallmark of their renowned designs is their modern inspiration and uncompromising craftsmanship.
Aside from excellent quality and design, TACORI enjoys a strong reputation, often featured in prestigious bridal and fashion magazines alike. Many engaged couples and fine jewelry buyers now turn to Tacori as a preferred engagement ring option due to this prominence - it’s a proposal superstar!
While this is just a snapshot of what makes TACORI an exemplary brand, there are many more facets that contribute to its outstanding reputation that are explored further below.

3. How Old Is TACORI?

Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
The history of TACORI rings is rooted in the vision of Haig Tacorian, an immigrant from Europe, along with his wife, Gilda Bailian. They joined Gilda’s father to create B&T, a jewelry company specializing in vintage designs, in 1979. After getting married, Gilda and Haig started their own business in downtown Los Angeles.
TACORI is born. It was Haig’s unique design sensibility that helped revolutionize the jewelry industry.
The next generation, led by his son Paul and daughter Nadine, is committed to upholding the family's highly regarded tradition of excellence in craftsmanship. Each piece carries Haig's vision, visible in the crescent silhouette and interlocking arcs which magnify the radiance of the diamonds.
The TACORI family seal is a reminder of this story, if you look closely at the center you’ll discover a "B" and a "T," representing Balian and Tacorian - the families that started it all.

4. Is TACORI A Luxury Brand?

TACORI is unique in its category - a sophisticated, luxury brand that retains the spirit of an independent family business. While its settings are considered luxury, the ability to pair with your chosen diamond makes these engagement rings much more accessible.
  • High-quality materials: TACORI uses premium materials, including top-grade diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals, ensuring that their jewelry is both beautiful and durable.
  • Exceptional craftsmanship: Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in California by skilled artisans, reflecting the brand’s commitment to superior quality and intricate detail.
  • Symbolism and heritage: TACORI pieces often become cherished heirlooms, symbolizing love and commitment, and are valued not just for their material worth but also for their sentimental significance.

5. Are TACORI Rings Real Diamonds?

Tacori HT2627RD RoyalT Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori HT2627RD RoyalT Diamond Engagement Ring
TACORI engagement rings are sold as semi-mount settings - meaning that they are sold without the center diamond - so you can pair any center stone of your choice with any foundation.
The smaller diamonds on the band chosen for their engagement ring settings are hand-selected natural diamonds, individually matched for color and clarity to ensure consistent brilliance and the finest quality. These diamonds must meet at least a G color grade and a VS clarity grade.
TACORI settings only use diamonds acquired via the Kimberley Process. This responsibility is taken seriously by Whiteflash, which only deals in conflict-free diamonds sourced from legitimate sources.
An authorized TACORI partner will help pair your favorite TACORI setting with an extraordinary center stone. There are plenty of jewelry retailers but only a handful that actually deal with super ideal cut diamonds.
Whiteflash is the only authorized seller specializing in precision cut diamonds - both natural and lab grown.
Every A CUT ABOVE® diamond has received the highest possible grade of triple ideal - the fire and brilliance of these superb diamonds earns them the highest praise from industry experts and diamond enthusiasts as some of the finest diamonds in the world.
When paired with one of the many elegant designs by TACORI, you have the ultimate engagement ring that makes a statement that is both bold and beautiful.

6. Do TACORI Rings Come in Different Metal Options?

Tacori 49RD65 Sculpted Crescent Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 49RD65 Sculpted Crescent Solitaire Engagement Ring
TACORI mixes all of their premium metals in-house with a proprietary, best-in-class, and entirely nickel-free formula.
TACORI platinum engagement rings have a purity level of 95% This exceedingly high platinum purity level means that the natural white color will not fade over time and is naturally a hypoallergenic metal.

7. Are TACORI Rings Expensive?

Tacori 40-1.5RD Sculpted Crescent Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 40-1.5RD Sculpted Crescent Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori HT2548CU Petite Crescent Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori HT2548CU Petite Crescent Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
There is no getting around the fact that TACORI rings aren't cheap; they cost more thant a typical mass-produced setting. Considering they are designer rings with superb materials, craftsmanship and an established name, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.
Detail is paramount to them, which breaks away from the mass-produced image from most jewelry stores you’d find in malls. There is no comparison between TACORI and most brands, online or offline.
Despite their higher price point, TACORI rings offer a broad range of styles and options, and price points from moderate to premium priced. The variety ensures that there is something for everyone - and the personalization is second to none.
Additionally, TACORI settings are paired with a center diamond of your choice, providing you with far more flexibility than other preset luxury rings. With this customization, you can choose a diamond that perfectly suits your budget and personal taste.

8. Are TACORI Rings Good Quality?

Tacori 50RD Sculpted Crescent Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 50RD Sculpted Crescent Solitaire Engagement Ring
Each TACORI ring is individually hand-made in the United States and you also get a lifetime service and maintenance on your purchase. There is no doubt that Tacori rings are of excellent quality.
Handcrafted in California by skilled artisans, each TACORI piece ensures high quality and attention to detail. By combining traditional jewelry-making techniques with modern technology, the brand creates intricate but durable pieces.
There is no doubt that you will have to pay more for these pieces of jewelry. TACORI is a premium brand and their emphasis on intricate details shows that they want you to wear their jewelry with confidence.
You can rest assured that there are no shortcuts here, and this is a brand that deserves your attention.

9. What Settings and Styles do TACORI Make?

Tacori 46-25PR Sculpted Crescent Diamond Engagement Ring for Princess
Tacori 46-25PR Sculpted Crescent Diamond Engagement Ring for Princess
TACORI offers rings for every preference, accommodating almost any diamond shape or size. From classic and timeless designs to more contemporary and modern styles, there is something for you or your loved one.
Whether it's an engagement ring, wedding band, or a piece of fine jewelry, TACORI has a fine selection to cater to the evolving tastes of today’s woman.
There are two distinguished Tacori engagement ring foundation styles to choose from, both with their own special features: the Classic 360 or Cathedral.
  • The Classic 360 foundation refers to engagement rings where the prongs holding the center diamond attach to the band at a single point, resulting in a floating look. There is a natural emphasis on the centerpiece in this particular setting.
  • The Cathedral Foundation features a band that slopes to the edge of the center stone. A cathedral setting tends to have a more structured feel and lends itself beautifully to the hidden design details.
The original crescent design is what set TACORI apart from other bridal jewelry brands, presenting something seldom seen on wedding or engagement rings. The patented design features crescent shapes cut out from the band and set with diamonds. Side-on, the result is a unique pattern of a ring.
Wedding bands can be matched to engagement rings in many different ways, which creates a beautifully cohesive look. Every TACORI engagement ring is meticulously handcrafted to order - this unique process and local oversight allow you to add personal touches and customizations for a truly bespoke ring.
We’ve featured some of our most popular TACORI rings below, showcasing the differences in styles, features and price range too.

Simply TACORI Collection

Tacori 2586RD Simply Tacori Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 2586RD Simply Tacori Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
The Simply TACORI Collection showcases TACORI’s most distinctive design elements. TACORI engagement rings have become the hearts desire of many women today due to the enchantment of each carefully handcrafted beauty.
Creating beautiful heirlooms for generations, TACORI rings are crafted with exquisite attention to detail. There are a variety of styles available in the Simply TACORI Collection, ranging from simple solitaires to elaborately embellished diamond-encrusted styles.

TACORI Dantela Collection

Tacori 2620RD Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 2620RD Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring
Each collection has its charm and characteristic flair; however the rings of the Tacori Dantela Collection are particularly stylish and refined. Classic simplicity and stunning beauty combined with the love of tradition make this collection a clear favorite of many.
Keeping with the Romanian heritage of the Tacorian family, the name "Dantela" means "lace". In these exquisite designs, diamonds bloom in lace-like patterns around a center diamond.
A center diamond of exceptional quality would elevate the bold and beautiful designs of the Dantela Collection. There's something dazzling and glamorous about the TACORI Dantela ring - it's the little Tacori design touches that make this ring stand out.

TACORI Classic Crescent Collection

Tacori 2616RD Classic Crescent Pave Half Eternity Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 2616RD Classic Crescent Pave Half Eternity Diamond Engagement Ring
As wearable pieces of art the exquisite TACORI Classic Crescent Collection diamond engagement rings are very distinctive and special. All items in this collection feature Tacori's distinctive crescent silhouette.
Light is reflected and illuminated in a striking and prominent way by the interlocking, half-moon, arc design. Vintage influences give Tacori's Crescent Collection rings a timeless classic look as well as heirloom quality.
Like all TACORI jewelry, rings in the Classic Crescent Collection are handcrafted in California by some of the world’s finest jewelers. A great deal of attention is paid to every detail, resulting in a product that is unparalleled in its quality, beauty, and style. It is with great pride that Whiteflash is an authorized Tacori retailer.
Our extensive collection of the Classic Crescent rings and other TACORI jewelry items are available to view on our website, as well as in person at our Houston Jewelry Store in Texas.

Tacori Full Bloom Collection

Tacori 55-2CU Full Bloom Cushion Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 55-2CU Full Bloom Cushion Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring
The Full Bloom Collection from TACORI is a testimony to how dreams can become a reality. This collection uses creative design to make a 1 carat diamond look like a 2 carat diamond in terms of its appearance and millimeter width. This is all done without doubling the price.
A halo of showy spotlight diamonds surrounds the center stone in an effect similar to a flower opening up to its grandest bloom. Diamonds in the spotlight are of the highest quality and the setting perfectly engineered to enhance and frame the all-important center stone.
As a result, the ring is truly impressive while remaining feminine, and stylish. A Full Bloom Tacori ring is sure to delight any girl who has ever dreamed of dazzling her friends and family with her engagement ring
It’s a perfect match for an extraordinary A CUT ABOVE® center diamond. These diamonds are the absolute pinnacle of diamond cut quality. They are chosen for their superior quality and cut with extreme precision to maximize their sparkle and radiance. In combination with a Full Bloom ring, the results are jaw-dropping and will truly turn heads.

10. Can TACORI Rings Be Resized?

TACORI rings can be easily customized for any finger size and a range of shapes and sizes of center stones. As part of their promise of service, TACORI offers sizing adjustments whenever possible.
Just make sure that the ring you're ordering is eligible for this service! There are some instances where a ring might not be eligible for resizing. When resizing rings with intricate designs, especially those with intricate engravings, metalwork, or multiple small stones, challenges may arise. Due to its detailing, it can be difficult to alter the size without damaging the delicate features or compromising its integrity.

11. Are TACORI Rings Worth The Money?

Ultimately, this is your decision to make based on what you now know about the brand. From its high quality and unique design, to its heritage and host of customizable options - no one can argue that these rings are well worth checking out.
A TACORI ring is widely regarded as a world class brand due to its excellent quality, craftsmanship, and unique design elements. Designed and handcrafted in California, each ring is meticulously detailed and durable.
This jewelry brand is distinguished by its crescent silhouette and intricate engravings, combining modern elegance with vintage charm. Moreover, TACORI's rings are crafted with high-quality diamonds and premium metals to enhance their beauty.
Although TACORI rings cost more than mass-produced alternatives, they are made with superior materials and feature exceptional craftsmanship. A further benefit of TACORI rings is their ability to be customized, as well as their service guarantees.
Those looking for unique, high-quality engagement rings with timeless designs should definitely consider TACORI rings.

12. Where To Buy TACORI Bands & Settings

If you are interested in getting a TACORI setting, the way to go about doing it is to purchase one via an authorized retailer. And remember, the ring setting itself isn’t complete without a great center stone to complement it!
Customers living near or visiting Houston, Texas have the perfect opportunity to see TACORI engagement rings as well as exquisite round or princess A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds in the beautiful Whiteflash Showroom in Sugar Land, Texas.
To provide our customers with a full range of choices for their diamond purchase, Whiteflash now offers the finest quality certified laboratory grown diamonds in our Precision Lab brand. Our Precision Lab diamonds are cut to exacting standards to produce optimal light performance. As a result of significant savings in lab diamonds, there is no need to compromise on the most important C - Cut Quality.
From the modest to the largest budget and in every price range, TACORI and Whiteflash is a winning combination that will result in an heirloom quality ring to be cherished for generations.
Your best choice for a retailer to work with on your special TACORI purchase is one that has decades of experience serving diamond and fine jewelry customers all over the world. Whiteflash is that company, providing free international insured shipping and concierge level service around the clock, and catering worldwide.

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