Practical Beauty - An Engagement ring for every Occupation

An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that truly comes from the heart; it is chosen for its beauty, individuality and eternal expression of love between a couple. For all of these reasons, it is also essential that the chosen ring is practical, and will blend seamlessly with your intended’s lifestyle.
A lot of factors can come into play when finding the perfect ring: settings, metals and stone shapes and sizes should all be considered, as each plays a significant part in the final ring.
Practical does not have to mean boring. Forget about plain, uninspired designs, and open your eyes to limitless possibilities when choosing a wearable engagement ring.

Your Intended: A busy office worker

If your partner is an email empress, filing fanatic or an all-out business beauty, the door is open for a stunning selection of rings. After all, diamonds are the perfect accompaniment to business wear.
While daily life requires a hands-on approach, an office is less labor-intensive than other occupations. The advantage of this is that a larger stone or higher setting will not inhibit your beloved’s work. Although it may distract them while they’re typing!

Your Ring: A Petite Twist

Tacori HT2549CU Petite Crescent Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori HT2549CU Petite Crescent Twisted Diamond Engagement Ring
Take advantage of being able to push the envelope of a more stylized ring, with Tacori’s stunning twisted crescent engagement ring. Detailed and sparkling, the halo design emphasizes the center stone giving a twinkling effect on a distinctive twisted band.

Your Intended: Active/Outdoors

Whether dictated by career or hobby, an outdoorsy, hands-on girl needs a ring that can keep up with her active lifestyle. Where possible, opt for platinum. It is by far the most durable of the metals and does not thin like gold, and it develops a unique patina over time.
To minimize the risk of catching on things, look for a bezel or low profile settings. These protect the diamond and provide a sleek, flat surface that will allow the ring to be worn during even the most adventurous of activities.

Your Ring: Contemporary Bezel Set

Heavy Half-Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring
Heavy Half-Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring
This bold and beautiful ring combines style with security. The comfort fit design allows for easy everyday wear, while the half bezel setting protects the center stone.
Benchmark Scattered Diamond Wedding Ring
Benchmark "Scattered" Diamond Wedding Ring
Alternatively, you may consider choosing a band as opposed to a traditional solitaire ring. Scattered with twinkling round brilliant diamonds, it has all the glamour of a classic engagement ring but in a practical and comfortable style. Don’t be put off that this design is sold as a wedding band: team it with an extra twinkly eternity style band when you say your vows. The two will look beautiful together, just like you two! Both of these styles are also very easy to clean, so can be kept looking good as new.

Your Intended: Medical professional/lab worker

It is always best to check with your partner (subtly) on the restrictions that apply as these can vary depending on the workplace. However, the general rule of thumb for when choosing a ring for a medical professional or lab worker is a low setting or eternity band style. Think about their daily activities. They need something that won’t tear through gloves, catch on equipment or scratch patients. Luckily, Whiteflash caters for all needs, with some striking options that tick all these boxes.

Your Ring: A Pave Eternity

Tacori 2630BLG P Dantela Eternity Large Pave Diamond Wedding Ring
Tacori 2630BLG P Dantela Eternity Large Pave Diamond Wedding Ring
Tacori’s pave diamond ring is the perfect option to stay inside the lines. The low pave setting means there are no large prongs to pierce through gloves or catch on things. With the full set of diamonds there is no sparkle or wow-factor missing in this impressive, practical choice.

Your Intended: Retail Worker

Always on their feet and hands always full, a domed set or low set ring is a great choice for a retail worker. A secure and practical setting will allow them to feel at ease, while showing off their beautiful ring at work.

Your Ring: A low halo setting

Danhov LE112 Per Lei Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Danhov LE112 Per Lei Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Danhov’s stunning halo ring gives all the impact of a large solitaire, but without sitting too high on the hand. The dainty band is created with a pavé under-structure that not only looks great from all angles, but the rounded off edges make it a comfortable and secure fit.

Just remember…

There are no set rules for buying an engagement ring, so treat these as guidelines rather than commandments. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the practical options available, and balance this with your partner’s own tastes. The perfect ring is definitely out there waiting for you.

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