A Buyer’s Guide to Diamond Circle Necklaces

If you’re looking for something that says “I love you” most brilliantly, then a diamond necklace is the right choice.
Necklaces can be feminine or masculine, and they can range from the delicate and subtle pieces that are as fine as snowflakes to pieces that shine eternally as do stars, bold and provocative. Diamond necklaces and pendants are highly personal items, chosen to represent the owner and draw the eye. Like their celestial counterparts we mentioned, they’re always a popular thing to see.
Diamond necklaces come in all shapes and sizes, with a popular style today being the diamond circle necklace. In this blog post, we will be exploring what these pieces of jewelry look like and what makes them the right choice for either yourself or your loved one.

Why Choose A Diamond Necklace?

There is no end to the variety of styles available for those looking for a diamond necklace. Today, you’ll find everything from the classic solitaire to the ever-popular journey pendant. While there are countless gemstones to include, such as emeralds and rubies, nothing shines quite like a diamond necklace.
For example, look at the variety in these three designs.
Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant
Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant
Journey Diamond Pendant
Journey Diamond Pendant
Bella Diamond Pendant
Bella Diamond Pendant
As you can see, one of the main benefits of a diamond necklace is its adaptability, but this doesn’t solely apply in design, it also applies to when that necklace can be bought and gifted.
Necklaces such as these can be gifted for multiple occasions. They’re an exciting choice for birthdays, look charming wrapped up underneath the Christmas tree, and are the perfect accompaniments to either a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring. A diamond circle necklace is the best example of the right accompanying jewelry for a wedding, as the circle pendant symbolizes the eternal nature of marriage.

The Difference Between A Diamond Pendant and A Necklace

Many use the words ‘pendant’ and ‘necklace’ interchangeably, and while this isn’t necessarily completely wrong, there are notable differences. Essentially, while a necklace is a piece of jewelry worn around the neck, a pendant is a type of necklace.
Pendants are also referred to as “drops”, which are suspended on a chain. This drop either has the chain slide through it or has a fixed connection built-in. The most common style of connection is a “bale”, which sits at the top of the pendant and allows the chain to slide through it.
Four-Prong Basket Pendant Setting
Four-Prong Basket Pendant Setting. Note the distinct bale at the top.
When it comes to a diamond pendant, these can use a variety of setting styles, which could be:
  • Bezel
  • Prong
  • Pavé
Other styles may be embodied by diamond tennis necklaces, which utilize a continuous row of diamonds, but there are countless others. For example, here at Whiteflash, we designed our “Whiteflash by the Yard” design, which features numerous A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamonds strategically placed throughout a long chain.

The Diamond Circle Necklace

Diamond circle necklaces are a popular modern style. Their main point of symbolism is that of eternity, represented by the unending circle design, which has no beginning or end. Because of this symbolism, diamond circle necklaces are hugely popular as gifts for engagements and weddings, representing the eternal love between two partners.
This is greatly enhanced by the inclusion of diamonds, which themselves are millions of years old and can represent strength, patience, and growth. As the song goes, “Diamonds are forever.”

Our Diamond Circle Necklaces: A Stunning Example

If you’re looking for the perfect example of a diamond circle necklace, look no further.

The 18k White Gold "Circle of Life" Diamond Pendant

The “Circle of Life” Diamond Pendant is our virtual ring of fire. It blazes with an A CUT ABOVE ® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee, featuring 21 diamonds, each with 1.00ctw, an F/G color, and a clarity grading of VS.
Circle of Life Diamond Pendant
Circle of Life Diamond Pendant
This pendant gleams with the grace of a design that’s quietly confident in its ability to inspire awe. It has no frills, is not ostentatious, and doesn’t need to shout to make itself known. Sitting delicately on the collar, the “Circle of Life” Diamond Pendant is a representation of continuity, of eternity. It has the same power and meaning that a diamond ring gives, but imbues it in a much more unique way.
Circle of Life Diamond Pendant
Circle of Life Diamond Pendant
The clasp type is a spring clasp, perfect for ideal usability. This pendant is also available in yellow gold and platinum.
Do you think this might be the right pendant for your loved one? If so, to find out more about this beautiful pendant, click here.

How to Choose A Diamond Necklace

Choosing a diamond circle necklace isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Like any jewelry choice at this level of craftsmanship, considerations about design and style must be made.

Everything Starts With The Diamond

No diamond necklace can be made without a diamond. This should always be your first consideration. What are you looking for in a diamond? Superior clarity? Brilliant sparkle? Affordability? There are many choices to be made.
For the right guidance on buying a superb quality diamond, head to our insightful infographic, ‘How to Choose the Perfect Diamond’.

Choose Your Length

The right jewelry provider will offer multiple necklace lengths, each depending on the preference of the wearer and the measurements of their neck. Necklace lengths can be identified by these measurements:
  • Collar, at 35cm (14”). These wrap around the throat.
  • Choker, at 40cm (16”). These have a looser fit than collar, but fit close to the throat.
  • Princess, at 45cm (18”). These necklaces sit on the collarbone.
  • Matinee, at 50cm (20”). These are much longer than collar or choker length, sitting between the collarbone and the chest.
There are also ‘opera’ and ‘rope’ lengths, which are much longer and sit on both the lower chest and stomach.

Choose Your Design

As we mentioned, there is a delightful range of diamond necklace designs for you to choose from. You could choose a solitaire diamond necklace, where a single diamond is held between prongs, such as the 18k White Gold Three-Prong "Martini" Diamond Pendant.
Three-Prong Martini Diamond Pendant
Three-Prong Martini Diamond Pendant
Alternatively, you could choose a halo design, which features a center stone that is surrounded by beautiful diamond melee, like a ‘halo’ where it gets its name. One of our favorite examples is the 18k White Gold "Halo Prong" Diamond Pendant, which features a ring of A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee (0.19-0.23ctw F/G VS). It’s a piece we believe is effortlessly elegant.
Halo Prong Diamond Pendant
Halo Prong Diamond Pendant

Match With A Ring

If you’re purchasing a diamond necklace alongside either a wedding or engagement ring, or any other ring for that matter, remember to match the two. Your first choice should be the ring, as this is an incredibly important piece (especially if it’s for the purposes of marriage) and will help you determine what necklace will mirror it.
For example, if your engagement ring is white gold, choose a white gold necklace and pendant. If the engagement ring features a diamond melee, choose a necklace that has also been crafted with this design feature.
When you can pair two pieces together, you create a unity of style that your loved one will truly appreciate.

The Diamond Necklace Gift Guide

Looking for more information on choosing the right diamond necklace? Head to our diamond necklace gift guide to discover what every discerning jewelry buyer should know.

How Whiteflash Can Help You

Here at Whiteflash, we’ve had many years of experience in creating and selling the highest quality jewelry. Many of our jewelry offerings are second to none, a quality mirrored by how much time and effort we spend on educating not only ourselves, but our customers, so that the right choices are made each and every time.
When it comes to diamond necklaces, many customers prefer to create their own bespoke diamond pendant. This is done by choosing a certified diamond and setting separately. Each of our diamonds are vetted in-house by top-level diagnostics to determine the quality and light performance, meaning you will always know the grade of diamond that you’re buying.
For example, if you’re looking for the best in diamond cut quality and light performance, choose a diamond from our internationally acclaimed A CUT ABOVE® brand, all of which are in-stock and available exclusively at Whiteflash.

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