How To Make a Diamond Ring Look Bigger: Expert Tips

When selecting an engagement ring, the size of the diamond often takes center stage. It's the focal point - catching the eye of admirers and sparkling all for you. However, while diamond size is significant and often (unwisely) prioritized, it shouldn't overshadow considerations of overall quality. If you're working within a budget or seeking ways to enhance the appearance of your diamond, there are creative strategies beyond simply increasing carat size.
Discover how to maximize the appearance of your diamond without breaking the bank. From prioritizing the cut quality, strategizing shapes and exploring halo settings, to opting for lab grown diamonds, there are numerous techniques to explore. Let's delve into how you can elevate and make a diamond ring look bigger with sensitivity, practicality, and flair.

Prioritize Diamond Cut Quality

We know that diamond carat is the focus for many of our customers, but a gentle reminder that carat does not always equal size appearance and getting too caught up on carat weight can result in a neglect of cut quality. We have all been conditioned to think that in diamonds “bigger is better”, but that is not necessarily the case!
In fact, diamonds cut to maximize weight often look visually smaller than diamonds cut for beauty as light return may not extend from edge to edge as it does in ideal cut diamonds.
A diamond with an ideal cut also tends to appear whiter than a diamond with a commercial cut, since more ambient light is being reflected to the eye, masking some of the diamond's body color. With an ideal cut then, you can drop a color grade (maybe two) to increase the overall size of the diamond.
If you wish to find the best diamond, focus on the cut quality, as it has the greatest impact on the beauty and sparkle of a diamond. The best way to make your diamond ring appear bigger is to get a diamond with optimal light performance.
Even if you have the budget for a larger diamond, if you pick out one with mediocre cut, color, and clarity, it will end up being lackluster in fire, brilliance, and overall beauty - despite its size. A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows are round super ideal diamonds that are considered by experts worldwide to be among the finest cut diamonds ever brought to market. They are the “best of the best” in terms of brilliance, fire and sparkle.
Our Precision Lab diamonds are cut to exacting standards to produce optimal light performance. With the significant savings in lab diamonds it is no longer necessary for anyone to compromise on the most important C – Cut Quality.
Lab-grown diamonds have essentially the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Therefore, they have the same potential for fire, brilliance, and sparkle as natural diamonds. But that full potential can only be realized when cut craftsmanship is of top quality. Often, the potential savings presented by opting for a lab grown diamond can mean you can prioritize cut quality with ease - as well as size.

Consider Shape

Virtual Diamonds Fancy Shapes Glamour
Different diamond shapes of the same carat weight sometimes have a bigger face up appearance. Elongated shapes such as oval or marquise may look bigger than round brilliants of the same carat weight, however a well cut round cut diamond performs better in terms of light performance and sparkle.
Another thing to note, keeping your diamond nice and clean can make a world of difference. It can appear larger, as a diamond that sparkles more gives the illusion of being bigger than one that lacks luster. This is a consistent routine that you should follow regardless, to ensure that your jewelry always looks its best and it's appropriately maintained. If you aren’t sure how to clean your diamond, we’ve provided some expert advice.

Angelic By Name and Nature: Halo Setting

Valoria Amphora Diamond Engagement Ring
Valoria Amphora Diamond Engagement Ring
In keeping with their name, halo rings feature a central round stone surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds or gemstones. The effect that a halo setting can bring to an engagement ring is as divine as it sounds. Besides being versatile, this setting enhances the ring visually and structurally on many levels.
Halo diamond engagement rings are desirable due to the way they can accentuate the size of your diamond. Regardless of your center diamond size, a halo setting will make it appear even more impressive. This is a sure-fire way to make your diamond ring look bigger.
In particular, diamonds under a carat benefit from the halo, which makes the diamond appear bigger and fills out the finger considerably. In addition, it can create a dramatic side profile view of the pavilion that highlights its sharp angles that are not usually observed.
Regardless of your budget for your engagement ring, a diamond halo ring gives you the most sparkle for your budget. When it is surrounded by a halo, the center diamond will always seem enlarged and enhanced. From all angles, the fire and sparkle of diamonds can be amplified, and when nestled in a halo diamond rings appear larger. An amazing view from every perspective.
If you want to create more impact, a halo setting like this piece from Valoria will bring additional brilliance and drama to your diamond. Paired with a diamond dazzled band, it’s sure to be a showstopper.
Regardless of the metal, the halo setting is an impressive statement on its own. Opting for a platinum or white gold setting can contribute to the illusion that your diamond looks bigger. It’s the same effect that adding lots of mirrors to a small room accomplishes.
A simple solitaire will allow your diamond to take center stage. However, settings with artistic elements, pavé diamonds or side stones can also work beautifully with a smaller diamond. Choose the setting that speaks to you and your sense of style! Our collection of designer engagement ring settings are sure to inspire your search for the perfect ring for your special someone.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Customers’ preferences, budgets and sensibilities differ widely and there is no one-size-fits all answer to the question of lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds. Lab diamonds certainly give you a bigger look for much less money! And whether you choose lab or natural, quality is paramount. At Whiteflash we strive to provide our customers the best possible quality and light performance whether in natural or lab grown diamonds. To accommodate customers looking for lab diamonds, Whiteflash offers the ‘best of the best’ in our Precision Lab brand.
These diamonds are in-house, immediately available, and carefully vetted for quality. With our expertise in cut quality, the round lab diamonds we stock have proven light performance. They are certified Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut, and at the top of the scale in terms of color and clarity (DEFG color VVS1 -VS1).
We would recommend you opt for a lab-grown diamond if carat weight is the most important factor. While most buyers continue to prefer natural diamonds for emotional and sentimental reasons, some see a compelling value proposition in lab grown. The affordability means they can get a bigger diamond for less money. The savings may also be used to get a designer brand setting that makes the ultimate statement. In some cases, a lab grown diamond may be used as a temporary “placeholder” until such a time as a young couple has the financial wherewithal to acquire a natural diamond.
The good news is that opting for a lab diamond does not require much in the way of quality compromises. Our Precision Lab diamonds are cut to exacting standards to produce optimal light performance. With the significant savings in lab diamonds, it is no longer necessary for anyone to compromise on the most important C – Cut Quality.

Trade up Policy

Lifetime Trade Up
You might find yourself in a situation where your budget doesn't align with your dream ring when you're ready to propose - and we completely understand. When it comes to love, sometimes you just can’t wait.
Remember, the significance lies beyond the ring itself, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise entirely. As time goes on, your financial situation may improve, providing more flexibility. Imagine the option of reinvesting in your ring, transforming it into something even more meaningful down the road.
Purchasing any of our in-house natural certified diamonds (A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection and Premium Select) automatically qualifies you for our 100% Lifetime Trade up Guarantee. This means that you may trade your diamond at any time for another in-house natural certified diamond that is of at least 50% greater value. And we carry such a large inventory of in-house diamonds that there are plenty of options for your upgrade.
If you have a larger budget, you may want to keep your existing style but go for a larger carat diamond or better cut quality. You can ignite your happily engaged excitement with a higher quality, bigger or better engagement ring. It will always be a symbol of your love, but it can also be transformed into the ring of your partner’s dreams with a few upgrades.
While most trade-up programs have complicated restrictions or burdensome requirements, the Whiteflash Upgrade Benefit is simple and straight-forward. It allows you to purchase any natural diamond from our in-house categories with the knowledge that you will have full stored value to use in the future should you ever wish to upgrade to a different diamond. And with the biggest inventory of ideal and super ideal diamonds of any retailer anywhere, wonderful options for upgrades are plentiful.
We are extremely proud of our upgrade policy and are always looking to bring our customers the best support when it comes to choosing or upgrading an engagement ring.
People often upgrade when they celebrate wedding anniversaries or milestone birthdays. You are able to relive one of the most important moments in your relationship through this gesture, like renewing your vows.
You might be upgrading for another reason altogether; but whatever your motivation, an upgrade will be sure to bring back all the joy you felt when you proposed with the engagement ring (and perhaps even more).

Make a Diamond Ring Look Bigger with Whiteflash

A diamond purchase involves more than allocating a budget and purchasing a commodity. Several factors must be taken into account when making an informed decision.
When it comes to diamonds, shopping online is the smartest move since you'll have access to the widest selection, the best quality and the best value. There are more diamonds and settings available online than you'd find in a local jewelry store, as well as more information and better quality diamonds, both natural and lab grown.
Regardless of your budget, we will work within it. Through our dedication to a standard of top product quality and impeccable customer care since our establishment in 2000, we offer an impressive selection of both natural and lab-grown diamonds that will make for a superb engagement ring available at just about any price point.
From the same team that brought A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds to the international market, our Precision Lab diamonds are cut to exacting standards to produce optimal light performance. The significant savings in lab diamonds means that the most important C - cut quality - no longer needs to be compromised.
Not all jewelers offer upgrade benefits (in fact most do not), and those that do typically have complicated or onerous requirements. We make upgrading your natural diamond simple and cost effective. With the purchase of any natural in-house Whiteflash diamond have 100% of the original purchase price available at all times to use as credit towards any other single in-house diamond of at least 50% greater value.
For many reasons it is vitally important to choose a jeweler who has a great reputation for customer care, top level expertise, and most importantly, is eager to listen to what you have in mind when buying diamonds, upgrading, or enhancing your engagement ring. Let Whiteflash be your first choice when purchasing your engagement ring!

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