Stunning Lab Diamond Engagement Rings You’ll Adore

We understand that our customers have different tastes and budgets and lab-grown diamonds are an excellent choice for some, with the wide array of design options and significant money savings they offer. In recent years, the technology involved in growing lab grown diamonds has improved significantly, resulting in larger, finer rough available at very affordable prices.
As such, lab diamond engagement rings have become increasingly popular with Whiteflash customers and beyond.
Valoria Petite Six Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Valoria Petite Six Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
There's no denying it, lab-grown diamonds are here to stay. Want to know more about these industry feats? Check out a complete guide to lab diamonds here.
In this article, we've rounded up some of our favorite lab-grown engagement rings you can purchase right now and answered any pressing questions you might have about them, like where to buy and the differences between them and their natural counterparts.

Most Loved Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab diamond engagement rings today come in more varieties than ever before. It doesn't matter if you appreciate classic solitaires, intricate vintage and maximalist styles, or thin, slender, and increasingly minimalist designs.
Although we’re best known for precision cut natural diamonds, at Whiteflash we aim to offer something stylish for every taste and budget. Here are the most popular lab diamond engagement ring designs our customers at Whiteflash love.

An Incredible Yellow Gold Showpiece

Classic 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Classic 4 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
This gorgeous 4 prong Solitaire Engagement Ring is a classic, and the definition of understated elegance. It's crafted with a yellow gold band, enhancing its traditional charm and warmth.
The use of white gold for the prongs is not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically chosen for its functional brilliance. By displaying a larger area of your lab diamond, you can maximize light return and showcase its exceptional cut and clarity.
Showcasing an awesome Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond, this ring can be a true testament to the tremendous progress lab-grown diamonds have made. When you choose this ring, you not only embrace its classic and refined aesthetic but also ensure that your diamond's inherent beauty is magnified.

Petite Pave & Dazzling Diamond Center

Valoria Petite Shared Prong Diamond Engagement Ring
Valoria Petite Shared Prong Diamond Engagement Ring
Don't underestimate the importance of matching the engagement ring to the wearer. A wedding ring becomes a part of your identity, intended to be worn every day, confidently and comfortably.
Small-handed individuals may find a petite diamond on a thin band a graceful choice. A petite pave setting like the exquisite one from designer Valoria pictured above, is a great way of adding sparkle while maintaining a delicate appearance. Perfect for that dream lab diamond centerpiece to steal the show.
The way a designer elects to use those decorative smaller diamonds on the shank of a pave engagement ring varies widely and can lend an entirely different feel to a ring, depending on the placement. The more ornate pave rings will give a ring a vintage look, while the simpler shanks will give it a more contemporary appearance.
A stunning lab created diamond can be beautifully enhanced by being set in a ring of sleek accent diamonds, adding to its complexity and eye-catching appearance.

Dainty Contemporary Band & Modest Center Diamond

Contemporary Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
Contemporary Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
Whether you call it modern, original, or current, the "Contemporary" Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess Cut Diamonds is a stunning way to display your diamond. This four-prong V-Tip head provides utmost security while allowing your diamond to shine. Adding a dash of flair to the design is the subtle pinching on the sleek shank near the head.
The main benefit of a dainty engagement ring is that, with a thinner band, you create the feel of a larger diamond, which is helpful if the center diamond is of a smaller carat weight. If you were worried that your budget might not accommodate impressive carat size, a lab diamond may convince you otherwise!

Asymmetrical Elegance

Simon G. MR2549 Fabled Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR2549 Fabled Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring
In a trend that veers away from tradition - much like lab diamonds - more people are proposing with asymmetrical engagement rings. Customers now seek rings that reflect their personalities, all without breaking the bank.
These striking rings catch the eye with their statement shapes; asymmetry can work fantastically, if you choose a carefully balanced and executed design, such as the Simon G Fabled Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring. The inset bezel design keeps your lab created diamond safe, with a result that is both current and fluid.
Asymmetric rings are a great way to express yourself in a playful, non-conventional way. It's hard to resist a fresh take on a classic.

Vintage and Antique-Style Engagement Rings

Verragio Parisian D-100 Scalloped Diamond Engagement Ring
Verragio Parisian D-100 Scalloped Diamond Engagement Ring
Modern maximalism has fueled a love of vintage and antique-inspired engagement rings. With a ring from every era, you'll find one that reflects your aesthetic and resonates with your love story.
Featuring intricate scrollwork and filigree, this elegant vintage-look ring is flanked by rows of pavé diamonds and encircles its center stone. The Verragio brand has fully embraced the desire for engagement rings that evoke a romantic past.
These styles are popular with couples seeking rings with character and a story to tell as unique as theirs.
In the realm of lab-created diamonds, the fusion of modern lab diamond technology with vintage-inspired designs creates a breathtaking and timeless result. This combination not only results in a visually striking and unique piece but also symbolizes a connection between the rich history of romance and the advancements of the present.

Unconventional Lab Diamond Cut Engagement Rings

A. Jaffe MES867 Seasons of Love Diamond Engagement Ring
A. Jaffe MES867 Seasons of Love Diamond Engagement Ring
Oval-cut diamond engagement rings and emerald-cut diamond engagement rings have swiftly become favored choices, garnering attention with their captivating beauty. With their elongated and graceful silhouettes, these diamond shapes blend classic and contemporary aesthetics to create a truly mesmerizing piece of jewelry.
Though not as mainstream as the round-cut diamond, oval-cut diamonds exhibit a striking array of facets that reflect and refract light with extraordinary intensity.
Whether set in a solitaire, halo, or vintage-inspired design - oval cut diamond engagement rings combine classic beauty and contemporary chic.
A wide selection of exquisitely crafted oval-cut diamond engagement rings, both natural and lab-grown, are available at Whiteflash, allowing betrothed and beyond to embrace this exquisite shape. From the same team that introduced A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds to the international market, our Precision Lab diamonds are cut to exacting standards to produce optimal light performance.

Where to Buy Lab Diamonds

It is undeniable that lab diamonds will remain a viable means of acquiring diamond beauty for years to come. To accommodate customers looking for lab grown diamonds, Whiteflash offers the finest lab created diamonds in our Precision Lab category. With our expertise in cut quality, the lab diamonds we stock are the best of the best.
They are certified Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut, and at the top of the scale in terms of color and clarity (DEFG color VVS1 -VS1). Whiteflash Precision Lab Grown Diamonds with their precision cutting and top color and clarity, rival the best natural diamonds available on the market!
In the era of lab diamonds, there is no need to compromise on color, clarity, or the most important C - Cut Quality.
Almost all of our engagement ring settings at Whiteflash can be set using natural or lab diamonds, so you have the flexibility to choose what's best for you without sacrificing style. When you purchase a popular engagement ring setting and lab diamond separately, they will be expertly set and finished by our master craftsmen and there is no extra charge for labor.
You will receive the finished item beautifully packaged and ready to pop that all-important question.
And should you have any questions or need assistance on your journey to finding the perfect lab-grown diamond, our knowledgeable experts are here to support you every step of the way. Feel free to contact us; we'd be delighted to assist you in making an informed and inspired choice.

Lab Diamond FAQs

A new era in gemstones and jewelry has been made possible by lab-grown diamonds, which have been of major interest to consumers at Whiteflash and across the industry.
It has raised numerous questions about these diamonds. Are they real diamonds? What is their manufacturing process, and how do they compare with natural diamonds? Do they hold their value over time?
We will explore the fascinating world of lab-grown diamonds, answering all your questions one by one, and shedding light on everything you need to know about them. We're going to demystify the key aspects of lab-grown diamonds and examine their fascinating world below.

1. Is a Lab Grown Diamond a Real Diamond?

1.04 ct D VS1 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond
1.04 ct D VS1 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond
There is a question on everyone's lips: are lab-grown diamonds real? It is a question that is asked more than you think. Yes, a lab grown diamond is real, it is a synthetic diamond; crystallized carbon with essentially the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as natural diamond.
As such, it has many advantages for engagement rings and the fine jewelry industry as a whole.

2. How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Known also as LGDs, synthetic, man-made, or lab created diamonds, lab grown diamonds were first produced experimentally in the 1950s, only becoming commercially available at mass in the last decade.
As the name implies, lab-grown diamonds are grown in laboratories or factories, and they are usually ready within a few weeks. In one growth technique (HPHT) a massive press simulates the conditions in the Earth's core that provide natural diamonds. You can learn more about the different processes here.

3. What Is the Difference Between Lab-Grown Diamonds and Diamond Simulants?

Moissanite or cubic zirconia may look like diamonds to those who are unfamiliar with them, but they are chemically different and cannot match real diamonds on durability or optics.
It is clear that lab-grown diamonds are superior to diamond simulants such as cubic zirconias, which are now ubiquitous in costume jewelry. As a valuable addition to the jewelry industry, lab-grown diamonds will have a major role to play in engagement rings and higher-end fashion jewelry.

4. Natural vs. Lab Diamonds: Which is More Affordable?

Valoria Flora Twist Solitaire Engagement Ring
Valoria Flora Twist Solitaire Engagement Ring
Lab-grown diamonds are generally much more affordable compared to their natural counterparts. Because lab-grown diamonds are produced under controlled conditions, they eliminate the uncertainty associated with natural diamonds, resulting in greater accessibility and lower prices.
This affordability means lab-grown diamonds will fit just about any budget, making your dream proposal that little bit more accessible.
In most cases, people opt for larger carat lab diamonds with the cost savings, or fall in love with an exquisite designer setting. The price of natural diamonds might have prevented some from affording a beautiful designer setting, but lab-grown diamonds are here to show you just how feasible it can be.

5. How Are Lab Diamond Engagement Rings Shipped?

Our free expedited FedEx shipping worldwide is a testament to how important your order is to us.
As of now, we are able to ship securely to more than 70 countries, please click here for a complete list of countries that we ship to and the maximum insurance available. Taxes, duties, and Customs fees related to your order are the sole responsibility of the customer.
All outbound Whiteflash shipments are insured until the package is picked up. Because values are typically very high, there are specific procedures that Whiteflash follows to ensure the security of your jewelry. Please see our shipping policy page for important details.
Even though delays are rare, it is highly recommended that you plan to give yourself extra time before the all-important proposal to ensure a stress-free experience.

6. What Are the Available Shapes, Sizes, and Colors of Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Compared to natural diamonds, laboratory-grown diamonds provide a greater range of options for every budget. For the price, lab-grown diamonds are unbeatable when it comes to sizes, shapes, and oh-so-icey DEF color ranges.
Since lab-grown diamonds are so affordable and available in various shapes such as; round cuts, princess cuts, cushion cuts, radiants, hearts, ovals, emeralds, and pear-shaped diamonds, jewelry designers and consumers can experiment more and create something truly unique.
Additionally, here at Whiteflash we offer customized jewelry designs, allowing shoppers to choose the colors, shapes, and sizes of lab diamonds to match their design vision.

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