National Proposal Day - Hints & Tips for the Perfect Proposal

March 20th marks National Proposal Day, a holiday which celebrates love, romance and an eternal promise. Whether you choose to propose on this special day, or simply use it as a chance to kickstart your plans, we have prepared a list of hints and tips to help the event go as smoothly as possible.
There are no real do’s and don’ts for this extremely personal occasion - it can be as wild or as understated as you are! But it would help to have a game plan: this will mean minimum stress, and maximum enjoyment for yourself and your partner!
First, let’s cover the logistics…
National Proposal Day

Choosing the Ring

A lot of modern couples opt to select the engagement ring together. However, if you want it to be a traditional affair and a total surprise there are a few ways you can gather information before you make your choice. For some, this is a daunting task, but it shouldn’t be! Approach it with love, excitement, and confidence, and everything will fall into place.

The Metal

Most women have a preference of what metal jewelry they like to wear. This is usually based on color. Take a look at the jewelry she wears every day; does she favor silver colored jewelry, yellow gold or perhaps even rose gold? This is an easy one to slip into conversation, and important to get right!
If your beloved wears silver colored jewelry, then choose platinum where budget allows. It is the most durable metal and one of the best choices for an engagement ring. It is also important to think about her lifestyle and her job too. This article can help you work out what type of metal you can use for her engagement ring based on her profession.

The Diamond

There is no way around it: if you are choosing her engagement ring, you need to know your diamonds! Fortunately, there is a wealth of information at your disposal both across the internet and from instore jewelry experts. Our Education section has everything you need to know about the most desirable diamonds. A little bit of homework, for a lifetime of happiness! If you’re looking for the best of the best, start with our A CUT ABOVE diamonds.
A CUT ABOVE Diamonds

The Shape

The shape is perhaps the trickiest choice you will have to make on your diamond journey. First, consider whether she would want a traditional style engagement ring (these make up for around 76% of all engagement ring sales). Study the kind of jewelry she likes to wear; is it simple and understated? Big and showy? Begin to build a picture of her tastes before you start looking for the ring. We have this article covers some of the most popular engagement ring shapes.

The Ring Size

Without being the bearer of bad news, it’s time for a hard truth: there is no way to find out your beloved’s perfect ring size secretly. You can try some of the online suggestions (taking the rings she wears to be sized, asking friends etc.), but the truth is, every ring fits very differently. This is due to many factors such as band styles, central stone size (a large center stone adds weight so a smaller ring size may be needed to stop it spinning around her finger), setting shape and a whole other minefield of variants.
Ring Size
Do not fear! There are some tips you can use to make sure she ends up with the perfect size ring.
Many retailers (both online and instore) will allow a free re-sizing after you have proposed. If the ring has a plain band (with no gemstones) these can be easily resized after the event.
If you are having a bespoke ring made, or are opting for a full eternity style band (which cannot be resized) the best option is to take her to a jeweler and have her finger measured. Get her to try on a ring that is as close in style to the ring you have chosen. This really is the only way to get the perfect size first time.
If you really want to keep your plans a secret, we have put together some options for finding out her ring size.

Planning the Proposal

Whether it takes place in the restaurant where you had your first date, on top of a mountain or at a family party, there are some simple tips that will help any proposal plans run smoothly.

Think about what she wants

If your girlfriend isn’t a fan of the spotlight, then a large public proposal probably isn’t the right choice for her. Equally, if she has dreamed of an audience and friends and family to share the special moment with, then whisking her away to a remote spot is probably a no-no. Take some time to think about the most special moments you have shared together, and the happiest you have seen her, and channel those memories into your proposal plans.

Think about how she wants to look

Spend some time to think about how she might want to look, and recruit family and friends to help if needed. If you’re planning a cozy proposal at home for just the two of you then pajamas will be just fine. However, if you are making an event of it, she will probably want to be looking her best!

Don’t over-complicate

We might see the meticulously planned displays of affection over the internet, but the reality of a successful proposal relies on two things; you asking her, and her saying yes! Try and keep plans simple. Timing cues for songs, lighting and doves will add extra stress to a moment you should be enjoying.

And the most important part of all…

Have confidence! Have confidence in your ring choice, in your proposal plans and in popping the question. Nerves might give the game away! This is a special moment for you both to share, and a calm, good-humored approach will ensure your best-laid plans run smoothly.
Good luck to all the lovebirds planning their big moment for National Proposal Day, and don’t forget to contact Whiteflash for expert advice when choosing the ring.

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