6 Incredible New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas for Houstonians

The champagne is flowing, the fireworks are set and the world is celebrating together; there is something incredibly magical about New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re planning an intimate get together to ring in the new year, or an all-out extravaganza, a New Year’s Eve proposal is certain to send you and your intended into 2020 with smiles on your faces.
We have chosen some of our favourite New Year’s Eve proposal ideas to spark inspiration for your big moment. Whiteflash is proud to call Houston home, so we have some exceptional, tried and tested, local hotspots for your New Year’s Eve proposal, but this list is perfect for anyone planning a proposal at the end of the year.

Gatsby’s House Roaring 20’s Party at Omni Houston Hotel

Perfect for: The couple who love dress up and all things retro
The roaring 20’s and Gatsby themed parties are going to have a BIG moment as we enter 2020 – this era was dominated by tales of romance, sparkle and of course, the greatest parties in history. A pre-paid bar, canapes, live DJ, elegant ballroom and flapper fancy dress theme are just some of the treats you can expects from this showstopping, retro party at the Omni Houston Hotel. Don your best zoot suit and practice your Charleston moves – this party is sure you set your New Year’s Eve proposal off with a bang!

Intimate and Luxurious Proposal at The Houstonian

Perfect for: The private couple who want a moment together
The Houstonian Hotel is a Southern Beauty that naturally evokes warmth and intimacy. The couple can experience a New Year’s Eve for two, with a candlelit dinner, a midnight toast to one another and a traditional, southern New Year’s Day brunch to continue the romantic celebrations the day after. Whether it’s a proposal on their grand staircase, or a special moment in one of their cosy lounges, this stunning hotel will wrap you in romance and set the stage for an intimate New Year’s Eve proposal.

Downtown Celebrations

Perfect for: The couple who love to party
As you can see from this clip, the New Year’s Eve celebrations in down town Houston are both news worthy and legendary. Evening celebrations begin at 9:30pm with live music, bars and food stalls which all build up to the epic rooftop firework show at midnight. The electric atmosphere will make it easy to find a moment to stage a knock-out, party proposal! The event is free, so your hard-earned cash can be spent on making the night yours. Plan in advance to ensure parking is organised for and we advise booking a taxi home…it is a celebration, after all.

Noon Year’s Eve

Perfect for: The couple who have kids
New Year’s Eve with young children can be a little tricky, but with more and more parents wanting to celebrate special moments with their children, a family oriented New Year’s Eve with a family focused proposal is top of the list for many couples – and it is possible! Celebrations for Noon Year’s Eve begin at 11am and continue to 1pm. Face painting, bubbles and a DJ bring a family-friendly, party atmosphere to the city centre – with your little ones already buzzing with delight, the look on their faces when you propose is sure to be a highlight of your moment. Follow with a family lunch and an evening snuggle down for a relaxed and inclusive proposal that sets you up for harmonious transition into married life with kids. More and more places are catching on to Noon Year’s Eve, so if you aren’t from Houston check out any Noon parties in your area.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Perfect for: Childhood sweethearts and sentimental couples
New Year’s Eve is a time of reflection before entering the next chapter of your life. You can embrace this time of Year and pause to remind your loved one of special moments you have shared. Create a video or photo slideshow of your time together and relive those moments before you propose. This style of proposal is full of sentiment and the time you spend making your memory video will not go unnoticed. Consider sharing this moment in the late afternoon and follow with a party for friends and family to keep the celebrations going!

A Decorated Display of Love

Perfect for: Creative couples
One of the wonderful aspects of a New Year’s Eve proposal is the world is still draped in its Christmas finery. If you are a creative individual, redecorating your Christmas tree with photos, messages and personalised baubles will create a magical moment that is full of impact. Perhaps one last present got lost and has been waiting to be discovered on New Year’s Eve…
However you plan your New Year’s Eve proposal, two people who love each other and a beautiful ring are the magic ingredients that create an unforgettable moment. Whiteflash is here to help you find the perfect loose diamond and engagement ring to mark the new year and new chapter in your lives. If you have any questions, or would like any guidance then do not hesitate to contact us and if you’re based in Houston, come book an appointment at our store.

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