Does the Wedding Band go on First? Wedding Ring Etiquette 101

Typically, rings on your ring finger represent your relationship status, whether you're engaged, married, or long-term monogamous.
After a proposal you’re presented, hopefully, with the most gorgeous engagement ring, which you usually wear on your ring finger until you receive the wedding band during your wedding ceremony.
Simon G. MR1498-D Delicate Diamond Wedding Ring
Simon G. MR1498-D Delicate Diamond Wedding Ring
In most cultures, especially the US, engagement rings and wedding bands are worn together on the same finger after tying the knot, commonly called the ring finger - which is located right next to your pinky on your left hand. But does the wedding band go on first?
For all brides-to-be who want the most perfect wedding day and beyond, we've explored the question, which comes first? We've also offered some delightful wedding band inspiration and some advice for men wearing wedding bands.

Recap: Which One Is the Ring Finger and Why?

Traditionally, the ring finger is the fourth finger on the left hand. This custom is believed to have originated with ancient Romans, who believed the heart was connected to the ring finger.
The significance of this symbol is derived from its connotations of affection, love, and creativity, all of which are essential to a happy marriage. There are certainly some interesting differences in traditions between countries, beliefs, and religions.
Interested in the extensive history of this tradition and relevance to other rings that signify commitment, such as engagement and promise rings? For more information about the true meaning of the ring finger, click the button below.

How to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Together

Legato Sleek Line Pave Diamond Wedding Set
Legato Sleek Line Pave Diamond Wedding Set
Typically, the engagement ring is worn on the ring finger after accepting a proposal and until the wedding ceremony - only then is the wedding band received.
Wedding bands originated over 4,800 years ago in Egypt, and they remain a symbol of unending love throughout history. In addition to representing eternity, wedding bands are symbolic of a couple's style.
As we all know, up until the wedding day, the engagement ring sits proudly on the ring finger. So does the wedding band go on first after the vows are exchanged? As a tradition, the wedding ring is placed on the left ring finger first, followed by the engagement ring.
From that day forward, the wedding band is worn every day. Because of this, both of these rings are typically designed or purchased with each other in mind.
Bridal or wedding sets, featuring both an engagement ring and wedding band, are designed to complement each other and are very popular if you want to wear both rings together. The purpose is both aesthetic and functional; a form fitting look that is comfortable to wear and minimizes the risk of the rings rubbing together and scratching each other.
As with the ideas and emotions they represent, rings take on a wide variety of shapes and forms. Thus, even though the fourth finger of our left hand is traditionally the ring finger, it can be anything depending on your lifestyle, preferences and culture.

Guidance for Men’s Wedding Bands

Simon G. MR2273 Men's Wedding Ring
Simon G. MR2273 Men's Wedding Ring
Men typically only wear rings or wedding bands once they are married. However, right hand rings are often used to indicate monogamy in same-sex relationships - whether they are long-term partnerships or marriages.
Most men favor plain wedding band styles, but more distinctive and stylish designs are becoming increasingly popular.
Not so long ago, yellow gold was the only wedding ring style available to men. Straightforward, simple, and did the job. It has changed significantly since then, and now a man can select the style he desires, the weight he needs, and the width of the band he prefers.
The traditional precious metals, gold and platinum, are also very popular with men, in addition to titanium and tungsten. As platinum does not require plating, it is a low-maintenance metal that is ideal for engagement and wedding bands alike.
Many handsome gents' wedding rings today incorporate diamonds or other gemstones to create truly breathtaking pieces.
Take the classic design of the Simon G. MR2273 for example, it gives a contemporary feel, exuding a sophisticated style without being overbearing.
The wedding ring is framed with 0.50 ctw of brilliant diamonds around the full diameter. It will suit the gentleman who wants a wedding band that's comfortable to wear with unique attractiveness, yet not over the top.

Wedding Bands Inspiration

Gone are the days of yellow gold wedding bands that are overshadowed by engagement rings. Expert retailers have a variety of options: wide bands, petite bands, eternity bands with diamonds all the way around and setting styles including prong, bezel and pavé. All available in different precious metals and weights to suit your taste and lifestyle.
Some wedding rings are designed to be worn with engagement rings while some are designed to shine alone. It’s completely up to you how you decide to celebrate and commemorate your commitment.

Equally as Spectacular: Standalone Beauty

Tacori 33-2.5 Diamond Wedding Ring
Tacori 33-2.5 Diamond Wedding Ring
Your wedding band can be made truly exceptional with diamonds. Featuring half eternity diamonds, the French-cut diamond wedding ring is equally elegant and comfortable. The crescent-shaped setting allows light to flood the diamonds, and it features classic Tacori details.
Its smooth underside helps the row of twinkling diamonds fit perfectly against your engagement ring.

Better Together: Bridal Set

Simon G. MR1394 Fabled Diamond Wedding Set
Simon G. MR1394 Fabled Diamond Wedding Set
Engagement rings and wedding bands are often designed to match so that they complement each other - a bridal set. A shape may be crafted so that it fits together, or it might contain the same number or type of gem, or it might feature the same design facets.
Tradition dictates the engagement ring contains a diamond in the center, whereas the wedding band is either plain or adorned with accent diamonds.
As with the engagement ring, the wedding band features a single strand of diamonds that travels up the shoulder, while being designed to complement the more complex engagement ring that features a twisted shank and central diamond.
It's an absolutely gorgeous pairing, two rings that seamlessly fit together due to their design. Much like marriage, the two become one.

Complementary Pair: Matching Details

Ritani 1RZ7241 Cathedral Tapered Solitaire Engagement Ring
Ritani 1RZ7241 Cathedral Tapered Solitaire Engagement Ring
Benchmark 3mm Comfort Fit Wedding Ring
Benchmark 3mm Comfort Fit Wedding Ring
Don’t be discouraged if you already have your dream engagement ring. The process of matching individual wedding bands and engagement rings, which are not designed as a set, is relatively easy - once you know how.
While both pieces are created by different designers, their matching metals (in this case, platinum) make them a perfect match. A matching design or finish can actually allow rings with different colors to pair together in ways that look as if they were made for each other.
The market today caters to everyone, and individual taste has replaced tradition for many. For ladies and gentlemen alike, each leading jewelry designer offers an array of bridal choices to suit various tastes and budgets.
Our recommendation is to search for matching engagement rings and wedding bands at the same time, or as a set. By doing this, designs and features can be paired perfectly and mismatched rings can be avoided.
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