A Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings

The wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love. It is widely believed that the wedding ring dates back to the Egyptian era, although men’s wedding rings only became a customary tradition in the 20th century, at which point it was a very simple band. Designs and styles have since evolved considerably, resulting in a wide choice of designs which can not only reflect the gentleman’s personality but also include styles to match the ring which he will give to his wife.
There was once a time, not so long ago, when the only choice of wedding ring available to a man was one made of yellow gold. A simple, straight to the point band that did its purpose. Things have changed a lot and now a man can choose the style that he wants, the weight that he requires and the width of band that best suits him best.
Simon G. MR2273
Giving a contemporary feel, this simple band has a real show-case style without being overpowering. Flanked by 0.50 ctw of brilliant diamonds around the full diameter, this is a wedding ring which will suit the gentleman who wants a wedding ring that is comfortable to wear with unique attractiveness, yet without being ostentatious.
Verragio MV-7006
Combining a compelling design with a traditional feel this wedding ring will suit the gentleman who desires a ring that will perfectly match his personality and one which will offer a timeless appeal.
Benchmark 6mm "Comfort Fit"
This ring affords a subtle elegant charm. Simple in design and with a comfortable fit, it is a ring that has been designed to be worn on daily basis very comfortably. Available in a choice of band widths it is a ring that commands attention while at the same time being understated.
Verragio MV-7005
This white gold wedding ring offers a unique and individual style. A wide, 7mm band, will suit the gentleman who desires a ring that will work with his personality expressing a masculine and architectural style.
Benchmark "Scattered"
Suiting the gentleman who appreciates a classic design with a little spark, this is a ring that will flow with fashion trends and always remain in style. A traditional design enables this ring to be worn with elegance and offers a choice of band widths that will appeal to the gentleman who desires a ring that will express his personality.
Simon G. LG100
A twist on the simple band, this chain-link designed wedding ring offers a real sense of personality and charm. It is a manly ring, a thick band and straight to the point with a modern mix of colors and materials that demands attention. Being of two colors, this ring will match well a variety of watches or other jewelry pieces.
Verragio 6N12HM
Giving an understated elegance, this hammered satin wedding band really exudes strength. Its masculine charm derives from the hammered while the satin gives it a subtle softness. It will suit the personality of the gentleman who is complex and multi-faceted.
Benchmark "Comfort Fit"
The desirability of this ring from the Benchmark range comes from the flexibility that is afforded to the wearer due to the choices available. A simple and understated style enables it to suit everybody while it offers a truly graceful design that will remain stylishly classic for many years to come.
Simon G. LG104
This beautiful ring will appeal to the gentleman who would like a touch of glamor to his wedding ring. Rose gold has been inlayed within a stunning brushed white gold or platinum setting, creating a statement piece that demands attention. It’s the perfect choice for the gentleman who would like a style to compliment his lady’s rose gold engagement ring.
Take a look at our large selection of men’s wedding rings. Each one has been carefully styled and designed to create a unique look that will not only be cherished for what it represents, but will also be durable and comfortable to wear. Most of our rings are available in a variety of band widths, allowing them to suit the wearer while allowing for the differences in finger width and length.

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