Personalizing Your Solitaire Setting

Everyone wants the engagement ring of their dreams, and everyone deserves a ring that lives up to their wildest expectations. Browsing through hundreds of gorgeous images of engagement rings with solitaire settings on a website, you will usually find the ring that steals your heart. But sometimes, nothing you see is quite perfect. “What if this ring was yellow gold instead of white?” you might think, “or what if the head of this stone came on a more intricate shank?” Short of commissioning a custom ring, you might think your options are limited to the rings you see on the screen. With a solitaire settings, the beauty is in the simplicity, but sometimes you want to put a personal touch on the setting.
Swan by Vatche
Swan by Vatche
But at Whiteflash, engagement rings, even the simplest solitaire setting, are built to order for each customer. Even if you don’t opt for a custom ring, you can customize certain portions of the ring design to suit your tastes and budget. For example, take the Swan by Vatche. Vatche is an extraordinarily talented and in-demand jewelry craftsman. The old-world craftsmanship that makes a Design by Vatche so unique is evident in the care and master skills that go into making every ring—and that is what makes personalization possible. A master craftsman can create a ring that suits your unique specifications, modifying design details or elements when necessary.
Side profile view of the Swan by Vatche
Side profile view of the Swan by Vatche
Here is the Swan by Vatche. A gorgeous but classic design, the solitaire setting features an eye-catching head that features small melee stones and prongs that curve gracefully like a swan’s neck. The six prongs are elegant and secure, and the shank is classic platinum. The center stone, in this sample image a Whiteflash A Cut Above stone of a little more than one carat, is the clear and vivid focal point.
In this side profile view, you can see the melee stones that adorn the head more clearly, as well as the graceful nest of prongs that holds and shows off the center stone. In short, it is a classic solitaire setting with a unique modern twist—a classic Vatche design.
One customer saw this solitaire setting and instantly fell in love. The dramatic swoop of the prongs, the fun surprise of the side profile melee stones, and the arrangement of the prongs seemed perfect. But she also wanted something a little more flashy and feminine.
vatche ring
I did all the research I could, visited many brick-and-mortar local jeweler's as well as the "big ones" to see what I could get within my budget. At the end of it, I decided I would go with an online jeweler. Then the decision was easy: Whiteflash, due in no small part to the company's sterling reputation as an online jeweler, but also because of the incredible selection of settings.
The transparency of the ordering process was very good. I really liked being able to select a specific diamond and access its 4 C's; in this manner I was able to search, sort, and find the exact diamond I wanted to order.
When I got the ring, I was so happy how wonderful it looked. Whiteflash had actually sent me photos of the ring taken by a professional photographer before they sent it, but having it physically here in its little box really is its own great feeling -- best of all, it looks amazing on my fiancee's finger and she loves it. She even says that others have complimented me to her when they see it, which is kind of funny to me... All in all, it was a great experience dealing with Whiteflash, and I certainly felt that they did an excellent job on the ring's craftsmanship as well as alleviating the usual concerns with buying an engagement ring online.

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