The 20 Most Famous and Beautiful Engagement Rings

“Will you marry me?” Those 4 little words are likely to send even the most sensible of women into a frenzy, especially when the rocks look as dazzling and as huge as some of these. This bunch are no receding wallflowers, they’re big and bold and have no doubt cost a small fortune.
Classic 6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring with White Gold Head
Classic 6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring with White Gold Head

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt:

This beautiful custom made engagement ring was given to Angelina by Brad Pitt who reported spending over a year designing it with Robert Procop. He was reported saying he wanted it to be as perfect as his wife. Ahhhhh.
Cost: $1 million
Size: 10 carats
Date of engagement: 2012

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake:

This huge diamond is not the biggest in the list but it’s certainly big enough. This vintage style square cut diamond is probably one of the least expensive on this list too!
Cost: $125,000 (allegedly)
Carats: 6 carats
Date of engagement: 2012
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West:

Kim Kardashian has never been known for being a shrinking violet and it comes as no surprise that her engagement ring would be a show stopper.
The ring was given to her by the King of rap, Kanye West in 2013.
Cost: $8 million
Size: 15 carats
Date of engagement: 2013

Beyonce and Jay-Z:

This impressive rock was given to Beyonce in 2007 after a long relationship (by celebrity standards anyway). The ring is emerald cut and was designed by the same designer as Kim Kardashian’s.
Cost: $5 million
Size: 18 Carats
Date of engagement: 2007
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Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis:

Yes this ring has a personality as big as Paris herself but unfortunately not even a massive diamond could sustain this relationship. Paris only got to wear this emerald cut ring for 5 months.
Cost: $4.7 million
Size: 24 Carats
Date of engagement: 2005

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck:

This cushion cut ring was given to Jennifer Garner by Ben Affleck. It was designed by Harry Winston and has baguette side stones. Unfortunately it posed some problems just a few days after Ben gave it to her – she couldn’t fit her hand into her jeans pocket.
Cost: $500,000
Size: 4.5 Carats
Date of Engagement: 2013

Victoria and David Beckham:

Victoria is alleged to have not one but several engagement rings ranging from her original tiny 3 carat diamond ring to this big emerald cut diamond, topping 19 carats.
Cost: $1.8 million (reported)
Size: 19 carats
Date of engagement: 1998

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise:

Katie’s doomed marriage to Tom Cruise was started and sealed with this beautiful 5 carat oval shaped diamond ring.
Cost: $250,000
Size: 5 carats
Date of engagement: 2006

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton:

Elizabeth Taylor may have been one of the most beautiful women to have graced the planet but this gorgeous engagement ring is almost as beautiful as the wearer.
Cost: $8.8 million (2014 valuation)
Size: 33.19
Date of engagement: 1963

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux:

Just popped the question to Jennifer on his 41st birthday. This radiant cut center diamond is big without being bold and is setting trends bringing back the yellow gold style.
Cost: $1 million
Size: 10 carats
Date of engagement: 2012

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock:

It is quite unusual to see a yellow diamond but Kelly’s ring is just one of these rare ones. Surrounded by round colorless diamonds, it is no wonder she said yes!
Cost: In excess of $1million
Size: 5 carats
Date of engagement: 2012

Scarlett Johanson and Ryan Reynolds:

This pretty and demure little rock has only made the list because of the sheer size of it – in celebrity world this little thing is tiny, which makes it even more famous really!
Cost: $30,000
Size: 3 carats
Date of engagement: 2007

Kate Middleton and Prince William:

The sweethearts of Britain are just such a cute couple. This beautiful ring was chosen by the late Princess Diana for her engagement to Prince Charles.
Cost: Original £28,000 (1981), current £300,000 (2014)
Size: 14 solitaire diamonds, surrounding a 12 carat Ceylon blue sapphire
Date of engagement: 2010

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth:

By celebrity standards this beautiful ring is quite demure. The Ashoka cut ring is flawlessly cut and was designed by William Goldberg.
Cost: $450,000
Size: 4 carats
Date of engagement: 2010

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon:

Mariah has always been known for being a bit of a diva. The pink center diamond is surrounded by 58 smaller pink diamonds and came from Jacob & co.
Cost: $2.5 million
Size: 17 carats
Date of engagement: 2007

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas:

This beautiful marquise cut stone is unusually set horizontally. The center stone is surrounded by 28 smaller diamonds.
Cost: $2.5 million
Size: 10 carats
Date of engagement: 1999

Heidi Klum and Seal:

This fancy yellow diamond was handed to Heidi on a glacier in Whistler, British Columbia. During their marriage Heidi and Seal would renew their vows to one another each year on their anniversary in front of family and friends.
Cost: $150,000
Size: 10 carats
Date of engagement: 2004

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale:

Quirky and unique but what else would we expect from none other than Gwen Stefani. This beautiful diamond studded gold engagement ring was given to her in 2002.
Cost: Unknown
Size: 2 carats
Date of engagement: 2002

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Inglesias:

Amazingly Anna still played tennis while wearing this ring. This sophisticated and pretty 11 carat pink, pear shaped diamond is flanked by 2 trillion cut diamonds on either side.
Cost: $2.5 million
Size: 11 carats
Date of engagement: 2010

Melania Knauss and Donald Trump:

Donald Trump is not going to be remembered for cost cutting. The real estate tycoon certainly did not hold back when presenting this beautiful emerald cut ring from the House of Graff in London to Melania in 2004.
Cost: $3 million
Size: 15 carats
Date of engagement: 2004

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres:

This beautiful 3 carat ring was presented to Portia by Ellen while they were looking after a pet goldfish in their home. It was designed by Neil Lane in 2008:
Cost: Unknown
Size: 3 carats
Date of engagement: 2008 (it is unknown if the goldfish lasted until they married)

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer III of Monacco:

This Cartier designed ring is a full 10.47 emerald cut ring, flanked by 2 diamond baguettes. They had 3 children between them before Grace Kelly was killed in a car accident in 1982.
Cost: $4.7 million
Size: 10.47 carats

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