Tacori Jewelry to Turn Heads

When world-renowned engagement ring specialist Tacori presents its fashion jewelry, you know you’ll find something special. The 18k925 collection takes inspiration from around the world, setting stunning stones in sterling silver, and featuring 18k yellow and rose gold accents. The result is a collection of jewelry pieces that can be worn alone, for a dramatic statement, or combined into one accessorizing masterpiece!
Tacori SE15502 Island Rains Sky Blue Topaz Dangling Earrings
These beautiful Topaz earrings are just as perfect for a sophisticated evening dinner as a fun weekend picnic, making them the ideal gift for someone you love. The exquisite Tacori crescents allow light in from both sides, so they’ll sparkle with each slight movement.
Tacori SR12302 Island Rains Sky Blue Topaz Ring
This is the ring to pair with a perfectly mixed cocktail – show it off alongside an ice cold glass, perhaps with an olive or two swirling inside. The stone is held by .925 silver prongs and you’ll find a 18k gold gem seal on the band.
Tacori SE10502 Island Rains Sky Blue Topaz Earrings
Like wearing drops of the clearest ocean water, these beautiful topaz stones are set in an 18k gold gem seal detailed silver stud basket. Pair them with an everyday outfit to add a touch of something special, or wear them on a night on the town for understated elegance.
Tacori SE10519 Black Lightning Onyx Earrings
The deep black of onyx stone holds a touch of the old fashioned gothic glamour, while the crescent baskets are a hint of detail that can be enjoyed by anyone taking a closer look at your stunning accessorizing.
Tacori SN15302 Island Rains Sky Blue Topaz Pendant
There’s something very simple and yet sexy in wearing a simple pendant on a silver chain. Is it the placement on the neck? The lack of additional decoration? Whatever it is, this beautiful topaz pendant delivers.
Tacori SR100P13 Blushing Rose Amethyst and Diamond Ring
This isn’t just a ring - this is a statement about who you are, and what kind of evening you’re about to enjoy! The show-stopping Rose Amethyst sparkles amongst the diamonds and rose gold, to create something truly remarkable.
Tacori SE105Y12 Seafoam Mint Prasiolite Earrings
The hint of green in these studs make them perfect for adding a touch of something special to any outfit, whilst the 18k yellow gold provides the gorgeous accent color.
Tacori SR12312 Seafoam Mint Prasiolite Ring
The green Prasiolite stone nestles in an exquisitely detailed basket, making this cocktail ring something that oozes class, just hinting of the fun hidden within.
Tacori SE105P13 Blushing Rose Amethyst Earrings
Look around the streets of a fashionable city like New York, and you’ll find that oversized studs are very much the current trend. These studs combine that larger earring form with the sophistication of the Blushing Rose Amethyst stone, accented by the rose gold and silver details – feminine and fabulous!
Tacori SN15734 City Lights Quartz Pendant
There’s little that can match the sheer boldness of this ruby red pendant. Turn it over, and you’ll find a unique setting that creates light through the stone every time it moves, hanging from its 33-inch sterling silver chain. For that extra wow factor, you can pair it with the Tacori City Lights Drop Earrings.
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