Top 10 Tips for Blending Thanksgiving and Weddings

As we gear up for Thanksgiving 2016 on the 24th of this month, we thought we’d share some ingenious ways to blend two incredible celebrations: Thanksgiving and Weddings.
Whilst it’s common practice to head into our own close family homes to celebrate Thanksgiving, there are a ton of reasons to fling open the doors and make for an even bigger celebration. However, everyone has their essentials when it comes to Thanksgiving: Here are some top tips on how to combine them to make sure everyone’s happy.

1. Get the Thanksgiving Proposal Right:

A Thanksgiving proposal has a certain shine you just won’t get at other times of the year so here’s our favorite from a post we shared with you last year (Top 10 Thanksgiving Proposals):

2. Thanksgiving Wedding Toasts Seem ‘Just Right’:

Weddings open out to the whole family, as does Thanksgiving, and this makes giving the speeches and making the toasts a cinch. Thanking Mom, Dad, and the neighbor’s dog’s best friend is crucial to getting a wedding speech, right? So, take our advice and combine the two and - who knows? - you could be celebrating your 60th Wedding Anniversary on Thanksgiving just like this wonderful couple:

3. The Dad Jokes:

Whilst on the subject of speeches, we all know the Dad Jokes are going to be coming out in force whenever you get married. Choose Thanksgiving and you give Dad a whole new library of material to work on, with it being at the turkey’s expense and not yours! Check out how even Obama managed to wing the Dad Jokes into Thanksgiving:

4. Getting the Little Touches Perfect:

Fall and Thanksgiving lend themselves to incredible and affordable floral table displays. You can really get the wow factor on to your guests’ tables using the addition of the Thanksgiving pumpkin:

5. Fall, Thanksgiving, and Wedding Music:

If you’re planning a wedding, whatever time of year, you’re going to find yourself poring over music scores trying to strike the right balance between upbeat, romantic, inspiring and reflective. Well, we’ve solved your problem by tracking down the most beautiful piece of Fall wedding music:

6. Combining Thanksgiving and a Wedding Naturally Involves the Kids:

Kids add the fun, cute, and sometimes crazy to wedding formalities. They also take what can be a somber and nerve-wracking event for the wedding party and put it in the perspective of love and enjoyment. They are top of the guest list for Thanksgiving too, so why not get them fully involved in your Thanksgiving wedding? If you need a reminder of why it’s a great idea, see here:

7. You’re Having Fun with the Seating Plan Anyway:

As soon as you get down to the wire of wedding preparations you suddenly realize the nightmare that is the Seating Plan. Think back to every Thanksgiving dinner you’ve ever attended and all of a sudden you’ll realize the scale of challenge you’re facing. Can you seat Aunt Moira next to Grandma? If it all gets too much and you want to throw all the names up in the air, then cool your angst with this clip:

8. It Simply Works:

When you combine the best of Thanksgiving and the best of Weddings, they make natural companions. If you’re still wondering whether to combine the two, then trust us, it works:

9. And if Nothing Else, Be Thankful:

We’re sure that Thanksgiving and Weddings really are best buddies, but we also know that whilst Thanksgiving is meant to be a time of celebration and thoughtful reflection, it can sometimes cast a spotlight on family disharmony and difficult relations. By adding in a wedding, and the anniversary for years to come, you’re going to come up trumps on finding the real meaning of Thanksgiving and Marriage by the end.

10. Don’t Forget the Rings:

In your endeavor to blend Thanksgiving and a wedding, don’t forget the all important rings! We’re here with the most incredible choice of wedding rings suitable for Thanksgiving weddings you could ask for here.

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