The Top 12 Romantic Gestures

Love is in the air all the year around and it’s evident whether a couple is in the early days of dating, celebrating their wedding or a birthday, toasting a wedding anniversary or just wanting to say ‘I love you’. There are plenty of romantics out there wanting to show their feelings.

1. Incredible romantic gesture of military husband

Being posted to the Middle East for 8 months is hard for every member of any military family. Recently wed Crystal Maxwell found it particularly hard to wave off her wonderful husband as he left to serve his country but couldn’t believe what happened the next day when she went to work.

2. An amazing 101 ways to show your love

When Pamela wanted to show her boyfriend how she felt about him, she took to home crafting to tell him the 101 things she loved about him. The result was personal, romantic, unique and a beautiful symbolic gesture.

3. A wedding proposal to bring a tear to your eye

After 10 years dating, Rendy decided he wanted to propose. He enlisted the help of friends and after two weeks of arranging everything he decided to ask Maggie in perhaps one of the most romantic scenarios ever seen.

4. Keep the memories alive

After a few years it’s easy to take wedding anniversaries for granted but this bride decided to surprise her husband of seven years with a simple but moving gesture. She knew it was important to show him how much he meant to her and that their wedding had been such an important day in their lives.

5. Creating an everlasting memory of a relationship

A birthday is the perfect time to express your feelings for a loved one in a romantic gesture. Scrapbooking is always a popular way to capture the memories of any occasion and this surprise for a boyfriend truly has romance running all the way through it.

6. The Little Couple true romance

Known across the States for the show about their lives together, it was perfect that the cameras were rolling when Bill decided to show his wife Jen his feelings for her. His beautiful romantic gesture won her heart even more than ever.

7. If Music be the Food of Love

Not only has this guy shown he’s quite possibly the most romantic person in the world, he’s now penned a song called Extravagant Romantic Gesture to sing to his girlfriend about his feelings. This is a romance which is set to run and run.

8. Distance can never stand in the way of true love

The internet now means that making a romantic gesture is possible wherever a loved one is. Distance is no object when love is in the air so when this couple had to spend a birthday apart, a simple way to show their emotions was combined with modern technology for this heart warming message.

9. Letting the whole world know how you feel – Hollywood style

The Edwards cinema in Houston was the location for perhaps the most romantic gesture possible; a wedding proposal. A lobby hall of people seemed at first glance to Amy to simply be other film fans waiting for the show to start. Little did she know that she was set to take center stage for her own blockbuster love story.

10. Turning tears to joy

When Josh and Traci had to cancel their wedding plans due to family illness, they eventually married 10 days later in their kitchen in the clothes they stood in. Josh was then on deployment in the military for much of the next two years but he decided on their second wedding anniversary to give her the day she deserved.

11. Romantic gesture homecoming

After being apart for a month due to Lindsey being in Costa Rica as part of her teaching program, this devoted boyfriend decided to give her a memorable and romantic airport homecoming. She didn’t suspect anything at all – until the camera turned to her.

12. Where it all begins

Being asked to the prom is where many romances blossom. This promprosal has to be one of the most creative ever and took a great deal of planning and set up. The unsuspecting girlfriend thought she was going to be watching a film in her calculus class but the screen quickly showed a very different storyline.

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