When Carat is King - What to consider when Carat is the most important factor to you

There is no getting around it, for some people, size really matters. If you believe your partner will not be content with anything but a dazzling rock on her finger, then carat weight may strike you as the most important of the Four C’s.
There is no shame in desiring a big diamond, and certainly, where budget allows, a large stone can be a thing of remarkable, eye-popping beauty.
It is important, however, to proceed with caution. A large stone that is poorly cut or heavily included will not give the desired effect. We covet diamonds for their fire and sparkle, and when the other three C’s are lacking, a high carat diamond has a little visual impact or indeed value.

Cut is Key

If you have decided to let the C’s slide, it is imperative that the diamond cut is still kept as a priority.
The cut refers to the exact dimensions and proportions of the stone; these measurements dictate how much light will be returned, and therefore how much sparkle a diamond will give. It is this, (and really only this), that gives diamonds their famous brilliance and fire.
During your diamond research, you may have heard the term ‘Hearts and Arrows’. This refers to a very specific, three-dimensional cut precision in a round brilliant diamond. The exceptional symmetry results in a very defined pattern of eight arrows when viewed from the top, and eight hearts when the diamond is viewed from the bottom.
This pattern is desirable as it offers a strong indication of outstanding light performance. Regardless of the diamond size, when distinct Hearts and Arrows can be seen, the overall craftsmanship of the diamond is sure to be impressive.
An ideal cut will limit ‘light leakage’; this is when light is not reflected at the correct points of the diamond, and is therefore not returned to the eye, minimising sparkle and fire.
To begin the search for your big, beautiful rock, familiarize yourself with our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds. This selection of diamonds is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, meaning no matter how big you go, the sparkle and brilliance will maximized.
A CUT ABOVE Diamonds

Sacrifices for Size

If you want the impact of a large stone, but your budget won’t stretch into the top bracket of color and clarity, you may choose to make small sacrifices in these areas to bring the cost down. Again, while small adjustments can be made with little overall impact on the finish of the stone, it is still important to aim for a high cut grade.

The Cost of Beauty

Size is extremely personal, and should be considered on many factors. The size of your fiancé’s hand, for example, may alter how large you feel is appropriate for the diamond.
If you are looking for a high quality diamond around the 3.00ct mark, be prepared to pay upwards of $30,000. This would be a starting price for a round brilliant, but this could go as high as $80,000 for higher color and clarity.

The Final Word

If you are fortunate enough to have a budget that allows for size and quality, then you will find a standout diamond with Whiteflash. You will find only the finest in precision cut diamond in our catalogue, so it is simply a case of finding the right combination of size, color and clarity.
If your budget is conservative but you still want a stone with impact, there are other options to consider before you cast the 4 C’s out of the window. Many ring settings, such as a halo setting, will give the impression of a much larger center stone. This will allow you to choose a smaller diamond of quality and substance, while still giving the effect of a knockout overall ring.
Verragio INS-7003 Half Eternity Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Verragio INS-7003 Half Eternity Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Do not settle for a diamond with less than top quality performance. You can find a balance in size and quality that works for your budget and ensures that your diamond is sparkling for a lifetime.

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