Different Diamond Cuts: Which One Is Right for Me?

When it comes to selecting an engagement ring or piece of jewelry, there are a lot of factors to consider. As you know, we've got the four C's in the back of our minds, but before we can even consider them, we need a clear picture of ‘shape’. Diamonds have a number of features that set them apart from one another, and some of them are even similar enough to be confused.
Different Diamond Cuts
Without the right information and guidance, choosing a diamond shape that matches your tastes and style can be tricky. From the most brilliant and sparkly round cuts to the ever-popular princess cut, we’ve delved into the different diamond cuts below to give you an idea of each one available on the market.

Cushion Cut

Diamonds with cushion cuts can take a variety of forms based on the length to width ratio and the facets patterning; these variations allow you to select the style that is right for you. Loose cushion cut diamonds, depending on how they are cut, can display a high degree of fire, creating an eye-catching appearance.
Adding more facets to the pavilion or crown of the cushion cut creates a modified cushion cut. Within this context, it is referred to as a “modified cushion cut brilliant.”
A cushion cut diamond engagement ring is particularly well suited to an antique style, with classic details and warm tones to accent the diamond's pillowy silhouette. You'll also find a fine selection of cushion cut engagement rings with contemporary settings.
Ritani 1RZ1321 French-Set Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Ritani 1RZ1321 French-Set Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
The cushion cut can be taken in many interesting directions with the use of modern technology, but it is still a style that many people love because of its vintage appeal. A cushion cut diamond makes an ideal centerpiece, especially when designer brands like Tacori and Verragio popularize ornate setting styles reminiscent of a bygone era.
In this cushion-cut diamond guide we created, we'll walk you through the details of this dazzling cut.

Princess Cut

Incorporating the classic diamond sparkle seamlessly with a contemporary profile, princess cuts offer clean lines and exceptional brilliance. Princess cuts are the second most popular cut behind the round, providing brilliance, scintillation and something a little different for brides.
Its appeal stems from its brilliant appearance and its rectilinear outline. When viewed from the face up direction, this enhanced performance tends to hide inclusions and make body color less noticeable.
Vatche U-114 5th Avenue Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
Vatche U-114 5th Avenue Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
From simple and sleek solitaire rings to ornate and artistic displays, princess cut engagement rings are available in a variety of styles. Loose princess cut diamonds are versatile and fit a number of settings, but high cut quality is a must to ensure that you maximize the beauty and value of your diamond.
The shape of the princess cut is compatible with the shape of the rough diamond crystals, which means the carat weight yield of the princess cut is normally greater than that of the round cut. For this reason, princess cut diamonds are often a great value for buyers looking to get the biggest stone possible for their money.
Using this comprehensive guide to princess cut diamonds, you can gain a deeper understanding of this remarkable shape and make the right jewelry decisions.

Oval Cut

Oval cut diamonds offer effortless grace and elegance to the wearer. As an elongated fancy shape, they are also especially flattering on the hand and give an impressive face-up appearance. The length-to-width ratios of oval cut loose diamonds are not standardized; this allows for personal preference to take the lead when selecting proportions.
Vatche 1508 Venus Solitaire Engagement Ring
Vatche 1508 Venus Solitaire Engagement Ring
A stunning choice for an engagement ring, oval shapes are one of the most versatile and durable fancy cuts available. Rings featuring an oval cut center may have a diamond “halo”, emphasizing the distinctive shape even more. The oval cut also looks beautiful in a pave setting, which makes the overall look even more sparkling and delicate.
You may want to take a look at our complete guide to oval cut diamonds to ensure you choose the best quality possible, or reach out to us directly - we’re happy to help!

Emerald Cut

For more than 700 years, emerald cut diamonds have enchanted jewelry lovers. The diamond's clean lines, long facets and large table create a hypnotic effect that gives off bright flashes of light that are distinctively different from the sparkle of other diamond cuts.
Elegant and timeless, the emerald cut engagement ring is a beautiful choice. Whether it's an art deco style to perfectly match the geometric lines of the diamond, or something soft and smooth to complement it, emerald cut engagement rings offer a unique choice to those who want to stand out.
In spite of their unique appearance, emerald cut diamonds are quite versatile. The stones are beautiful as solitaires, make for a bold focal point in elaborate halo and pave settings, and are at ease in vintage designs as well.
Legato Sleek Line Solitaire Engagement Ring
Legato Sleek Line Solitaire Engagement Ring
Compared to other cuts, the emerald cut is especially revealing of any inclusions present in the diamond. Emerald cuts tend to be more expensive than most other fancy shapes because they tend to be in the higher clarity grades.
While value shoppers often find suitable diamonds in the lower near colorless range I-J, when considering emerald cuts, buyers should look in the upper near colorless range G-H.
An emerald cut diamond's icy clarity and old-world elegance makes it ideal for the discerning fashionista. With its sleek, yet bold style, it is certain to turn heads.
When considering the purchase of an emerald cut diamond, it is strongly recommended that you work with a vendor with expertise in cut quality and who can conduct a thorough evaluation, including advanced light performance diagnostics demonstrating the diamond's light handling characteristics.
Take a look at our in-depth guide for more insight on emerald cuts and how it sets itself apart from the many different diamond cuts available today.

Pear Cut

Pear cut diamonds are highly flattering and offer an exceptional level of beauty. Pear cut diamonds can be worn facing upwards away from the hand, which lengthens the fingers, or facing towards the hand, which accentuates the asymmetrical beauty of this cutting.
Diamonds of the pear shape have a blend of soft curves and precise edges and a range of outlines; there are elongated pear shapes as well as more full-bodied pear cut shapes. A pear cut engagement ring is a popular choice among brides-to-be while remaining a distinctive choice.
Custom Pear Solitaire Engagement Ring
Custom Pear Solitaire Engagement Ring
Dynamic light performance can be seen in brilliant style shapes like the pear, which features rapid scintillation. A pear shape is therefore capable of containing more or larger inclusions before they are visible to the naked eye in comparison to step cuts such as the emerald cut and Asscher.
All things being equal, pear-shaped diamonds are a more economical choice, enabling astute shoppers to get more carat weight or quality for the same price.
Fine jewelry designs have long been dominated by the distinctive shape of pear-shaped diamonds. Their appeal is particularly high for floral designs, which are generally among the most popular jewelry motifs. Together, the brilliant style facet design and teardrop shape create a dazzling and graceful outline.
Pear-shaped diamonds are a brilliant choice for diamond enthusiasts everywhere, our guide can assist you in finding the right one for you.

Marquise Cut

A marquise cut (pronounced mar-keez) diamond is often considered a lovely diamond shape for any occasion.
A smooth, curved body and pointed tips create harmony between angles and softness. As well as elongating and slimming the wearer's finger, this striking cut also gives the illusion that the diamond is larger.
Custom Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring
In essence, the marquise is an elongated oval with points at each end. When expertly crafted, it creates a polished and scintillating gem that turns heads and commands attention.
As always, diamond cut quality is critical to diamond beauty, but it can be even more apparent in fancy shapes like the marquise cut.
Today, other fancy shapes are gaining more attention and market share, and marquise cut diamonds are now less popular than princess, cushion, oval, emerald and Asscher cuts. In any case, it is reasonable to expect that the marquise cut will one day soon see a resurgence in popularity.
A marquise cut engagement ring is a unique choice that maximizes carat weight for a very eye-catching engagement ring. As a clustered diamond, marquise-cut diamonds create a petal-like effect in fine jewelry, but they're equally stunning as a solitaire diamond in a classic setting.
Whether you are looking for a slim, narrow diamond or something with more volume, a marquise cut engagement ring is perfect for brides to be who want to stand out from the crowd. A detailed guide is available for those interested in learning more about this unique cut.

Asscher Cut

There is nothing quite like an Asscher cut loose diamond to demand your attention. Asscher cuts are a variation of emerald cuts characterized by square, step-cut facet arrangements with relatively large corners. With their symmetrical pattern, Asscher cut diamonds have a unique visual appeal, often described as looking into a hall of mirrors.
Adding to the prismatic brilliance of the Asscher cut, the lively step-cut is the brightest one on the market today. Asscher rings were redesigned in the 1980s to add more brilliance, which has resulted in them being a unique and highly desired choice among vintage-loving brides (and grooms) to be.
Valoria Flora Twist Diamond Engagement Ring
Valoria Flora Twist Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamonds with Asscher cuts tend to have small tables, built-up crowns, thick girdles, pavilion bulges, and a high depth percentage. Several of these characteristics may result in a stone with a very narrow spread. Because of the hidden majority of the carat weight within these features, the Asscher appears smaller than other shapes due to its outer dimensions and apparent size.
The ability to find a certified Asscher diamond with meaningful cut analysis is extremely rare, and finding a vendor that is able to provide both high definition video and advanced light performance images is vital for finding a high-quality Asscher cut diamond.
As with most fancy cuts, especially those of great distinction, the Asscher cut may not be for everyone, so make sure you check out our diamond cut guide before making a decision.

Heart Cut

The heart-shaped diamond is undoubtedly the ultimate symbol of love and romance. The heart-shaped diamond is iconic in that it presents a delicate yet distinct and readily identifiable profile that distinguishes it from all others. It brings a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve.
Fire and brilliance are both abundant in a heart-cut diamond of high quality. As you can imagine, this is a difficult shape for a diamond cutter to execute (especially in the cleft), so an appealing outline is definitely a key value factor.
It might surprise you to learn that heart-shaped engagement rings, though an unusual choice, have gained a steady following throughout history. Those who aspire to break away from a classic round and try a different diamond cut have favored them for their beauty and symbolism.
Though heart shaped diamonds can be set in more ornate and unique ways, and the top bridal designers offer options in both simple and elaborate styles, the solitaire setting remains perhaps the most favored.
Custom 5 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Custom 5 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Another shape simply won't do for those who are set on a heart shape. This diamond is the perfect way to commemorate a special moment in your life. In terms of availability, the market is pretty limited when it comes to hearts, so make sure you work with a professional who can help you locate the perfect one that completes you.
Choosing your vendor is every bit as important as choosing your diamond - take a look at our extensive heart cut diamond guide for more insights like this.

Radiant Cut

As far as diamond shapes are concerned, the radiant cut is relatively new. A radiant cut diamond combines the geometric elegance of an emerald cut with the scintillating sparkle of a round brilliant, giving diamond lovers the best of both worlds!
Radiant cut diamonds can have unique sparkle and fire; an excellent cut will ensure that all 70 facets work harmoniously to produce a unique and stunning light show. Radiant cuts feature a mesmerizing look described as a ‘crushed ice’.
A more elongated shape tends to look bigger and is more graceful on the hand. A more square shape may work better for certain types of setting designs. As long as light performance does not suffer, length to width ratio is largely a personal taste factor.
Legato Sleek Line Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
Legato Sleek Line Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
A significant advantage radiant cut diamonds have over emerald cuts is their ability to hide inclusions. This cut has a mixed faceting arrangement, where some areas will have a direct flash, and other areas will have a more subtle twinkle effect. If you wish to achieve a white, icy cut, it is best to stick to near colorless G-H. Those in the I-J range or lower will start to show a hint of yellow, due to color entrapment. This is why many fancy color diamonds are cut into this shape.
Radiant diamonds look beautiful in pave settings that amplify their natural sparkle, but they are just as stunning in a simple solitaire setting. Radiant cuts encompass square and rectangular shapes, as well as flattering long rectangles, which give you tremendous flexibility when it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring with this cut.
We have outlined the advantages of this new diamond cut in our informative guide - take a look to learn more and discover the potential.

Round Cut

There is no question why round cut diamonds remain the most popular choice for fine jewelry. The history of round cut diamonds is a long and impressive one. Diamond cutters, jewelers, and experts have spent decades studying how round cut diamonds perform under all light environments, and have refined precise mathematical equations to optimize their brilliance, scintillation and fire.
With regards to pure optics and light performance, no other shape can quite compare to the round brilliant. Engagement rings with round cuts are highly flattering, complementing classic and contemporary settings seamlessly.
Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 2620RDP Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
Throughout history, round has remained a timeless classic. During the period when demand for ideal cut diamonds emerged, Japan's experts became obsessed with cutting diamonds with a level of optical precision to achieve a pattern of Hearts and Arrows facet reflections.
As a result, they developed tools for viewing these patterns called the Hearts & Arrows viewer. Eight arrows can be seen through the table, and eight hearts are visible through the pavilion. Due to the time and skill required to achieve this level of precision in diamond cutting, they can only be cut by specialized manufacturers.
As a result of the symmetry of its geometry, a well cut round diamond has the greatest capacity for maximizing light performance of all diamond shapes. With proven optics of the highest order, the A CUT ABOVE® Round Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Diamond, fully demonstrates the almost limitless potential of a round diamond.
Since round diamonds are a hands-down favorite, you'll find a wide selection of setting styles to complement round diamonds. This is perfect for customizing your round cut diamond engagement ring. It is safe to say that round cut diamonds will always be in style, whether it be a statement halo, a sparkling trilogy, or an elegant solitaire.
Of all the different diamond cuts, round cut diamonds, and especially round cut engagement rings, are the top sellers in the jewelry industry. If crafted with precision, no other shape can produce more fire and brilliance. Learn more about this beloved diamond shape in our buying guide to round cut diamonds.

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