Engagement Ring Styles

One of the most important purchases in anyone’s lifetime is the diamond engagement ring. There are styles and designs to suit every possible taste and budget. From understated and simple generic solitaires to ornate and sophisticated designer engagement rings. There are engagement ring styles for every taste and budget.
With such a wide variety of choices, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the various styles that are available. There are many things that will influence your choice such as lifestyle, budget and personality. Just as in fashion, trends in diamond engagement rings go in and out of style. Still, there are some basics that fundamentally apply when searching for the one item of jewelry that will be worn every day of ones life. Below are some of the most popular styles which should give you a starting point for this very special purchase. This is an exciting and emotional journey that you want to culminate in the perfect ring- the one that the wearer will never want to take off.
*For guidance on choosing the perfect diamond for your engagement ring please see this helpful diamond guide.

Classic Solitaire Rings

Solitaire Engagement Ring style
Solitaire Engagement Ring
This timeless look will beautifully showcase any shape diamond. Never trendy and always in style, its simple and classic design highlights the diamond alone. The beauty of the center diamond is crucial when choosing a solitaire ring. That is why the extraordinary A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal diamond is the perfect choice, and available exclusively at Whiteflash. Praised by industry experts as among the highest preforming diamonds in the world, the A CUT ABOVE® is simply exquisite when set in a classic solitaire. Solitaire settings can come in slightly varying widths. Some have additional design elements that can add some flair. They generally are made with four or six prongs and offer quite of bit of versatility when picking a matching wedding band.

Channel Set Engagement Ring

Diamond ring styles are sometimes named for the way they hold the gemstones in place. In channel set rings, diamonds are placed inside of a metal channel that has been created within the ring. The diamonds are set without prongs for a sleek and contemporary look. The number of diamonds set into the channel varies. Both five and seven stone channel set wedding bands are very popular. This style of setting is practical for women with an active lifestyle since it is less likely that a diamond will come loose or fall out of a channel set engagement ring.

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

3 Stone Engagement Ring style
Three Stone Engagement Ring
The symbolic and showy three stone diamond ring is ever increasing in popularity. The many designs that are available allow for a variety of tastes and budgets. They can be made with a wide selection of side and center stone choices, and the styles range from simple to elaborate. The symbolic “past, present and future” that they have come to represent is deeply meaningful for many couples, making these very sought after engagement ring styles.

Shared Prong Engagement Ring

Stunning shared prong engagement rings allow diamonds to be set more closely together for continuous coverage by engineering the prongs to do double duty. Two diamonds are secured by each prong in this technique. This allows for the maximum diamond performance and results in dazzling brilliance and sparkle. A gorgeous shared prong engagement ring will always stand out and be noticed!

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Ring style
Halo Engagement Ring
When the center diamond is encircled by a border of diamonds, the design is known as a “halo”. The brilliance and beauty of the center diamond is enhanced and embellished in an elegant and dramatic way. The halo first became popular in the 1920’s and has maintained its popularity with a variety of modifications, such as split shank and double halo pave styling. The stunning effect of a halo engagement ring is best described as “heavenly” by many who wear them.

Pavé Style Engagement Ring

Pavé (pronounced pah-vay) engagement rings feature many tiny diamonds that are set very close together on the surface of the ring. The glittery appearance this creates is strikingly beautiful. In addition, pave style rings can be cost efficient since the price of many small diamonds is lower then one single stone of the same total carat weight. Another form of this style is known as micro-pave. This kind of setting uses the smallest possible diamonds set very close together. It requires extreme skill and the micro pave jeweler uses a microscope for this delicate task. Many top designer rings are adorned with large areas of pave for dramatic and breathtaking results.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Ring style
Vintage Engagement Rings
“Everything old is new again” best describes the vintage diamond engagement ring. This style differs from an actual antique ring in that vintage rings are made to look like they are from a bygone era. Antique rings are actually over fifty years old, but a vintage style ring is newly crafted. Many world renowned designers such as Verragio, Tacori and Ritani use mixtures of white and rose gold with intricate lacey designs to create exquisite vintage style engagement rings. Whiteflash has a wide assortment of these and other designers available to view on the website or in person at the beautiful Whiteflash Showroom in Sugar Land, Texas in the Houston area.
Any style that you choose that fits the wearer’s lifestyle and personality will surely become a treasure for a lifetime.

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