Classic Jewelry Staples Every Woman Should Have In Their Collection

You can easily elevate your outfit by accessorizing with jewelry. It goes without saying that wardrobe necessities like the little black dress and blue jeans are essentials, but what about jewelry staples?
A hallmark of all staple jewelry pieces is their timeless quality. The enduring qualities of these products never fade, making them the perfect investment purchases.
Four-Prong Timeless Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Four-Prong Timeless Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Stylish staple pieces make it easy to dress from daytime to nighttime effortlessly. These 10 jewelry pieces are a must-have for every woman’s collection.

1. Diamond Studs

6 Prong Crown Diamond Earrings
6 Prong Crown Diamond Earrings
It is impossible to imagine a woman's jewelry collection without sparkling diamond earrings. The diamond stud is undoubtedly the most popular style of earring, and is a classic part of any wardrobe.
Their total versatility as fashion items enables them to be styled masculinely or femininely. As pretty on the dance floor as they are in the office meeting, equally at home at a restaurant as they are at the wedding - diamond studs complete an outfit. Even those wearing understated attire can benefit from a bit of dazzle, or as a highlight in any high fashion outfit depending on setting.
Their affordability is even more appealing, as many high-quality pairs are available at competitive prices.
One of the most popular sizes for earrings is 1ct diamond total weight. Diamond studs can only shine with excellent cutting, so invest in the best cutting you can afford to get the most out of each 0.50 carat diamond.

2. Tennis Bracelet

Four-Prong Timeless Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Four-Prong Timeless Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Any jewelry collection would benefit from having a diamond bracelet. It has the potential to be your most effective piece of jewelry. Tennis bracelets add just the right amount of sparkle to your ensemble, being smart enough for the office, and glamorous enough for black-tie dinners.
Chris Evert, a prolific American tennis player, is said to have popularized the term 'tennis bracelet' by wearing one throughout her lengthy career. According to the story, her bracelet broke midway through the match at the US Open. It contained a thin row of diamonds, and Evert asked the umpire to pause the match while the bracelet was recovered.
It remains to be seen if the story is true. What is true is that Evert undoubtedly popularized the fashion accessory.
To achieve that desirable tennis bracelet look, diamonds are set in a continuous line in a bracelet made from interlocking individual diamond settings. One of the most popular diamond tennis bracelets is the Four-Prong diamond tennis bracelet - it’s a design that is undeniably strong and wraps seamlessly around your wrist like a flexible piece of armor. It has certainly earned its place in your collection.

3. Pendant Necklace

Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant
Flower Cluster Diamond Pendant
Jewelry pendants serve as ornaments or accent pieces. Pendant necklaces with brilliant diamonds or colored gemstones may be the most feminine piece of jewelry a woman can have.
A beautiful pendant adds a sense of individual style and a touch of charm, which can range from delicate and demure to bold and provocative. Diamond pendants come in an unlimited array of designs; a simple, classic solitaire pendant is undoubtedly the most popular type of diamond pendant.
Chain length becomes important as the pendant becomes the focal point that draws the eye in. A pendant necklace can last a lifetime by simply purchasing a different chain length, so although the pendant itself remains a permanent piece, it is simple to update to contemporary styles.
Diamond pendants never fade from fashion and are a mainstay of any jewelry wardrobe. Even though styles may look similar, they can differ profoundly in terms of durability and appearance. Our diamond pendant guide has been created to assist you in finding the diamond necklace you've always wanted.

4. Stacking Ring

Valoria Single Shared Prong Three-Quarter Eternity Diamond Band
Valoria Single Shared Prong Three-Quarter Eternity Diamond Band
In recent years, stackable rings have become increasingly popular due to the variety of gemstones and diamonds they can be combined with. You can wear them individually or combine them all for a touch of sparkle and shine that will make your outfit pop.
The trend with bridal sets has been around for years, and it also extends to fashion rings.
Wearing rings of varying sizes and metals is an effortless way to complement existing rings. Ring stacking makes it easy to rotate your ring collection or mix up your everyday favorites with new, exciting pieces; inspired by the latest jewelry gram trends.
You can even mark milestones like anniversaries with rings to stack over the years to grow your collection.

5. Hoop Earrings

Shared-Prong Diamond Hoop Earrings
Shared-Prong Diamond Hoop Earrings
Throughout history, hoop earrings have been embraced by many civilizations and cultures. Now, a diamond hoop earring is a modern, versatile, and dazzling fashion statement, deserving of a place in your wardrobe.
Wearing diamond hoops gives the wearer a touch of contemporary elegance, creating a playful presence and a sensual sparkle.
A close-fitting style is ideal for casual wear, while a large earring lets the light bounce off every facet of your diamonds. They're also great for drawing attention to your face without becoming distracting.
Making a statement is simple with a pair of diamond hoop earrings at your command.

6. Cocktail Ring

Tacori SR15334 City Lights Clear Quartz over Ruby Red Quartz Ring
Tacori SR15334 City Lights Clear Quartz over Ruby Red Quartz Ring
Your collection of rings likely includes a variety of rings you wear every day. For special occasions, however, every woman should have a chic cocktail ring at her disposal; it can transform any outfit instantly.
A cocktail ring, often worn on the right hand, represents style, independence, and self-love. Traditional cocktail rings feature large colored gemstones, sometimes accented by diamonds. They are often wider than other kinds of fine jewelry, allowing bold statements to be made.
These rings were popularized during the 1920s Prohibition era, when flapper girls wore oversized rings to attract attention to their scandalous drinks.
Despite the allure of less-is-more minimalism and delicate diamond layers, cocktail rings require only a single piece to make a bold statement.
While it may not seem like an obvious staple, the compliments you'll receive will make you wish you had invested sooner.

7. Bangle Bracelet

Shared-Prong Diamond Bangle
Shared-Prong Diamond Bangle
Bangles are timeless, simple and easy-to-wear items that every woman needs in her jewelry box. The styles are diverse, so you can choose something simple and minimal, or something more detailed.
A bangle is a rigid ring of precious metal that gives a defined silhouette and contemporary appearance, miles away from the icy fluidity of the iconic tennis bracelet.
It is one of the best things about bangles that you can pair them with pretty much anything. They can be worn alongside dainty little chain bracelets, or stacked with more bangles; the most delightful jingling sound will be created if you go for the latter.
You can start with simple, elegant bands featuring pavé diamonds and then explore wider styles incorporating bigger, bolder stones. They are perfect for wearing both day and night, so they are excellent additions to your jewelry collection.

8. Pearls

Gaia Pearl and Diamond Right Hand Ring
Gaia Pearl and Diamond Right Hand Ring
Classic elegance is best embodied by pearls. Any jewelry box can benefit from a few glistening pearls, from a simple strand of pearls to a pair of earrings.
The long life of pearls is a blessing to pearl lovers. It's no wonder that pearl necklaces are passed down for generations. They'll never go out of style and add a subtle glow to your entire aura.
If you don’t already have the luxury of having a pearl strand in your collection, it’s worth investing to pass it down yourself.
Even though we maintain only a limited inventory of colored gemstone and pearl jewelry, we rely on our reputation for quality and reliability to source customers' special gems, pearls, and fancy color diamonds.
If pearls are what you desire to add to your collection, one of our Diamond and Jewelry Consultants will be happy to assist you in making your decision.

9. Gemstone Or Birthstone Jewelry

Halo Prong Diamond Pendant set with 8mm Blue Topaz
Halo Prong Diamond Pendant set with 8mm Blue Topaz
Timeless jewelry does not necessarily have to be simple. Nature provides a palette of colors for every style and skin tone, whether it's rich rubies and verdant emeralds, rainbow-colored sapphires, or the infinite shade of semi-precious gemstones.
Color is an easy way to liven up neutral outfits. Wearing colorful jewelry is a simple solution. Every so often, it's fun to let your jewelry be the highlight of your outfit and inform what you wear. Almost every aesthetic is catered to.
It has been believed that birthstones have protective qualities that are beneficial to physical and mental health. Feel confident in your style whether you choose a piece in the color of your birth month or embrace a whole other hue entirely.

10. Diamond Ring

5 Stone Trellis Diamond Right Hand Ring
5 Stone Trellis Diamond Right Hand Ring
Who are we to disagree with: "Diamonds are a girl's best friend"? You need no excuse to buy a diamond ring for yourself. Diamond rings are definitely a part of any collection, engagement or not.
Whatever diamond ring you choose, whether it's a simple solitaire diamond ring, a stackable ring or a cocktail diamond ring resembling a piece of art, you'll know that diamond rings are very versatile and can easily be worn for any occasion.
In addition to inspiring good feelings whenever you pick it up, it will do the same every time you look down, shake hands or raise a toast.
Remember that there are no rules when it comes to buying diamond jewelry for yourself.
Make your confidence shine with a self-love ring that speaks to you. It is your design, your decision, and your own unique piece of timeless beauty to wear and enjoy; your own ring that you have created yourself.

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