Hearts & Arrows - Celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Perfect Diamond

As February 14th fast approaches, many of you will be considering a piece of beautiful diamond jewelry for your partner. Whether simply a token of your affection or a lifetime promise, diamond jewelry is the perfect way to show your partner they are adored.
Internationally celebrated, captured in poetry and literature and with a rich and fascinating history, the holiday of Valentine’s Day encompasses everything we hold dear about relationships and romance. As a proposal is perhaps one of the most significant and romantic life events we share with a partner, Valentine’s Day is the perfect date to celebrate your love.
With the image of a heart and arrow so heavily intertwined with love, it seems a perfectly romantic miracle that the ultimate crafting of a round brilliant diamond just happens to display these little tokens of love…
If you are looking for something to tip your diamond from stunning to stand out sensational, then this would be the perfect time to begin looking at a Hearts & Arrows diamond.

What is a Hearts & Arrows Diamond?

A CUT ABOVE Diamonds
The term refers to a very technical and precise cut that is applied to a round brilliant diamond. When successful, the result is a stunning symmetry which presents 8 arrow shapes when the diamond is viewed from the top, and 8 hearts when it is viewed from the bottom.
This effect is only really seen when the stone is viewed through a special viewer, however the result is a diamond which sparkles with far greater fire and brilliance than any other cut.
In 2000 we introduced our A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows super ideal diamonds. With a sparkle like no other, these stones are cut to the most meticulous specifications, guaranteeing the ultimate in light performance every time.

Choosing a Hearts & Arrows Diamond

When selecting a diamond from our A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal brand, you can relax with the knowledge that all the hard work has been done for you. As our evaluation process is so rigorous, only the finest quality diamonds make the cut.
With this in mind, the main aspect to consider would be your personal budget. While maximizing cut quality and light performance, our in-stock inventory provides fabulous options within a broad range of price points.
Using the sliding bars, you can tweak the selection process, making adjustments to carat weight (the size of the diamond), color and clarity. Alternatively, you can search the A CUT ABOVE range, and set the price bar to match your preferred budget range.
Using our online tools you can reduce the pressure of your choice. You will not be led by sales tactics and store targets, rather you can take the time to look at all the facts available across our website and find the perfect diamond for the perfect ring.
Our Diamond Education Center answers most questions people have when it comes to buying a diamond. Feel free to go through it topic by topic, but get in touch by phone or live chat if you still have any queries.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day

If you are planning to dazzle your beloved with a Hearts & Arrows proposal this Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help this momentous event go as smoothly as possible:
  • Surprise Her: The romantic ambiance of Valentine’s Day makes it the perfect setting for a proposal. However, be sure to keep your plans under wraps to preserve the element of surprise. A good way to do this would be a last-minute change of plans; if you have a dinner reservation you may consider propose before or much later in the evening to keep her guessing.
  • Be Photo Ready: Perhaps your intended is a casual queen who feels most beautiful in jeans and a t-shirt, or maybe she is an all-out glamourous girl who loves to get dressed up. Whatever the case, make sure you think about how she would like to look for the proposal. You may consider book her in for a spa day before the event so she is feeling her absolute best.
  • Personality First: Just like choosing the ring itself, make sure you consider your partner’s personality when planning your Valentine’s proposal. If she loves the outdoors, a romantic countryside walk might be the perfect time to pop the question. If she is more of a dinner date girl, a reservation at the restaurant where you shared your first date could take her breath away.
  • Don’t Over Plan: Even the best-laid plans can hit complications; be relaxed. A huge part of the beauty of a proposal is in the surprise, and that includes her reaction! She might cry or scream or say nothing at all, and this is all part of the excitement. Staying calm is the key to a perfect Valentine’s Day proposal.

A love that will sparkle like no other…

A holiday that celebrates the beauty of love and relationships is the perfect time to consider popping the question.
For such an important piece of jewelry, you only want the best. Synonymous with romance, a Hearts & Arrows diamond will not only guarantee a superb quality diamond, but will add extra sparkle and passion to your brilliant choice and will be treasured for a lifetime.

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