Expert Insights: Selecting the Ideal Engagement Ring for Men

So you’re smitten and ready to pop the question to the man in your life, but how do you choose a beautiful men’s engagement ring to seal the deal? Many people think that men never wear engagement rings. However, there are no rules that state they can not. There's nothing stopping a man from symbolizing his love for his partner by wearing an engagement ring.
Plenty of women have also given engagement rings to their future-spouses. Traditionally, this is done on 29th February of a leap year, but there are no hard fast rules - get engaged whenever you want!
Benchmark RECF7603 Arrow Cut Wedding Ring
Benchmark RECF7603 Arrow Cut Wedding Ring
We'll answer some of your most pressing questions about engagement rings for men and take a look at styles that are timeless, unique and popular right now.

A Quick History Of Men’s Engagement Rings

The concept of men wearing engagement rings is not entirely new, although it may seem like a modern trend. In fact, men wearing engagement rings has historical roots that date back to ancient civilizations.
However, the practice largely fell out of favor in Western cultures until the 20th century. With changing societal norms and a growing emphasis on equality, men's engagement rings have experienced a resurgence in popularity. Today, the tradition is making a powerful comeback, with couples recognizing the importance of shared symbols of commitment.
Over the past nearly 100 years, men's engagement rings have been available to purchase in the United States.
In 1926, a popular New Jersey store, L Bamberger & Co, began advertising engagement rings in the local newspapers. It targeted wealthy men with disposable income with stereotypically masculine advertisements.
Back then, most men didn't even wear wedding rings, so it's no surprise that the trend didn't catch on until much later - they became an enduring custom after the 1950s and were frequently associated with marital status.
Humphrey Bogart and other famous faces began wearing wedding bands in the 1940s, which led to their popularity skyrocketing. For more insight into men’s wedding rings, we’d recommend taking a look at our guide.
While it remains true to its symbolic meaning for most couples, men's rings generally are now also seen as a fashionable accessory. Initially, most men’s wedding and engagement rings were simple metal bands, but this has evolved over time into more contemporary and ornate designs including those with diamonds, gemstones, and mixed metals.

Men’s Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings: How To Pair Them

An engagement ring symbolizes the intention to marry, whereas a wedding ring cements the decision. Keep in mind that your choice of engagement ring will influence the design of your wedding band.
Due to their interchangeability, many people choose to purchase engagement rings labeled as men's wedding rings. Some people may prefer rings that have similarities in style in order for them to go well together, while others may prefer rings that are more contrasting to symbolize different sentiments. Both rings might have different materials, textures, and widths, for example.
Just like women’s engagement rings, the majority of men's engagement rings are stackable and are designed to fit perfectly with a wedding band. It is entirely up to you what you decide, Whiteflash offers plenty of choices so you can make your celebration of love personal.
From which ring goes on first to how to find the right style for you and your beloved - if you’re not sure - we’re just a message away and happy to help.

Which Finger Does A Man Wear His Wedding Ring?

In many Western countries, including the United States and Canada, it's customary for men to wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their left hand - the same place for a woman.
This tradition is rooted in the belief that the vein in the ring finger, also known as the "vena amoris" or the vein of love, is directly connected to the heart. However, in other cultures, such as those in parts of Europe and South America, it is more common for men to wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their right hand.

Men’s Engagement Ring: Important Considerations

Selecting a men's engagement ring involves thoughtful consideration of various factors to ensure that the ring not only complements the individual style of the wearer but also holds sentimental value. At Whiteflash, we understand the importance of this decision and offer guidance to help you make an informed choice.

Diamonds are Everybody’s Best Friend

Simon G. MR2132 Passion Diamond Wedding Ring
Simon G. MR2132 Passion Diamond Wedding Ring
An engagement ring for a woman is often centered around a sparkling diamond. Let it be known, diamonds aren't just for brides-to-be, plenty of men also choose diamond-set engagement rings.
Diamonds take time and consideration to choose, but the perfect sparkle is well worth it. From a stunning single diamond to an array of channel-set diamonds, there is a style for every taste and budget.
You could also incorporate a color gemstone or a birthstone if diamonds aren't his thing - today's pioneering jewelers offer plenty of customization options.
A CUT ABOVE® is our flagship brand of Super Ideal diamonds which includes Princess cut and Round Hearts & Arrows diamonds, cut with optimum alignment of all facets for unparalleled light performance, fire and brilliance. They maintain the highest level of diamond quality by adhering to the most stringent specifications and qualifications.
Our Expert Selection brand also consists of precision cut diamonds, many of which just missed qualifying for A CUT ABOVE®. It is often a technical difference, yet the diamond is virtually identical to our top brand when it comes to its visual performance.
Whiteflash in-house natural diamonds feature comprehensive gemological information, high-quality performance images, and videos. They have been subjected to extensive gemological and visual evaluation and are available exclusively from Whiteflash.
As part of our commitment to giving our customers a full set of choices with regards to their diamond purchases, Whiteflash now offers certified laboratory grown diamonds in our Precision Lab brand. This brand is characterized by precision cutting of the finest available lab grown rough available. Not all lab diamonds are created equal. Our Precision Lab diamonds are best in class.

Precious Metals: Which One Is Best for You?

Due to its resistance to tarnish and corrosion, gold is the most popular choice for engagement rings for men. Gold is a classic metal with many variations depending on skin tone and personal taste. For example, he might prefer warm yellow gold, romantic rose gold, or cool white gold.
The naturally white sheen of platinum makes it a popular choice for men's engagement rings because it is enduring and gives sparkling diamonds the perfect backdrop.
For guys who prefer something less traditional, there are a number of other metals including titanium, tungsten, cobalt, and tantalum, all of which offer a different look, feel and finish.

Engagement Band Width: What's the Best Choice?

Benchmark Comfort Fit Wedding Ring
Benchmark Comfort Fit Wedding Ring
Engagement rings for men come in a wider range of widths than those for women. The thickest bands are most popular among men with large hands or those who spend a lot of time working with their hands.
There are a wide range of sizes available for engagement rings, from super-thin 2mm rings to much wider rings that are approximately 8mm wide (around the width of four nickels stacked together).
An increased width provides an ample canvas for intricate designs, engravings, and the incorporation of various materials. It ultimately comes down to personal taste and lifestyle when choosing a band width. A narrower band may suit lovers of classic and timeless styles, while a wider band could appeal to those who enjoy making a bold statement.

Ring Size: Finding the Perfect Fit

Benchmark Comfort Fit Wedding Ring with Milgrain
Benchmark Comfort Fit Wedding Ring with Milgrain
For comfort, men’s engagement rings should gently slide over the knuckle without great effort and fit snugly to the finger, without danger of slipping off. Men who might not normally wear jewelry on their hands can also enjoy Whiteflash's ‘comfort fit’ rings designed specifically for them. They rounded on the inside for a comfortable feel.
If you're buying your ring online, it's important to get the right size. For a better understanding of your ring size, take a look at our ring sizing guide.

Finish: Choosing the Right Texture

Verragio 6N12HM Hammered Satin Wedding Ring
Verragio 6N12HM Hammered Satin Wedding Ring
Choosing the right finish for your engagement ring can make a big difference in its look and how well it fits the wearer's taste and lifestyle. You can choose from a variety of attractive finishes for men's engagement rings, such as:
Matte Finish: Matte-finish rings are less shiny. Subtle and understated, they are perfect for men who prefer a more relaxed style. Another advantage is that they don’t show small scratches as readily.
High Polish: There is no doubt that high polish rings are the most popular since they have a shiny and reflective surface. There are some polished metals that have a tendency to scratch more easily than others, so they should be treated with care and may eventually require re-polishing.
Sand-blasted: Featuring a gritty and industrial look, sand-blasted rings have a textured surface and no shine or reflection, making them better at hiding bumps and scratches.
Hammered: For men who want a natural and rustic look, hammered metal rings might be the ideal choice. Metal bands that have a textured surface are usually hammered with a smooth edge.
Engraved: From Celtic patterns to herringbone, there are many options for engraved men's engagement rings.
The best way to get the best selection, the best quality, and the best value is to shop online for men's engagement rings. With Whiteflash, you have access to a much broader selection of settings, more information, and higher quality diamonds than you could find at a local jewelry store. As Whiteflash is an authorized distributor for the finest designer engagement ring brands in the market, all those catalogs are also available to you.

Popular Men’s Engagement Ring Styles

Not so long ago a man's only choice of wedding ring was plain yellow gold, with very little details or design elements. A simple, straight to the point band that fulfilled its purpose.
In recent years, designs have evolved considerably, allowing a gentleman to choose a ring that reflects his unique personality and even matches his partner’s ring. There has been a great deal of change in the jewelry industry, and today a man has the option of choosing the style, the weight, and the width of the band that best suits him.

Classic and Simple Engagement Ring Style

Benchmark Comfort Fit Wedding Ring
Benchmark Comfort Fit Wedding Ring
The desirability of this ring from the Benchmark range comes from the flexibility that is afforded to the wearer due to the choices available. With a simple and understated style, it's a design that will appeal to everyone while remaining stylishly classic for a long time to come.
Due to its durability and longevity, this ring tends to be preferred over some lightweight bands.
Rings like this are a good starting point for those who have never worn jewelry before. Best of all, it can always be paired with a bolder wedding ring when the day comes, and its versatile style matches everything.

Mixed Metals Engagement Ring Style

Simon G. LG104 Men's Wedding Ring with Rose Gold Accents
Simon G. LG104 Men's Wedding Ring with Rose Gold Accents
This beautiful ring will appeal to the gentleman who would like a touch of glamor to his wedding ring. Rose gold has been inlaid within a stunning brushed white gold or platinum setting, creating a statement piece that demands attention. It’s the perfect choice for the gentleman who would like a style to compliment his partner’s rose gold engagement ring.

Contemporary Chic Men’s Engagement Rings

Simon G. MR2273 Men's Wedding Ring
Simon G. MR2273 Men's Wedding Ring
A distinctive touch of modernism is evident in the bold design of the Simon G. MR2273 Men's Wedding Ring, complete with icy white diamonds. Simplicity, symmetry, and a touch of dressiness - understated elegance.
With 0.50 ctw of brilliant diamonds encircling the full diameter, this wedding ring will suit a gentleman who wants to wear a ring that is comfortable, fashion-forward, and yet still modest.
Benchmark Scattered Diamond Wedding Ring
Benchmark Scattered Diamond Wedding Ring
A classic ring with a brilliant twist, this comfort fit ring from Benchmark is imbedded with Round Ideal Diamond Melee to create a beautifully unique look.
The ideal ring for the gentleman who appreciates a classic design with a little spark, this piece will keep pace with fashion trends and never go out of style. In addition to having a traditional design, the ring offers a choice of band widths to appeal to the gentleman who desires a distinctive ring.
Tacori 104-6 Sculpted Crescent Eternity Wedding Ring
Tacori 104-6 Sculpted Crescent Eternity Wedding Ring
Tacori Wedding Bands are all hand-crafted in California by skilled artisans with incredible attention to detail. Modern, active men need wedding bands that can withstand a hectic lifestyle, and Tacori knows how to provide them.
They combine classic and contemporary aesthetics, made from premium materials like platinum or 18k gold. The honeycomb interior ensures comfort for continuous wear and showcases Tacori's trademark design elements too. You will not be able to take your eyes off this stunning design!

Buying Men’s Engagement Ring at Whiteflash

There is a wide variety of engagement rings available today, so you're sure to find one that says "I love you" in the best way.
After choosing a beautiful engagement ring and feeling butterflies in your stomach, all that's left is to pop the question! Why not get started today?
Take a look at our large selection of men’s wedding rings at Whiteflash. Each has been carefully crafted to create a unique look that will be valued for what it represents while being durable and comfortable to wear. With a variety of band widths available, our rings can be customized to suit every individual while allowing for the differences in size and length of fingers. Let Whiteflash be your first choice when purchasing your engagement ring!

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