Top Five Ways to Get the Diamond Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

“We’d love to get engaged and married, but we just can’t afford the ring we want right now.” We in the diamond industry hear this kind of sentiment all the time, and we have just one response to it: true love should wait for nothing, especially not a number in the bank. Contrary to TV commercials and popular belief, you can have a gorgeous, dazzling diamond engagement ring that will attract every eye in the room, without going into debt to do so.
The diamond ring experts at, which specializes in the genuine hearts and arrows diamonds known as A Cut Above®, also specialize in finding the perfect engagement ring for every budget and every lifestyle. Sure, celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Penelope Cruz may dazzle the red carpet in designer gowns and borrowed jewels worth millions of dollars, but for the average gal, your diamond engagement ring may be the most valuable piece of jewelry you will own for a while—in both sentimental and actual terms.
These six tips will help you find the perfect engagement ring that will maximize your budget, whatever that is, and ensure that you get a top-quality engagement ring that you will be proud to wear for years to come.
The most economical setting is the tiffany-style solitaire setting, which consists of a simple metal shank and a minimalist prong setting. Choosing the tiffany setting will allow you to concentrate more of your budget on getting the very best diamond you possibly can. However, many brides have their hearts set on the sparkling, diamond-encrusted settings worn seen in the pages of every bridal magazine. If you must have an engagement ring setting with melée diamonds, choose a pavé or micropavé setting, which provide sparkle and glamour without the expense of an eternity or shared prong setting. As a general principle, the larger the melée stones, the more expensive the setting will be. Very small stones, set close together in a bead setting, will sparkle beautifully without burning a hole in your bank account.
solitaire ring settings
Platinum is the must-have metal for engagement rings this year, but platinum engagement ring settings can run 50% more than white gold settings that are nearly identical. Platinum is a pure metal that despite being one of the rarest elements on earth, is highly valued for use in jewelry, especially engagement rings. But not only is it much more expensive than gold; its price is much more volatile and unstable. If platinum fits into your ring-buying budget, it is a great investment and will serve you well for many years. If you are trying to get a great ring without going into debt, white gold can be a perfect replacement for the more pricey platinum option. White gold, which is an alloy of gold and a bright white metal like nickel or palladium. Although it does need maintenance to ensure that it retains its luster, choosing white gold is another easy way to get the ring of your dreams without a nightmare credit card bill.
solitaire engagement ring 4 prong
If the true hearts and arrows diamond of your dream is just not a realistic option at this point in time, don’t settle for a cheap, dull-looking diamond, or worse, a tacky-looking synthetic. Choosing a bright colored gemstone instead of a diamond is a fashionable alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. The deep jewel tones and durability of stones like the ever-popular sapphire and ruby make them perfect center stones for untraditional but glamorous engagement rings. There are dozens of other gemstones that are hard and durable enough for settings in high-use jewelry pieces like engagement rings, and many of these are gorgeous, fashionable, and significantly less expensive than traditional diamonds. Look for lesser-known stones like citrines and tsavorite that will give you a one-of-a-kind engagement ring at a price that will be your secret.
blue sapphire three stone ring
Katherine Heigl wears a dramatic pear-shaped diamond ring, Katie Holmes sports an oval diamond in her engagement ring, and it seems like every Hollywood princess who gets engaged finds a new unusual shape of diamond to wear. But the simple truth is that the classic round diamond is always going to get you the best value, so if you are shopping on a tight budget, stick to a traditional round diamond and find a dramatic or unusual setting to add a modern flair instead. Plus, only round diamond are available with certified hearts and arrows patterning, a feature that ensures superior light performance even in a modestly-sized diamond.
a dramatic pear-shaped diamond ring
This seems obvious, but a surprising number of customers ordering diamond engagement rings are not sure of the ring size they need, so they guess a size and count on getting the engagement ring adjusted later if necessary. Of course, get a ring resized costs money, and while it may be inevitable after five or ten years, there is no reason not to order the right size in the first place and save yourself the cost of resizing. If you are trying to surprise your lucky lady with a dream engagement ring and proposal, steal one of her rings for a day or two and find out what size it is, or ask a close friend who might know her ring size.
engagement ring on the hand
Remember, the engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and it should be a special one, whether that means a modest diamond in a simple but elegant setting or an over-the-top concoction of pavé stones. With a little research, and a dash of luck, you will be on your way to the perfect engagement ring and the happily ever after of your own personal fairytale.

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