Last Minute Gifts for Valentine’s Day

It’s already February, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you haven’t already taken care of your Valentine’s Day gifts, you might think it’d too late and just settle for a lame old box of drugstore chocolates and roses from the gas station. But the whole point of Valentine’s Day gifts is to show her how much you appreciate her, so the effort is really what counts. Even if it’s the night before Valentine’s, a little effort and creativity can go a long way into making your Valentine’s Day gift special and memorable. All the classic Valentine’s Day gifts—chocolate, flowers, and jewelry—are available up to the very last minute if you know where to look.
couple in love
Anything you do together can be romantic—be creative!


Don’t even think of calling that heart-shaped red box of chocolate from the drugstore a “Valentine’s Day gift”. The chocolate inside will be stale and boring, and worst of all, it shows that you forgot about Valentine’s Day gifts until literally the last second. If you find yourself leaving work on Valentine’s Day empty-handed, stop at the nearest high-end grocery store. They should have some imported or artisanal chocolate that will suffice as a Valentine’s Day gift and satisfy her chocolate cravings without too much hassle for you. Alternatively, fill a gift basket with all her favorite treats—Ben and Jerrys, gourmet popcorn, and a nice bottle of wine—and get a movie for a fun night at home.
If you must have chocolate, but the stores are all closed or sold out, consider making your own chocolate confections. Chocolate-covered strawberries are actually incredibly easy to make, but they are universally beloved Valentine’s Day gifts. Nothing surprises a woman like her man showing up with a plate of homemade truffle brownies or chocolate chip cookies! It may not qualify as an extravagant Valentine’s gift, but she will surely appreciate the thought and the cookies nonetheless!


If you don’t have time to face the crowds at the local mall, you might think you have no hope of finding that perfect Valentine’s Day jewelry gift before the big day. Luckily for you, online jewelry boutique caters to the procrastinator, with free overnight shipping on in-stock items. That means you can log on at noon on February 12th, and be holding a stunning jewelry gift like a white gold and diamond pendant or a pair of A Cut Above earrings in your hand by the 14th. Plus, jewelry experts will communicate with you by phone or live chat to help you quickly and easily pick the perfect piece of jewelry for your Valentine.
diamond earrings
Believe it or not, you can get a perfect Valentine’s jewelry gift shipped to you overnight

Romantic Dinner

If you forgot about making reservations at the local romantic eatery until the day before Valentine’s, chances are they will be booked. But that doesn’t mean your chances for a romantic dinner for two are completely ruined. There are tons of awesome things to do on Valentine’s Day, so the dinner does not have to be the center of your night. Sign up for a fun activity like a ballroom dancing lesson or a cooking class, and then hit dinner at an untraditional time when reservations are more likely to open up.
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Or skip the elegant bistro altogether and turn your romantic dinner together into an adventure of a Valentine’s Day gift. Go to an exotic restaurant featuring a national cuisine you’ve never tried, or uncover and indulge her secret junk-food mecca, whether it is KFC or Burger King.
If you’re feeling especially bold, and you want to give a Valentine’s Day gift that comes straight from the heart, consider cooking dinner for two on your own. It doesn’t have to be difficult or extremely complicated—just stick with one elegant entree and a decadent dessert, plus store-bought appetizers and sides like gourmet olives and cheeses. Don’t forget about Valentine’s Day ambiance—a few flowers and candles go a long way.


Heart Shaped Flower
If you’re heading home on Valentine’s Day and you notice that bucket of red roses at the gas station, the temptation to grab a dozen and call it a Valentine’s Day gift can be overwhelming. Resist that temptation—there is no gift more boring and thoughtless than cheap roses that begin wilting before they get home. Instead, head to the nearest independent florist’s shop and ask the flower experts there to help you put together an arrangement that is exciting, unique and personal. If you know her favorite flower, by all means include it, but if you don’t, the florist can help you choose something appropriate. Roses may be sold out if it’s really late, but a truly unique bouquet that shows care and attention is more romantic anyway.
In an ideal world, we would all plan the perfect Valentine’s Day gift months in advance. But with as few as 24 hours to go, you can still put together a dream date and a perfect Valentine’s present that she will love. And the best part is—she never has to know.

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