Why the Smart Money is Buying Jewelry and Engagement Rings Online

Increasingly, our shopping habits are moving into the virtual space. Online sales account for a growing portion of our household budget and annual consumption. Yet when it comes to the so-called 'big ticket' items, some shoppers are still reluctant to make the move to online purchases.
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This apprehension is understandable – as the value of the purchase rises, so too does the perception of risk should anything go wrong with an order. However in reality, studies suggest that the opposite is true; there are substantial savings to be made online, quality assurances can be found with research of the chosen company and consumer protection laws for web-based customers make the online experience every bit as secure as visiting a bricks-and-mortar store. As these lessons are learned, the number of people making purchases of high value items is increasing. In the jewelry industry this is particularly prevalent as customers look for unique items which can't be found in their local area.
If you're looking to buy engagement rings online, here then are the top 9 benefits to using the internet to find the perfect engagement ring, pendant or bracelet.

1. Online Businesses Pass on Savings to Customers

Studies by diamond market analysts suggest a saving for consumers of as much as 25% through choosing a web-based transaction. Jewelry specialists enjoy communicating with their target audience on a global platform to show them the huge range of options available and at the same time offer discounts for making the leap to online shopping. Whiteflash never artificially inflates prices to then mark them down again; the best price is always offered and is always competitive.
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2. The Importance of Online Reviews

Customer reviews are vital to the success of an online jewelry or engagement ring store. A positive experience helps to give peace of mind to others wanting to make a purchase whereas a negative one can – at its most extreme – put a company out of business. Those wanting to check out the thoughts of those who have bought diamond jewelry online should look at Google and Yelp for trusted reviews.
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"Great products, customer service and price."

3. Expertise

The internet provides access to product expertise as well as actual customer reviews at the push of a button. This means that today's online consumer is able to enjoy an abundance of information, expert knowledge and peer review on every purchase.
Whiteflash offers all these benefits on its robust e-commerce website as well an equally brilliant experience in its prestigious Houston store. For anyone wanting to buy a high quality engagement ring, buying through the internet at Whiteflash is a relaxing, straight forward, safe and ultimately a fun and exciting experience. Have a look at the stunning array of engagement rings available today and if you have any questions about any aspect of an online purchase our friendly and professional customer service team will be more than happy to help. All Whiteflash staff are GIA accredited jewelry professionals and gemologists; so talk to a company where the experts will put your best interest first.

4. No Pressure Decision Process

Searching for the perfect engagement or wedding ring online allows customers to fully research the jewelry on offer, being able to make comparisons and have the opportunity to learn about every aspect of the ring such as the setting, the quality of the diamond and the cut of the stone through reading online guides.

5. Buy in the Privacy of Your Home

Privacy may not seem like a primary concern for online shoppers hoping to find the ideal piece of jewelry. However, this often-overlooked aspect of shopping for sparkling gemstones and future heirloom pieces becomes a much more pressing matter when the customer is searching specifically for an engagement ring and secrecy is paramount.
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A great deal of planning and preparation goes into every proposal to ensure the perfect moment is created. A jewelry store is, by contrast a very public place and you never know who may see you browsing the glittering array of pave set diamond bands. Buying an engagement ring online allows the customer to control every part of the engagement plan – and helps to maintain the element of surprise right up until the very last second.
There's also the fact that many people don't like to deal directly with staff in a store as they feel they are too sales driven and may push them into choosing something that isn't what they really want. This isn't the case however with Whiteflash as all their employees are GIA Accredited Jewelry Professionals who only want to find the best diamonds possible for the requirements of the customer; they never upsell as it's not part of their role.

6. Absolute Convenience

While lower costs and enhanced consumer protections have undoubtedly contributed to the growth of online shopping, the most appealing aspect of buying online is the convenience. Online shopping is fast once the items have been chosen, it beats the crowds and can be done at home, in comfortable surroundings, 24 hours a day. The item is then delivered straight to the door and can instantly be enjoyed.
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7. Comprehensive Choice

An online store like Whiteflash is able to offer a huge inventory of products which are sourced directly from trusted suppliers on behalf of the customer each time a purchase is made. Comparisons between products on different sites can be made with ease and combining this with opting for a trustworthy company with a long history means there are wonderful choices to browse through.

8. Someone Always Available to Help

The best online engagement ring buying experience always includes excellent customer service. Whether it's via live chat, email or phone, having someone with impeccable knowledge of the products, the company, and the buying process leads to a smooth and confident transaction even though there could be thousands of miles between the customer and the consultant. Online customer assistance can make the buying experience feel just as personalized as standing in a store and talking to a jewelry specialist face to face.
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9. End-to-End Assurance

An engagement ring bought online from a trusted source is protected all the way from the point of origin to the moment it reaches your front door. It remains the responsibility of the seller until it is safely delivered. Should anything unexpected happen to your much coveted engagement ring in transit, you will never be left out of pocket.

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