Selecting the Perfect Dazzling Diamond Gifts for Christmas

Buying the right gift for Christmas can be a challenge, but there’s one thing that you can be assured of – you simply can’t go wrong buying a diamond for Christmas. The holidays are the perfect season to indulge and delight that special someone, so why not bring a little of that icy sparkle from the outside in.
We have selected some of our favorite collections and pieces of jewelry that are sure to add a touch of magic to your Christmas celebrations. Whether it’s an extravagant expression of love or something dainty and modest, choose from a variety of natural diamond and lab grown diamond jewelry pieces that are suitable for a variety of budgets, so you are certain to find something fabulous for the holidays.
Four-Prong Timeless Diamonds Tennis Bracelet
Four-Prong Timeless Diamonds Tennis Bracelet
Brilliance, sparkle, sentiment and style – these dazzling diamond Christmas gifts are everything you need to put a smile on your loved one’s face this holiday season.

Diamond Earrings Christmas Gifts

Splurge: Natural Diamond Earrings Christmas Gifts

Tacori FE 643 5 Dantela Diamond Earrings
Tacori FE 643 5 Dantela Diamond Earrings
Showcasing some of Tacori’s finest design features, these cushion shaped earrings give a sparkle that you have to see to believe. The intricate milgrain and diamond halo is held with ornate metal-work that features Tacori’s trademark crescent design. This allows light to flood your diamonds while creating a unique feature that elevates the entire design.
Enhance your festive look by pairing these earrings with A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamonds, ensuring breathtaking brilliance that's perfect for the most wonderful time of the year.

Save: Lab Diamond Earrings Christmas Gifts

4 Prong Lab Created Diamonds Earrings
4 Prong Lab Created Diamonds Earrings
Diamond stud earrings have been the must-have accessory for decades now. They are timeless, versatile and classic, yet with a variety of diamond cuts, colors, sizes and settings to choose from they are still deeply personal. And set with lab grown diamonds, surprisingly affordable! (Lab diamonds are real diamonds, with essentially the same chemical, physical and optical properties as natural diamonds).
Icy white lab-grown diamonds like a winter frost, these classic diamond stud earrings are the kind of gift that Christmas dreams are made of. This Martini setting uses four prongs to keep the diamond securely in place, making them perfect for everyday wear, as well as for special occasions.
High quality, well-cut lab diamonds can be every bit as visually beautiful as natural diamonds. This is sure to delight your nearest and dearest this Christmas, and most importantly, not break the bank!

Diamond Pendants Christmas Gifts

Splurge: Natural Diamond Pendants Christmas Gifts

Halo Prong Diamond Pendant
Halo Prong Diamond Pendant
0.70 ct H SI1 A CUT ABOVE Hearts and Arrows Diamond
0.70 ct H SI1 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond
It’s the season of sparkle. Effortlessly elegant, the "Halo Prong" Diamond Pendant will add panache to any outfit. A ring of sparkling accent diamonds surrounds your fabulous center diamond, making whatever carat you decide on dazzle with brilliance. Strategically placed halo prongs enhance the visual impact of the pendant and add a touch of sophistication.
Everything on this show stopper has been finished to perfection. Featuring the absolute finest in diamond cut, we decided to pair this pendant with a phenomenal 0.70 carat A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows certified diamond that has a clarity grade of SI1, color grade of H, and a Light Performance grade of AGS Ideal.
Don’t be fooled by the seemingly modest carat size, the exceptional cut of the diamond and magic of the design lies in its ability to make the center diamond appear larger and more radiant. Like the star that graces the top of a Christmas tree, give the gift of timeless sparkle this season.

Save: Lab Diamond Pendants Christmas Gifts

Four-Prong Basket Pendant
Four-Prong Basket Pendant
1.51 ct F VVS2 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond
1.51 ct F VVS2 Round Cut Precision Lab Grown Diamond
When looking for the perfect pendant, high quality lab-grown diamonds make the perfect choice since they are capable of exhibiting the same fire and brilliance as natural diamonds at a much more affordable price.
A simple, classic solitaire pendant is undoubtedly the most popular type of diamond pendant. They make excellent Christmas gifts as they look stunning on everyone, and can be worn on any occasion. A great stand-alone gift, they can also be paired with a set of diamond studs for the ultimate twinkling set this Christmas.
Simply perfect, the "Four-Prong" Basket Pendant Setting will showcase the diamond of your choice without overshadowing it. Made specifically for Round Diamonds ranging between 0.30ct and 3.00ct, we chose this 1.40 ct G VS2 Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond certified by IGI - a showcase of the leaps and bounds lab-grown diamonds have taken over the last decade.
Many Whiteflash customers prefer to create their own special diamond pendant by choosing a Certified Diamond and setting separately. In this way, the pendant created can feature a Whiteflash Precision Lab Grown Diamond with their exceptional color, clarity, and precision cutting.

Diamond Bracelets Christmas Gifts

Splurge: Natural Diamond Bracelet Christmas Gift

X-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
X-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet
The beauty of a tennis bracelet rests in its sparkle and simplicity. This delicate design is perfect for everyday wear but can also be used to add extra glamor on those special nights out during the holidays.
Your tennis bracelet's diamond quality, including its cut, color, and clarity, largely determines how well it will sparkle and reflect light. Diamond tennis bracelets should generally have a minimum color of H and a minimum clarity of SI1.
The coveted diamond tennis bracelet has been a must-have for jewelry lovers for years. With 3.00ct worth of shimmering, this X Prong bracelet takes style and beauty to the next level; the ultimate gift for the one you love.
Like a string of Christmas lights, shimmer and shine come together to create a truly magnificent display of diamond brilliance.

Save: Lab Diamond Bracelet Christmas Gift

Three-Prong Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Bracelet
Three-Prong Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Bracelet
It is the lower upfront cost of lab grown diamond bracelets that makes them more affordable, not the long-term value. For gifting and self-purchase of diamond jewelry, they’re a great choice.
You can find lab diamond bracelets that fit a variety of budgets, styles and tastes. Tennis bracelets can be delicate, slim and suitable for everyday wear, or something spectacular to be worn for special occasions.
Shimmering from end to end, the yellow gold Three prong tennis bracelets from Whiteflash are made with diamonds and links that are interlocked and flexible in a continuous line to give the bracelet its desired appearance and luxurious feel.
There is no doubt that the design is strong yet supple. It is fluid yet feels solid around your wrist. Diamond-infused, this bracelet style complements a variety of outfits thanks to its versatility.

Dreaming of a Whiteflash Christmas

Ensure that you do your due diligence before buying any diamond jewelry piece and review all of its properties. Information on color, cut, clarity, total carat weight should always be evaluated, and if you need help, we’re just a message away.
This Christmas, let Whiteflash be your trusted partner in creating moments of joy, love, and everlasting sparkle. Whether you seek guidance on selecting the perfect piece, understanding the intricacies of diamond quality, or customizing a unique creation, we are passionate about making holiday dreams come true.
Explore our exquisite collections, and reach out to us for a personalized and stress-free shopping experience. The Whiteflash team is standing by to help solve all your Christmas queries this year.
From the Whiteflash family to yours, we wish you a joyful, magical holiday season!

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