Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts for every stage of the relationship

No matter what stage of the relationship you are up to, Valentine’s Day is tricky. If you’ve just started dating, it might seem awkward to whip out a huge Valentine’s Day gift; if you’re just engaged, it’s hard to find the right Valentine’s Day present; and if you’re married, it’s a little too easy to get stuck in a Valentine’s jewelry gift rut. Here is a simple guide to help you pick the right Valentine’s Day jewelry gift for every stage of the relationship.
Jewelry gifts are perfect for every stage of the relationship—whether it’s your third date or you just married off your third child. It’s never too early or late for romance—and a Valentine’s Day present of jewelry is the most romantic gift you can give.
Plus, don’t forget that it’s not just about Valentine’s Day presents: there are so many fun and romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day that you can easily create the perfect date night that your sweetheart will love.
Just started dating: If you’ve only been dating a couple weeks, it’s important to pick a Valentine’s Day present that is classy and romantic without seeming over-the-top or too much, too fast. You certainly don’t want to give a diamond ring at this stage of the game. Truthfully, diamonds don’t make appropriate Valentine’s gifts until much later in the relationship, so if the big day rolls around before your one-month dating anniversary, keep your romantic Valentine’s jewelry gift but understated. One great present for Valentine’s Day for the earlier stages of the relationship is a simple but classic pair of pearl earrings. Whether you choose studs or a drop style like this one, pearl earrings make a great Valentine’s gift for just about anyone—they’re flattering, beloved and affordable!
pearl earrings
Two months: By now, you might be deep into the romantic stage of the relationship—it’s the time of falling in love, of the beginnings of something real. Celebrate that feeling with a Valentine’s Day present that is sentimental and sweet without piling on the intensity too fast. Your best bet at this point is a delicate and gorgeous gold pendant in a shape or style that reminds you of something about her. This is the perfect time for personalized Valentine’s jewelry gifts that will show her how well you know her—and how serious you are about her—without coming on too strong. This ethereal butterfly pendant is a perfect Valentine’s Day present for that girl who is as beautiful and mysterious as a butterfly.
ethereal butterfly pendant
Three-four months: By this point in the relationship, it’s ok to show your level of commitment with a more substantial Valentine’s Day gift. At the same time, it’s important to not make it look like you’re proposing (unless you’re actually proposing!) so necklaces are really you’re best bet - no chance of confusion there! Also, this is the point when you can really show how well you know her and her personal style with a Valentine’s Day gift that is as good as anything she could pick out for herself. One notable option—a luxurious and luminous pearl necklace; the kind of elegant accessory every woman should own. Make sure to choose an opulent version made of genuine Akoya or Tahitian pearls for the real Valentine’s Day gift romance.
pearl necklace
Six months: That’s it; you are officially a couple. After six months, your friends and family have started expecting you to show up to events together, and you’ve even found yourself using the word “we” in conversation. Celebrate reaching this stage in your relationship with a Valentine’s jewelry gift that is both elegant and fun at the same time. A pair of spectacular gemstone earrings makes the perfect Valentine’s Day present—it is eye-catching and significant enough to represent the relationship you share.
gemstone earrings
One year: Whether it’s your first or second Valentine’s Day together, make the day special by finding that perfect present for Valentine’s Day - the gift that really sums up everything she means to you. And nothing is as special as diamonds. A pair of spectacular diamond earrings—studs, hoops, drops, whatever she likes - makes a gorgeous Valentine’s jewelry gift. This pair of pavé diamond earrings is simple enough to wear every day but elegant enough for the most special occasions!
custom dangle earrings
Engaged: Once you’re engaged, it becomes hard to top that sparkling engagement ring, but you can still get a fabulous Valentine’s jewelry gift that shows her that you meant every word of that proposal. One great idea is to present her with a simple and stunning accessory to match her ring: a solitaire diamond necklace. You can choose either a pre-set necklace or a setting with the diamond of your choosing, making this a great way to give a personalized Valentine’s Day gift. Plus, it will match her engagement ring, and make all her friends jealous that she has the most romantic fiancé in the world!
ideal cut solitaire diamond necklace
Married: You can still have a romantic Valentine’s Day even if the wedding hubbub has died away! Make the day special by finding some romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day itself, and then surprise her at the end of the day with a luxurious, opulent gift that will say more than your words ever can. This is the time to think big—to go for that grand gesture of Valentine’s jewelry gift, to spring for the Valentine’s Day present to overshadow all others. We’re talking diamond tennis bracelet, opera necklace, eternity band custom-designed jewelry, you name it. To make sure you’re getting the ultimate in diamond cut quality, go for A Cut Above® diamonds, and it will sparkle like no other stone.
diamond tennis bracelet

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