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It’s no coincidence that the Golden Globes are held in January every year—the glitzy awards ceremony ushers in the beginning of awards season, as well as setting the fashion trends for the year to come. Being that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, the Golden Globes provide a perfect source of Valentine’s Day gift ideas inspiration.
Out of all the Hollywood princesses holding court on the red carpet, a few trends emerged as the defining jewelry looks of the night—and luckily, all those looks can be translated into stunning Valentine’s Day gift ideas, no matter what her personal style. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, and the perfect Valentine’s Day presents will make the day special.
Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate love and commitment, but you can still show your sweetheart how much you appreciate and respect her independence by giving her a gorgeous cocktail ring for her right hand. Two fiercely independent and funny young ladies rocking the right hand ring look on the Golden Globes red carpet—Amber Riley of Glee and Emma Stone of Easy A. It’s a no-fail Valentine’s Day idea.
diamond ring
The best Valentine’s jewelry gifts are those that are both perfect for your sweetheart and perfectly on-trend. If there is one trend that was uniformly beloved across the Golden Globes red carpet, it was simple and stunning gemstone jewelry pieces. Writer and actor Tina Fey (30 Rock) matched her navy velvet dress with a full set of sapphire jewelry. Hollywood goddess Angeline Jolie chose a relatively muted pair of aquamarine studs to complement her dazzling Kelly-green Versace gown. This trend makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea—choose your sweetheart’s birthstone or favorite color and you are guaranteed a Valentine’s jewelry gift she will love. The best Valentine’s Day gift ideas are the ones with a personalized touch—she will appreciate the extra thought you put into your gift and the fact that you overlooked the conventional, clichéd Valentine’s Day ideas.
engagement ring
Diamond studs are one of those trends that can’t really be said to be back, because it never went anywhere. A perfectly simple pair of diamond studs is always the perfect accessory, whether you are strutting your stuff on the red carpet or heading to a PTA meeting. For a Valentine’s Day gift idea, you can keep the studs modest and demure, or check out some impressive sparklers that will really make her Valentine’s Day. Diamond studs were all over the Golden Globes red carpet, of course, from accenting Natalie Portman’s refined French twist, to peeking out from Scarlett Johannsen’s upswept hairdo, to gleaming from Eva Longoria’s simple but sexy look. If you aren’t sure that your sweetheart will love a really ornate piece, but you want to give her jewelry, diamond studs are the way to go—they are that universally beloved Valentine’s Day gift idea.
golden diamond studs
Bracelets are like the neglected younger sibling of all the other kinds of diamond jewelry—they just don’t get as much love and attention. But the truth is that a diamond bracelet makes a perfect Valentine’s Day idea, and a set of gold bangles is pretty much perfection to any girl. Take a cue from Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side) and choose a single gleaming diamond cuff bracelet, or adopt supermodel Heidi Klum’s style and go for a whole armload of assorted bangles. Either way, you are choosing a Valentine’s gift with style to spare.
diamond bangle
Sometimes, though, you need that Valentine’s Day gift idea that will really make her jaw drop, the ultimate Valentine’s jewelry gift that will completely blow her away. If that’s your goal, learn from the Hollywood leading lady who looks better than women half her age—Helen Mirren herself. At 65, Helen Mirren (The Tempest) looks like royalty, and her Golden Globes look lived up to that reputation, especially her diamond encrusted rope necklace (rumored to cost up to two million dollars.) Channel that kind of old Hollywood glamour and all-out opulence with a Valentine’s Day idea that’s fit for a queen—a luxurious diamond and gemstone necklace. It’s the Valentine’s Day gift idea that says, “You are the most important person in the world.”
diamond necklace
Of course, it’s not only about the present. Putting in that extra effort to come up with a few really unique Valentine’s Day ideas will show her how much you really care, all year long. No matter what your Valentine’s Day ideas are, whether you surprise her with a night on the town or with a one of a kind jewelry gift, when your gift comes from the heart, she will appreciate it—and that’s what Valentine’s Day is really all about.

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