Valentine’s Day: What NOT To Buy Your Wife

When you were dating, Valentine’s Day was a huge deal. It was your one chance to show your special girl how you felt about her—the one day a year when you let all your manly stoicism slide and you pulled out all the stops for romance. Candles, wine, roses, maybe even diamonds—nothing was too over-the-top for that one day in February. The Valentine’s Day gift was that . But, like many people, when you got married, the fact that you could pull out the grand romantic gesture at any time meant that you simply didn’t do it as often. Valentine’s Day started to feel like an inconveniently random day when you are required to come up with some incredibly new and spectacular Valentine’s gift every year. Some of you probably take the lame way out—something snatched from the grocery store at the last minute; or the predictable way—dinner at an over-crowded restaurant with more PDA than food.
These are five things you should never get your wife as a present for Valentine’s Day, but don’t worry—each one is paired up with the perfect replacement that echoes the same sentiment in a way classier way. Thinking about getting your wife an apron with her name embroidered on it? Think again. About to buy a golf simulator for your sweetheart? Wait—is she really a golf fanatic, or is that you? Here are the top five things you should never buy your wife (or girlfriend, for that matter) for a Valentine’s Day gift, and the perfect diamond jewelry gift to replace that not-so-great idea.

1. What Not to Buy:

A Gym Membership. Unless your wife is a total workout fanatic and you’re opting for a deluxe spa/gym membership you know she’ll love, never ever get your wife a gym membership for a Valentine’s Day gift. No matter what her body type is, she will take it as a dig at her figure, and she won’t appreciate it. This applies to almost any sports lessons or activities, unless you already know she’s a huge fan of the sport and is dying for lessons. So no Pilates membership, no yoga equipment, and no tennis lessons.

What to Buy:

Instead—A tennis bracelet. Yes, it has the word tennis in the title, but this stunning bracelet won’t be seen as an insult to her figure, which you love just the way it is. A tennis bracelet looks great on women of every size and shape, accentuating the elegance of the wrist and adding a sparkle to every outfit. There are so many tennis bracelet styles available, so peruse them all and find the one that is perfect for saying, “I love you,” this Valentine’s Day.
Three-Prong Tennis Bracelet
"Three-Prong" Tennis Bracelet
Custom Tennis Bracelet
Custom Tennis Bracelet
Scattered Tennis Bracelet
"Scattered" Tennis Bracelet

2. What Not to Buy:

Something cheesy and too sentimental. There are lots of sentimental gift ideas marketed around Valentine’s Day, like personalized throw pillows or life-size canvases with your wedding pictures. But before you shell out the money, consider whether this is something you will really treasure forever, or if the appeal will wear off long before the credit card bill arrives. Do you really want matching embroidered sweatshirts, or a stuffed plush version of your wedding cake?

What to Buy:

Instead—Upgrade your Engagement Ring. If a few years have gone by since you popped the question, chances are the ring might not look as great as it did when you first opened the box. The metal may have been damaged, the style may look a little dated, or it could be that you are in a different financial position than you were a few years ago, and you wish you could give that ring an upgrade. The good news is that you can! You can send in your beat-up engagement ring in have it shined up, or spring for a whole new setting. Imagine how your wife will react when you open that box with her beloved diamond, in a dazzling new setting. It will be like proposing all over again—romantic and sentimental without being the least bit cheesy.
Classic tiffany style Knife-Edge
"Classic tiffany style Knife-Edge"
6 prong tiffany style ring
6 prong tiffany style ring
Bead-Set tiffany style ring
"Bead-Set" tiffany style ring

3. What Not to Buy:

Tacky Fake Jewelry. There are so many places to buy jewelry, and it all looks relatively sparkly, so it can be tempting sometimes to choose a necklace or rhinestone bracelet from a mall kiosk or the Home Shopping Network. She won’t know the difference, right? The truth is that giving your wife fake jewelry is one of the all-time worst Valentine’s Day gifts—it’s the opposite of romantic and special, and isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

What to Buy Instead:

Pearl Necklace. A pearl necklace, whether you opt for a short strand of luminescent Tahitian pearls or a long twenties-style pearl necklace, is one of the classiest and most beautiful Valentine’s Day presents. A woman can never have too many pearls, and they are one of the most timeless and classically chic accessories that exist. Plus, pearls are relatively affordable, but convey the same panache and elegance as a much more expensive piece of jewelry. So for a V-Day gift she will really treasure, choose a beautiful genuine pearl necklace.
Spice Pearl necklace
Spice Pearl necklace
Spice Pearl Necklace
Spice Pearl Necklace
Golden Pearl Pendant
"Golden Pearl" Pendant

4. What Not to Buy:

Anything You Made Yourself. Handmade gifts were adorable when you were in grade school, and for a long time it seemed like the best Valentine’s Day ideas was something you created yourself out of paper mache or balsa wood. But let’s face it—a handmade something-or-other is probably not the best option for Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife. Why? First of all, whether you’re building her a deck or a birdhouse, chances are she knew about it for about as long as you did, so there goes the surprise. Plus, if she doesn’t like it, she can’t exactly sneak it back to the store for a refund.

What to Buy Instead:

A Custom-Designed Piece of Jewelry. Take the same sentiment that inspired you to make something yourself, and design your very own custom piece of jewelry. Whether you opt for a dramatic necklace, a spectacular bracelet, or a simple and sentimental ring, a custom-designed jewelry item is a gorgeous and special way to celebrate your wife’s uniqueness this Valentine’s Day. Take a shared memory or a special moment from your lives together and imbed it forever in a stunning custom-designed jewelry piece—it’s the perfect Valentine’s gift.
Heart Candy Diamond Pendant
"Heart Candy" Diamond Pendant
Five Leaf Flower Pendant
"Five Leaf Flower" Pendant
Essence Heart Pendant
"Essence" Heart Pendant

5. What Not to Get:

A Household Appliance. Even the sleekest, fanciest new household appliance makes a terrible Valentine’s Day gift, because it implies that what you love most about your wife is her cooking skills or her tidy house. Your wife is an interesting, complex person with many skills and interests—and your Valentine’s Day gift should reflect how much you know and appreciate every facet of her personality, not just her chocolate chip cookies and spotless kitchen floor. (Although those are nice too.) So for your Valentine’s Day gift, stay away from anything that promises to make your windows shinier or your muffins fluffier, and get her a Valentine’s Day gift she’ll really love.

What to Get Instead:

A Right Hand Ring. The right hand ring is sometimes seen as a single woman’s accessory, but the truth is that every woman can wear a right hand ring to celebrate her uniqueness as a person and her independent.
Skye Right Hand Ring
"Skye" Right Hand Ring
Odyssey Right Hand Ring
"Odyssey" Right Hand Ring
Flexible Stack Ring
Flexible Stack Ring

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