A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Rings

Nobody really knows where the tradition of wedding rings started but it is thought that this century’s old symbol of love first started during the Egyptian era whereby only the bride would wear a ring. During the ceremony twisted braids of papyrus or reeds were given to the betrothed as an everlasting symbol of eternity. The center of the ring signified an opening of a doorway into a new life together. As time progressed from one century to another the rings were made from more innovative materials such as Iron, Ivory or wood, they were cumbersome, uncomfortable and signified an ownership – a signal to other men that a lady belonged to someone else. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that men wore a ring on their finger during Christian ceremonies and so the tradition has stuck. The materials used in both men and women’s wedding rings are nowhere near as heavy or awkward as they used to be, today’s rings are created with comfort in mind from a variety of different metals to create an easy to wear, stylish and lightweight ring.

Men’s Wedding Bands

Benchmark Chambered Satin
Verragio Channeled Wedding Ring
Simon G MR2273
The early men’s wedding rings were simple bands made from either silver, tin or gold. They were thick and heavy and awkward. Thankfully, today the groom has a choice of pretty much any style, design, metal or stone. Wedding bands are an item that are often forgotten about, overshadowed by the engagement ring on the finger of the bride but we think that they shouldn’t be. After all, it is a symbol of your eternal love for one another and why should the brides have all of the choice? We have a guide to choosing the perfect men’s wedding ring with a selection of our favorite wedding bands here.


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A groom’s wedding ring needs to be durable, able to keep up with his busy lifestyle and often it needs to be able to keep up with manual work. There are many different metals available such as platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and palladium. Each metal has its own characteristics so it is important to take your lifestyle into consideration before choosing a ring that will not adapt to your way of life. White gold, platinum and yellow gold are a popular choice for men’s wedding bands but we do have a generous selection of wedding bands also available in different metals and in a large choice of styles so it is worth having a look to see what you feel would be best matched to your needs.

Yellow Gold

Halo Diamond Wedding Ring
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Gold is measured in karats. The higher the karat, the more pure the gold is and the softer it will be and as a result it is likely to lose shape over time, especially if it is subjected to force and pressure if your job involves manual work. An 18K gold ring has 75% pure gold and is considered the optimal karat. Rings made of 24k gold, although available, are likely to become mis-shapen over time.

White Gold

Annette's U Prong Diamond Wedding Ring
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White gold is one of the most popular metals available. It is an alloy of gold and is a mixture of gold and silver or palladium. Its coloring makes it an ideal choice for matching wedding sets due to the increase in white gold engagement rings. White gold does need to be looked after as it’s plated with rhodium to create that wonderful white sheen and will need to be re-plated every few years.


Benchmark Comfort Fit
Benchmark Comfort Fit
Ritani Channel Set Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring
Platinum is renowned for its strength and durability. It gives a soft sheen and offers an excellent and stronger alternative to white gold. We have a variety of styles available and we are confident that you will find one that will suit you perfectly.


You will be pleased to know that as far as weddings go, wedding rings are one of the less expensive aspects of a wedding. The choice depends entirely whether you would like matching wedding rings to your bride or if you would like the ring to be fitted with stones. Costs can be between $150 for titanium and tungsten rings to up to $2000 for platinum rings with diamonds – the choice is completely yours.


Verragio Scalloped Diamond Wedding Ring
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The style of the ring is completely personal choice. One thing to bear in mind is that it is supposed to be worn and as such selecting the one you like the most is important. There is such a large variety of styles on offer from designer rings to simple bands and so choosing something that you do like and want to wear should be easy. Some men prefer braiding to the outside of their rings, others prefer a combination of metals, while some prefer diamonds set into or around the band.


When you first wear a ring, especially if you are not used to it, it may feel as if a strange object is surrounding your finger. This can often make even the most simple task such as typing or holding a cup awkward. Trust us when we say it will pass. After a few days you will not even realize it is there and will feel quite lost when you take it off. A lot of rings come with rounded edges for added comfort and we also offer rings in a selection of widths. The size of the ring is also very important. We have our own Ring Size Chart here, otherwise if you can head into our Houston Jewelry Store we can help measure your finger for you. It is of the paramount importance that the ring fits correctly.

Looking after your Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are supposed to be low maintenance. A comfortable item of jewelry that you will barely feel is on your finger but they do need a bit of looking after. If you are planning on doing some heavy lifting, gym work, DIY or gardening we recommend removing the ring until you have finished. As we have discussed above with metals, some are more durable and hard-wearing than others and as result a 24k gold may bend or become dented if knocked heavily. White gold can also become discolored over time, especially when subjected to chemicals found in a pool or cleaning products. Looking after your wedding ring will keep it looking pristine and as good as it did on the first day that it was placed on your finger, so it is worth taking a moment to remove it from your finger before doing anything that might damage it. For more information on looking after your jewelry click here.
Lastly remember your ring is a symbol of eternal love, an endless circle of adoration, trust, respect and memories. A reminder of the past, present and the future to come. A wedding ring is a symbol to be worn with pride and happiness but also one that should be comfortable. If you need more information about men’s wedding rings then please do get in touch with us. We can guarantee that we will find your perfect ring to suit your taste and budget.

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