Anniversary Wedding Bands

Diamond anniversary rings are a popular gift from husbands to wives, regardless of whether they are celebrating their first or their fiftieth anniversary. When selecting an appropriate ring, however, couples should take care to find a quality piece that symbolizes their ongoing love and commitment.
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Styles of Diamond Anniversary Rings

Just as there are many different engagement ring designs, there are also many styles of anniversary rings. Choosing a diamond ring provides continuity with the original engagement ring and annivesary wedding bands, and despite the limitation of using only diamonds, there are still many options to choose from.
  • Eternity Rings: These narrow bands are entirely encircled by diamonds, similar to a pave settings.
  • Three Stone Rings: With stones to represent the past, present, and future, these classic designs are suitable for any anniversary.
  • Right Hand Rings: Generally more elaborate than bands, these rings make a statement about a woman’s personality and individuality.
  • Colored Diamond Rings: For a splash of color, consider choosing fancy diamonds. Pink, yellow, blue, and black are popular choices.
  • Wraps and Enhancers: Upgrading the original engagement ring is the perfect way to show the relationship’s growth while honoring its beginnings.
  • Naturally, diamond rings can be found in a wide range of styles within these general categories. Settings may vary, and some rings may use semi-precious gemstones for a hint of color without the expense of colored diamonds.

Choosing a Quality Ring

When selecting diamond anniversary rings, just as much care should be taken to find a quality diamond as when the engagement ring was purchased. First, locate a reputable jeweler who offers a selection of diamond jewelry. Examine individual rings for the classic diamond characteristics: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Investigate the possibility of certified stones to guarantee their authenticity and value, and consider purchasing insurance to protect the investment.
Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing an anniversary ring is to demonstrate the intimate knowledge of one’s spouse, that special connection that husbands and wives share. If a woman does not wear much jewelry, the best ring may be an enhancer, wrap, or simple band that she can pair with her wedding set. If she prides herself on her individuality, consider a right hand ring or other unique style.

When to Give Diamond Anniversary Rings

Because most anniversary rings use a greater number of diamonds than simpler designs, they frequently cost more than typical gifts, making them popular choices for later anniversaries. In fact, any wedding anniversary greater than sixty years is often referred to as a diamond anniversary. Couples do not need to wait six decades before choosing an anniversary ring, however. Popular times to give anniversary rings include:
  • When renewing wedding vows for any number anniversary.
  • On the first anniversary if the couple could not afford the desired ring.
  • When celebrating other significant anniversaries, such as the proposal date, first date, or first kiss.
  • To celebrate a momentous occasion: birth of a child, buying a home, etc.
  • To commemorate overcoming relationship difficulties with a new promise or commitment.

Necessary Precautions

To preserve diamond anniversary rings for many additional years, it is important to care for them as precisely as for an engagement ring. They should be periodically cleaned with a soft cloth and mild cleanser to remove dirt and oil, and they should be stored away from other jewelry to prevent accidental damage. If the wedding set has exterior prongs or other protrusions, it is wise to wear the anniversary ring on the right hand to prevent scratches, or the rings may be soldered together to prevent them from rubbing.
A beautiful way to celebrate a marriage’s milestones, diamond anniversary rings are popular gifts available in a wide range of styles and designs. A ring that matches both the occasion as well as the couple not only commemorates a special relationship but also guarantees that the love and respect the couple shares will continue for many more years.

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