What is Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome? Top Tips to Avoid It

The phenomenon of thinking your diamonds are shrinking is often referred to as Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome (DSS). Chemically and physically, diamonds do not shrink. But the owner of a diamond can get used to seeing that diamond over time and their perception of how big it looks can change.
There is no reason to panic, diamonds do not shrink over time. But your perception might change. You may become accustomed to the size of your diamond and for various reasons it might begin to seem smaller over time - and it’s completely normal, regardless of the size and carat of your initial purchase.
If you're experiencing the elusive Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome, don't worry! The initial sparkle and prominence of your diamond can be rekindled with several effective strategies.
Below, we’ll cover various tips and tricks to help you fall in love with your ring all over again.

1. Keep Your Diamond Ring Clean

Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Vatche U-113 6-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
There is no doubt that a diamond that sparkles looks much larger than one that doesn't.
Using creams, skin oils, hairspray, household chemicals, and other substances on a regular basis can dull your diamond's brilliance. And it’s more common than you think.
Precious metals, gemstones and diamonds will pick up oils from your hands and dirt from the environment causing a build-up of film that will gradually diminish luster and sparkle over time. There are several excellent jewelry cleaning products and systems available on the market.
It is generally recommended to avoid wearing fine jewelry while engaging in activities likely to cause excessive wear and tear, such as working out at the gym or gardening. In addition to causing damage, such activities can make your jewelry so dirty that it requires professional cleaning to restore its brilliance.
Encrusted dirt on diamonds must be removed with ultrasonic cleaners. To remove dirt and grime, ultrasonic cleaners use high-frequency sound waves to vibrate a cleaning fluid. Afterwards, steam is used to clean the piece perfectly.
If you need assistance choosing the right cleaning method or product, Whiteflash representatives will be glad to assist.

2. Store it Away Safely for a Week

Tacori 46-2RD Sculpted Crescent Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 46-2RD Sculpted Crescent Diamond Engagement Ring
Taking a break from wearing your diamond ring is one effective way to combat diamond shrinkage syndrome. Store your ring in a secure and safe location, such as a padded jewelry box or safe, for a few days.
During this period, consider swapping your diamond ring with a different piece of jewelry, perhaps a simple band or a different gemstone ring.
You may feel a renewed appreciation for your diamond after this temporary separation.
Wearing something different might leave you missing the sparkle and presence of your diamond ring. The anticipation of wearing it again can make it feel fresh and exciting again, almost like the first time. You'll certainly miss having that beautiful diamond on your finger.
An interesting and somewhat surprising trick is to observe your hand, with the ring on, in the mirror. Viewing your diamond from a distance, as others typically see it, can provide a new perspective. The simple act of storing your diamond ring is a powerful way to combat shrinkage syndrome and sustain your love.

3. Stack Different Bands & Accessorize Your Ring Differently

Custom Diamond Ring Guard
Custom Diamond Ring Guard
A creative and stylish way to minimize diamond shrinkage syndrome is to stack different bands on your ring or accessorize it differently. Your ring can then be shaped and styled to match your mood, your occasion, and outfit - reinventing your engagement ring in no time.
Often worn in conjunction with a diamond solitaire, ring enhancers, ring guards or wraps are specially designed rings that add small stones and design elements to form one cohesive look. By blending seamlessly with your engagement ring, a ring enhancer can make it seem more prominent and visually interesting.
A simple ring can be dressed up for a special occasion while still remaining versatile enough to be worn day-to-day. They also work seamlessly with your wedding band too, ensuring their longevity in your jewelry collection.
We’d recommend beginning with a few basic bands and gradually adding more over time. This allows you to experiment with different combinations and find a look that you love.

4. Experiment with Adding a Halo

Simon G. MR2132 Passion Diamond Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR2132 Passion Diamond Engagement Ring
One popular and effective way to enhance the appearance of your diamond is by adding a halo to your solitaire setting. A halo consists of small diamonds or gemstones that encircle the central diamond, giving the main stone a larger sense of size and brilliance.
The halo addition not only amplifies the sparkle but also adds a touch of vintage or modern elegance, based on your style preference. Typically this involves changing the entire mounting, but it can be transformative just the ticket to address DSS!
Halos can be adorned with sapphires, emeralds, or rubies, providing a striking contrast to enhance the diamond's visual impact. By interplaying colors, your ring can become unique and distinctive.
The changes you make can transform your ring into one that feels both familiar and fresh, making it feel as exciting and joyful as the first time you wore it.

5. Reset Your Diamond

Valoria Flora Twist Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
Valoria Flora Twist Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
A resetting of your diamond may be the solution if you've had your diamond for a while and it's starting to feel too familiar to you. By changing the design, you can give your diamond a brand new look and feel.
The good news is, you can keep your dazzling center stone and just update the setting. Trends change, styles evolve - using this method can dramatically improve the appearance of the ring without having to spend a ton of money.
In addition to changing your diamond's setting, you can also make a significant difference in its appearance. For instance, if your diamond is currently set in a classic solitaire, you might explore a three-stone setting with gemstone side stones or a dazzling halo engagement ring.
As each setting offers a unique aesthetic and highlights different aspects of your diamond's beauty, we recommend taking a look at what's available today.
If you'd like a more subtle change, consider switching to a different metal for your band and setting. You can dramatically change the look of your ring by switching from white gold to yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum.
It is rare for jewelers to offer upgrades for designer branded rings. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is that designers constantly update their collections, so certain pieces aren't always upgradeable.
This is how Whiteflash differs. We are delighted to say that our designer engagement rings have been welcomed to our upgrade policy. Tacori, Danhov, Verragio, Simon G, Vatche, A.Jaffe, Valoria, and Benchmark rings can all be upgraded.
If you trade up to an equal or greater value designer ring in our catalogs, we will credit you 50% of the price of the original ring. Your style can then be explored in a way that suits your budget, lifestyle, and tastes.

6. Upgrade Your Diamond

Loose Diamond Trade Up
Keeping Diamond Shrinkage Syndrome at bay requires prevention. Trade up guarantees aren't offered by every company - and no two are the same. Providing trade-up guarantees reflects the company's confidence in its diamonds and products, as well as its fair pricing and honesty.
By considering trading up, you are also committing to the company, as you can only upgrade purchases made with them. It is for this reason that you should consider the quality and selection of your jeweler, as well as the level of service offered by them, before making an initial purchase.
It is common for jewelers not to offer upgrade benefits, and those who do have onerous or complex requirements. For instance, they may want the price of a new diamond to be twice as high as that of the original diamond.
Brick-and-mortar jewelry retailers sometimes offer a trade-up policy but require their customers to return to the store regularly for diamond inspections. For the modern internet shopper, such a requirement is highly impractical.
When our customers need assistance choosing or upgrading engagement rings, it is our pleasure to provide the best support. Our experts are ready to assist you in upgrading your diamond in a simple, affordable, and easy manner.
You will always have 100% of the original purchase price available as credit towards any other in-house Whiteflash diamond costing at least 50% more than the original.
As we carry such a large inventory of top quality in-house diamonds, there are no shortage of options for your upgrade. Purchasing any of our in-house certified diamonds (A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection and Premium Select) automatically qualifies you for our 100% Lifetime Trade up Guarantee. If you want to upgrade your diamond for another ofgreater value, you can do so at any time.
It's customer-centric, hassle-free, and there's no fine print or red tape. The driving force behind our program is to take care of our customers in a way that's most beneficial to them. When you use an excellent trade-up program, you won't have to compromise on quality in the present, but can increase size when the time is right without breaking the bank.

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