Frequently Asked Questions

About Whiteflash
How can I trust that I will get everything that I am paying for?
Customers are wise to be cautious when making expensive purchases for emotionally important items, whether on the internet or in brick and mortar stores.  Whiteflash is dedicated to providing top quality products at the most competitive prices and delivering exceptional customer service.  We are committed to providing a safe and secure shopping experience where the customer has complete confidence in the purchase.
We use a multi-level quality control system that is ISO 9001 certified. Whiteflash is the only jeweler to have achieved that distinction. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been honored with the BBB Winner of Distinction award each year since 2004.  All purchases are backed by our Complete Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, and our assurance package is the most comprehensive in the industry.
In addition to these assurances, our great customers worldwide say it best. There are reviews from consumers posted all over the internet including many independent review sites. You can also read testimonials by real customers with pictures of the jewelry we have made for them posted on the Whiteflash website.
I notice that Whiteflash is Certified for ISO 9000. What does this mean and how would this affect me as a customer?
ISO 9000 is an international standard for quality management and continual improvement. The companies that commit to be bound by these standards undergo thorough audits each year in order to maintain certification. ISO 9000 standards represent the best practices for resolving quality issues internally and for continually reducing the chance that a product or system non-conformity will reach the customer. As a customer of an ISO 9000 certified company you can therefore have the highest level of confidence in the quality, consistency and accuracy of the products and service you will receive.
Certain companies are required to have ISO 9000 certification in order to qualify as vendors in high precision industries such as pharmacueticals and medical device manufacturing. Whiteflash is one of the very few retail jewelers in the world to have achieved ISO 9000 certification.
What should I know about Whiteflash - the company?
We are definitely NOT your grandfather’s jeweler! Please read about who we are and what sets us apart from every other jeweler in the world on our About Us page.
Can you give me an overview of Whiteflash in two minutes?
Whiteflash specializes in Precision Cut Ideal Diamonds and Designer Engagement Rings. We are internationally known for expertise in the field of diamond light performance. Our A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamonds are considered by experts to be among the finest diamonds in the world. Whiteflash is a core values driven company that takes social responsibility very seriously. We stock a deep inventory of certified AGS Ideal diamonds, both round brilliant and princess cut, in three Whiteflash brands. In addition to our flagship A CUT ABOVE®, we stock two other Whiteflash brands- Expert Selection and Premium Select - all posted to the website with a full set of gemological data and light performance imagery. We provide a Lifetime 100% Trade Up Benefit on all branded natural in-house diamonds, as well as 30 day returns and one year buyback guarantee. Each order is delivered in top quality packaging with free FedEx insured shipping as well as free returns for domestic shipments.

In addition, we stock the finest laboratory grown diamonds in our Precision Lab brand, as well as providing access to other diamonds on the world market, performing thorough gemological reviews on every certified diamond we offer. 
All Whiteflash diamond and jewelry consultants are GIA trained Accredited Jewelry Professionals and we have several Diamond Graduates and Graduate Gemologists on staff. We are the only retail jeweler certified for ISO 9000 Total Quality Management and are the recipients of the prestigious BBB Pinnacle Award for 2012, 2015, 2018, 2020 and 2021 honoring the top jeweler in Houston, the fourth largest city in America. Whiteflash has now received high honors from the Better Business Bureau every year since 2004 and maintains an A+ rating.
Whiteflash has more verified third party internet reviews than any other jeweler and all Whiteflash customers are eligible to participate in our industry leading referral and customer loyalty program.
Welcome to Whiteflash and thank you for your interest!
What makes Whiteflash so special?
Through the years Whiteflash has gained international acclaim for the finest ideal diamonds available. Our  A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds are considered by diamond connoisseurs to be among the elite diamonds in the world in terms of craftsmanship and performance, and are available exclusively at Whiteflash. We are industry-leading experts in diamond information and education and have co-authored a series of articles on diamond grading in collaboration with the American Gem Society Laboratories. In addition to our vaunted A CUT ABOVE® brand, our Expert Selection brand also includes certified ideal hearts and arrows diamonds. Rounding out the Whiteflash branded natural certified diamond inventory is Premium Select consisting of a variety of beautiful diamonds of outstanding value.

Whiteflash stocks an extensive inventory of certified GIA and AGS Ideal diamonds, each of which is available and ready to ship and is presented with the most comprehensive set of data and light performance images available today. All Whiteflash branded natural diamonds are backed by our trademark Lifetime 100% Trade-Up Benefit.

In addition to the Whiteflash branded natural diamond inventory, Whiteflash offers the finest laboratory grown diamonds in our Precision Lab brand. Our reputation for excellence affords us access to an extensive range of other certified natural as well as lab grown diamonds.  All our diamonds likewise undergo thorough inspections and evaluations by Whiteflash gemologists before shipment. None of our products is ever “drop shipped”, ensuring our ability to deliver top quality with each and every order.
Our modern manufacturing facility and team of experienced and highly skilled jewelers give us the ability to create fine jewelry of all kinds and levels of complexity, and to service what we sell. And our partnerships with some of the finest jewelry designers in the world provide us access to an extensive catalogues of the most sought after designer engagement rings. 
As the only retail jeweler certified for ISO 9000 total quality management, you can have confidence that our multi-level quality control systems will enable us to deliver top quality jewelry in the most consistent, dependable manner possible.
And finally, our knowledgeable Whiteflash diamond consultants (all of whom have GIA credentials) provide our customers with expert guidance and assistance making the Whiteflash shopping experience convenient, worry-free and enjoyable. Our entire focus is to provide each client “A Brilliant Diamond Buying Experience®”.
The Whiteflash advantage is a combination of top quality products and services, in-depth product information, expert guidance, outstanding value, and more. Thousands of satisfied customer testimonials and reviews say it all!
What kinds of diamonds do you offer?

Whiteflash is your direct connection to education and confidence in diamond buying, and easy access to some of the most phenomenal diamonds in the world. With headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas - just minutes from the Galleria in Houston -Whiteflash specializes in precision-cut diamonds and designer engagement rings for a clientele that is knowledgeable and discriminating. We combine a wealth of industry knowledge with new age technology to bring diamonds direct from our Antwerp site holder to our Houston headquarters and to your home. Our inventory ranges from the excellent to the most precisely cut diamonds in the world and we are authorized distributors for the finest bridal jewelry brands in the market. Our industry-best assurance package guarantees complete satisfaction. The Whiteflash Team includes leading authorities in the world of diamonds and jewelry design, along with a staff of gemologists, craftsmen and professionals committed to providing diamond buyers with enriching, life-changing experiences.

 A CUT ABOVE® is our flagship brand of Super Ideal diamonds. They include Princess cut and Round Hearts & Arrows diamonds, cut with optimum alignment of all facets for unparalleled light performance, fire and brilliance. A CUT ABOVE® is internationally recognized as one of the elite diamonds in the world. The incredibly stringent specifications and qualifications ensure that they remain at the very pinnacle of diamond quality.

Our Expert Selection brand also consists of precision cut diamonds, many of which just missed qualifying for A CUT ABOVE®.  In many cases the difference is technical and the diamond’s visual performance is equivalent to our top brand.

All Whiteflash branded natural diamonds are posted to the website with a comprehensive set of gemological information and performance images and video. All have been put through extensive gemological and visual evaluation, and are available exclusively from Whiteflash. All come with our full benefit package including our 100% Lifetime Trade-up Guarantee.

To provide our customers with a full range of choices for their diamond purchase, Whiteflash now offers the finest quality certified laboratory grown diamonds in our Precision Lab brand. This brand is characterized by precision cutting of the finest available lab grown rough available. 

In addition to our branded diamonds, Whiteflash offers a large selection of other diamonds in a variety of shapes and price points . Whiteflash will never "drop ship" a diamond to a customer from a supplier. All diamonds we offer are thoroughly evaluated by the Whiteflash team before shipping. Our gemological services combined with our complete satisfaction guarantee are designed to give you total confidence in your Whiteflash purchase.
Is Whiteflash rated by the Better Business Bureau?
We maintain a rating of A+ with the BBB - the highest rating possible. In addition, Whiteflash has earned the BBB "Winner of Distinction" award each year since 2004!
Do you have gemologists on staff?
Yes. We currently have two GIA Graduate Gemologists on staff (both are also AGS Certified Gemologists), and they are an integral part of our customer service and quality control teams. In addition, all of our diamond consultants are GIA Acredited Jewelry Professionals, as well as most of our support staff. We have two GIA Diamond Graduates on staff and others achieving higher level credentials on a continual basis. While everyone on our staff are well trained and knowlegeable, we are happy to arrange for you to speak with one of our graduate gemologists at any time.
Does Whiteflash have a retail store?
Yes! We have a showroom in Sugar Land, TX about 15 minutes from our former location in southwest Houston. We are open to the public. Please see our Showroom page where you can learn more about our store and even book your own appointment online! To speak to a diamond consultant about a visit please call our toll free line 877-612-6770 .

2150 Town Square Place, Suite 330, Sugar Land, Tx 77479

Does Whiteflash provide a virtual consultation for customers?
Whiteflash has an experienced team of GIA-accredited diamond and jewelry consultants available to assist by phone, email, or LiveChat and, a dedicated photography team on staff with the equipment required to provide high-quality professional images and video.
Branded diamonds are immediately available for special photo requests, including side-by-side comparisons. This process is more productive than a video call as the added value we provide our remote customers makes for a comprehensive and personal consultation.
Consultants often assist with submitting the customer’s photo request and then setting up a phone call to discuss the images/video and any related questions.
Whiteflash Diamonds
What is A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows melee?
A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows melee refers to the small accent diamonds that we use in many of our finest jewelry pieces. They are superb quality, fully faceted diamonds from .01ct to 0.25 ct. While they are too small for lab certification, they are selected for top light performance and hearts and arrows patterning. Colors and clarities range from F-G and VS1-VS2, and are non-fluorescent. For more details please see our page about A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Melee
What is meant by the term AGS 0 or Triple 0?
This is the designation of Ideal Cut by the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL). It is their highest grade for cut quality. AGSL performs the most comprehensive and critical cut quality analysis of any laboratory in the world. They use a 0-10 grading scale, where 0 is the best (think of it as 0 deductions). As the AGSL cut grading system advanced and evolved the use of the term "Triple 0" has changed. Today it means Ideal in light performance, polish and symmetry. A diamond must have 0 in all three of these areas in order to have an overall cut grade of Ideal. For more information see our page on AGS Ideal.
What is the big deal about Ideal Cut diamonds?
Ideal cut quality brings out the full potential of the diamond. It optimizes the fire, brilliance, sparkle and overall beauty of the gem. In cutting a diamond to ideal specifications, the costs are higher but the benefits are tremendous. Please see our Ideal Cut Diamonds page for more information.
What is a Princess Cut diamond and why is it special?
The Princess Cut features a straight sided rectangular outline with a brilliant style facet arrangement. It is a hybrid of shape and cutting style that produces more sparkle than traditional square or rectangular diamonds. Princess cuts are more popular today than any other "fancy shape" diamond. They are distinctive, beautiful, and affordable.

Cut quality is a key consideration for princess cuts. Surprisingly, most are cut without concern for light performance, so there are surprisingly few true ideal princess cuts in the market.  For more information about the Princess cut and the rigorous standards that Whiteflash adheres to,  please see our Princess Cut Diamond page.

Does Whiteflash deal in lab grown diamonds?
While we specialize in natural mined diamonds of the finest cut quality, we also offer a very select inventory of precision cut hearts and arrows lab-grown diamonds, as well as providing other lab diamonds on request. Our lab diamonds are cut to exacting tolerances for optimal light performance and we provide a full set of diagnostics and light performance images on each detail page. You can browse our in-stock lab diamonds at our Precision Lab page. If you have questions about lab grown diamonds or would like to place an order, please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable diamond consultants by phone, chat or email. 

Are Whiteflash diamonds laser inscribed?
Each A CUT ABOVE diamond  is inscribed with the AGS certificate number. This valuable benefit enables the owner to easily identify their diamond at any moment. The number is etched on the girdle of the diamond at the lab by a very small and very precise laser beam. It is only visible under magnification and does not alter the beauty, durability, or light performance of the diamond.
Most Whiteflash Expert Selection and Premium select diamonds are also inscribed. To know if the diamond is inscribed look at the "comments" section of the lab report where any inscription will be noted in detail.
For more information and to see a picture of what a diamond inscription looks like please visit our Diamond Laser Inscriptions page.
What is a "super ideal" diamond?
A true super ideal is a certified ideal cut diamond that has passed additional critical tests for cut craftsmanship and light performance. The A CUT ABOVE is considered by experts to be the leading super ideal because the criteria and standards are published, and each diamond is documented for ultimate performance and proven through light performance imaging. To read more please go to our Super Ideal Diamonds page.
What is the diamond tool kit and how do I get one?
Our branded diamond tool kit is shipped with every loose A CUT ABOVE diamond. It includes a hearts and arrows viewer, stone holder , and cleaning cloth. The viewer enables you to see the precision of the hearts pattern by examining the diamond through the pavilion, and the arrows pattern by viewing the diamond through the table. The stone holder provides a convenient and secure way to examine the diamond, and the cleaning cloth allows you to remove fingerprints and lint for best viewing under magnification.
*The tool kit is not shipped with diamonds that are set in jewelry as the tools are only useful for examining loose diamonds.
Whiteflash Tool Kit
How is cut grading done on Princess cuts?
The American Gem Society Laboratories is the only major lab performing overall cut grading on Princess cuts. A true Ideal cut princess is one that has been certified as an AGS0. All A CUT ABOVE® Princess diamonds have AGS0 Platinum certifificates.
Read about light performance grading of princess cuts in this summary article on Cut Grading of Princess. The article contains a link to the full article for those looking for more technical details.
Fluorescence - is it good or bad?
When exposed to invisible ultraviolet (UV) light, many diamonds temporarily luminesce, emitting visible light of different colors and different strengths. Known as Fluorescence, this is a property seen in a fairly large percentage of diamonds. Strengths and colors vary as do the impacts on appearance and value. Customers considering fluorescent diamonds, (especially in the higher strengths such as strong or very strong) should learn as much as possible about this property to make sure it is right for them.
More information can be found on our page about Diamond Fluorescence.
I have heard 60/60 diamonds are the best. Is that true and what does that actually mean?
At a time before laboratory cut grading, the American round brilliant came to be characterized by a larger table size than was the traditional style in Europe. Eventually a diamond featuring a 60% table and 60% depth (so called 60/60 diamonds) became a commonly referenced standard for a well cut diamond in the dominant US market, despite the fact that Marcel Tolkowsky had demonstrated mathematically the benefits of smaller tables all the way back in 1919.
A 60/60 profile neither guarantees good cut quality nor rules it out. Much more needs to be know about all the parameters of the diamond and whether they all work together. For much more on this topic please see our artice on 60/60 diamonds.
What is the HCA tool (Holloway Cut Adviser) and how relevant is an HCA score?
The Holloway Cut Adviser (HCA) is an easy to use online tool to help analyze the proportions of a round diamond from a cut quality perspective. It is considered a "rejection" tool to identify/eliminate diamonds with problematic proportions. The value of this tool was quite significant before the release of the AGS Light Performance grading system in 2005 and the GIA cut grading system in 2006.
The relevancy of the HCA tool is somewhat marginal today, but can still be useful in certain circumstances. To learn more, see our page on the HCA tool.
What is DiamCalc?
DiamCalc is an advanced computer program for the mathmetical analysis of diamond cut quality and light performance. It is used by researchers, diamond professionals, and even serious diamond enthusiasts. It is offered by Octonus Software and was developed in collaboration with scientists at Moscow State University.
For more information on this amazing software and the companion program Gem Adviser, please see our page on DiamCalc from Octonus.
What is meant by Light Performance and how is it evaluated?
The beauty of a diamond is primarily determined by the way it handles light.  Sparkle, brilliance, and fire are all effects that derive from the cut quality of the diamond - the proportions, facet alignment, and finish.  There are a number of diagnostic tools used to evaluate the key aspects of light performance such as light return, light leakage, dispersion ('fire'), scintillation, and optical precision.  Please see our diamond analytics page for detailed information on  light performance diagnostics available to the consumer today.
Will Whiteflash custom cut a diamond for me?
Yes, we do offer a “cut to order” service for customers seeking a diamond that we do not have in stock. The service is currently limited to our Round Hearts and Arrows diamonds.
In some cases a target size, color and clarity may already be in the pipeline as we have regular ongoing production. In other cases, a special rough must be obtained in order to cut and fill the order. The process usually takes from two to four weeks.
If you are interested in inquiring about a particular custom cut, you can submit this short diamond request form. We will respond promptly with details on our process and policies.
Do you provide country of origin of your diamonds?

It is generally not possible to independently determine country of origin.  Since diamond is pure carbon, only very sophisticated tests can sometimes reveal unique characteristics that might suggest one source vs another.  Most rough diamonds are distributed to manufacturers in specific assortments of sizes and qualities which requires mixing of crystals from a variety of mines.

Even a statement from a manufacturer with a high degree of confidence is not truly a guarantee since independent verification is either not practical or is inconclusive.

Does Whiteflash provide a Trade-up benefit on diamonds?
Yes, we offer the best trade up benefit in the business. All of our natural branded diamonds in the A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection, and Premium Select come with a lifetime 100% trade-up benefit, to apply towards another natural branded A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection or Premium Select diamond of greater value. Trade-in value is predicated on the full price paid, minus original shipping fees and any discounts or incentives that might have been applied to the original purchase. Pricing is based upon payment method of the original purchase and balance. See our Lifetime Trade Up benefit page for more details.
Are all of your diamonds in-house?
We own and stock a large number top quality natural diamonds, including the most extensive in-house inventory of certified AGS Ideal diamonds of any retailer. We have three brands of natural diamonds in-house- A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideals, Expert Selection, and Premium Select.  All in-house branded diamonds are available exclusively from Whiteflash and are ready for immediate delivery or in-store viewing.  All are posted to the website with comprehensive diagnostics and light performance imaging, and come with the Whiteflash benefits package including Lifetime 100% Trade Up. For more info see our page on the benefits of shopping in-stock diamonds.
We also offer an extensive selection of other certified natural diamonds in a wide array of shapes and sizes, as well as laboratory grown diamonds including our own Precision Lab brand - the best of the best in lab diamonds.
What is an A CUT ABOVE® diamond?
The A CUT ABOVE® is our internationally recognized brand of Super Ideal Cut diamonds, Round and Princess. They are the "best of the best" in terms of cut craftsmanship and light performance, possessing brilliance and fire at the limits of what is technically possible. To achieve the A CUT ABOVE® pedigree a diamond must first be certified by the AGS Laboratory as Triple Ideal with a Platinum Certificate. It must then pass an extensive series of further evaluations by the Whiteflash review team before being branded A CUT ABOVE®.
For technical details on our brand please see our A CUT ABOVE® Specifications and Qualifications page.
What are Hearts and Arrows (H&A) diamonds and why does it matter?
Diamonds cut to a very high degree of three dimensional symmetry (also referred to as Optical Symmetry or Optical Precision), when observed with special viewers will exhibit a pattern of eight Arrows when viewed from the top and eight hearts when viewed from the bottom. One of the hallmarks of A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamonds is perfect optical symmetry. More information see our page on Hearts and Arrows diamonds.  To understand what optical precision means to the consumer, please see our page on the benefits of H&A diamonds.
What are the advantages of buying an A CUT ABOVE® diamond?
Reliably consistent due to extremely rigorous specifications and qualifications, A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds are the finest performing diamonds in the world.
  • All certified AGS Triple Ideal (dual light map platinum certificate)
  • Extraordinary light performance demonstrable by imaging on multiple reflector instruments (IS, ASET, H&A)
  • Cut to within a narrow subset (sweet spot) of AGS Ideal parameters, resulting in best performance over the widest range of lighting conditions (The Most Visually Balanced Diamond in the World®)
  • Passing rigorous additional performance tests beyond those conducted at the AGS Laboratories.
  • Most strenuous quality control in the world- must pass three demanding levels of analysis- manufacturer, AGSL, Whiteflash review team.
  • Guaranteed 100% Trade-Up benefit for life
  • Branded A CUT ABOVE  certificate from AGSL
  • Laser inscription
  • Diamond tool kit (with loose diamond)
The benefits of owning an A CUT ABOVE® diamond are experienced every moment of every day with every glance of every eye.
I'm new to the subject of diamonds. Do you have a primer with basic info and guidance?
Yes we do. This page gives you a quick overview of the things you need to be thinking about as you shop for a diamond. It provides real-world practical advice as well as links to detailed information. Our Diamond Buying Guide is a great place to start your journey!
What are Expert Selection Diamonds?

The Whiteflash Expert Selection category features AGS certified ideal cut diamonds of outstanding quality. As the name implies this is a very select collection of diamonds possessing superior light performance and exceptional beauty. Many diamonds in our Expert Selection category narrowly missed the stringent requirements of our A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal brand. Expert Selection diamonds are in-stock, fully vetted and imaged, and available for immediate delivery exclusively at Whiteflash.

To learn more about the Whiteflash diamond inventory please see our diamond categories page.
Are Whiteflash diamonds conflict free?
All diamonds sold by Whiteflash have been purchased from legitimate sources operating in strict compliance with United Nations Resolutions and not involved in funding conflicts. We deal only with suppliers who explicity warrant that their diamonds have been brought to market in accordance with the Kimberly Process.
Whiteflash is dedicated to socially responsible business practices and supports the United Nations Global Compact. We are also proactive in efforts to benefit local diamond mining communities through our support of the Diamond Development Initiative and our own Dreams of Africa initiative. All profits from products purchased from our Dreams of Africa website go to support Jewelers for Children.
For more information about this important issue and the Whiteflash response, please see our Conflict Free Diamonds page.
What is your definition of ‘Eye-Clean’?
The Whiteflash baseline definition of eye-clean is:
No inclusions visible to the naked eye of a person with 20/20 vision when viewing the diamond in the face-up position at a distance of approximately 10 inches under normal overhead lighting .
Distance, lighting and human vision all influence this judgment. There is no universally agreed upon definition of eye-clean in the trade so we developed this one in order to communicate meaningfully with our customers. 10 inches is the ‘distance of most distinct vision’ as defined by the field of optometry. It is also a basis used by the AGS Laboratory in light performance grading, and so this is a logical standard and a practical baseline.
Diamonds graded by AGS and GIA with clarities of VS or above are almost always completely eye-clean by the above standard. On our website diamond detail pages you will find a determination of whether the diamond strictly meets our standard (/Eye-clean = Yes" . Many diamonds that are not technically eye-clean may still be well worth considering as the inclusions will ususally not be seen except by very careful examination. In these cases the eye-clean field will say "inquire" and allow you to call or chat in to one of our consultants for a detailed description of the clarity characteristics and to determine if the diamond might meet your particular needs.
*For practical guidance see our page on diamond clarity. For more in-depth information see our page on clarity grading at the lab.
AGS vs GIA - Why are most of your diamonds certified by AGS Laboratories?
Whiteflash specializes in ideal and super ideal cut diamonds. Our customers demand laboratory reports with the most thorough cut quality analysis available. Although the GIA introduced the basic diamond grading system that is used throughout the industry and is the most recognized gemological authority with an excellent reputation, the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) has pioneered diamond cut quality analysis and has a global reputation for excellence and consistency in diamond grading. The AGS Platinum certificate is the ultimate diamond document and is a baseline requirement for our A CUT ABOVE super ideal.
See this page for more info on AGS vs GIA and this page with a more technical look comparing GIA EX and AGS Ideal.
What is ASET?
Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) is central to the AGS Light Performance diamond grading system. The ASET device is a viewer that produces a color coded view depicting how a diamond is handling light. Red and green both represent light that is being returned to the eye. Red represents the most intense light entering the diamond from the highest angles directly from the overhead light source.
ASET theory is at the foundation of the AGS system and is embedded in the sophisticated ray tracing software that is used to calculate light performance. For more information see our page on the ASET framework and tools.
To see an interesting case study highlighting the practical value of this ingenious tool please see this article on ASET.
Whiteflash provides a variety of valuable diagnostic light performance images on every certified diamond we sell. For more information on the value of each and how to put all the imaging information together for a complete understanding of the light handling properties of the diamond, please see our Diamond Imaging page.
What Is the Ideal Scope?
In the 1970s a Japanese scientist named Okuda developed ways to study diamond light performance using colored reflectors in magnified scopes. This method of assessment became popular on the internet with the Ideal Scope, a simple magnifying tube containing a red reflector that creates a structured light environment. The Ideal-Scope was developed by Garry Holloway and shows which areas of a diamond return light to the viewer’s eye, represented in red.
In 2005 the AGS introduced the Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) which similarly shows light return and leakage, but the multi-colored image reveals additional information about the quality of light being returned to the eye.
What is a Sarine report and why do the numbers sometimes differ from those on the grading report?
Sarine states an error potential of ± 0.02 mm linear, and ± 0.2 degrees angular. Between the lab grading document and our own machine onsite slight inconsistencies may occur. In such cases we consider the laboratory document to be the authority.
For more information please see our page on the Sarine non-contact measuring device and the reports it generates.
What is the A CUT ABOVE® Princess?
It is our internationally recognized Super Ideal Princess Cut.
The A CUT ABOVE® Princess is the dazzling sister to our A CUT ABOVE® Hearts & Arrows Round. As a true Super Ideal the diamond must first attain the coveted "Triple Ideal" Platinum certificate from the American Gem Society Laboratory. In addition, it must pass additional performance testing and evaluation by the Whiteflash review panel before achieving the A CUT ABOVE® brand. For more information please visit our A CUT ABOVE® Princess page.
Whiteflash Jewelry
White gold or platinum-which one is best?
Both precious metals are popular for fine jewelry. Both look very similar. There are important differences to consider in making your choice. White gold is a mixture of pure yellow gold with other metals such as nickel that give it hardness and a whitish color. It must then be plated with rhodium to give it a bright white luster, and may eventually need re-plating. Platinum is used in almost pure form, is very dense and a bit softer than gold alloys so it scratches a bit more easily but can always be repolished. Platinum is intrinsically white and does not require plating. For engagement rings many people prefer platinum for its purity and durability despite the fact that it is more expensive than white gold. For fashion jewelry that gets more occasional wear, most prefer white gold, especially in earrings and larger pieces that will become very heavy and expensive in platinum.
For more information on precious metals please see our page with an overview of common jewelry alloys.
Can I have a diamond I bought elsewhere set in a Whiteflash mounting?
As a general rule we do not work on diamonds not purchased from Whiteflash. Exceptions to this policy are sometimes made under certain circumstances and when certain conditions are met. For additional information on this topic please see our page on working with customers diamonds and jewelry.
Ring sizing - what if I get the size wrong and need it adjusted later?
Many of our clients are purchasing engagement rings or other gift items that involve surprise. We strongly recommend they make every effort to establish the ring size accurately at the time of the order. In the event that a ring size needs adjustment we provide one free ring sizing within the first year of purchase. Be aware however that ALL ring designs are limited in their range of sizeability. Most rings are sizeable within one full size, and should only be resized once. If a ring needs to be resized more than once, the durability and integrity of the design could be compromised and may need additional work which will incur additional fees. Eternity rings with diamonds going all the way around the band are NOT sizeable. The sizing range information of each ring is available on the ring detail page. If you have any question about sizing or the ability of a ring to be adjusted to a different size after the fact, please contact one of our diamond and jewelry consultants prior to making a purchase.
Please also be aware that ring sizing standards vary from country to country. On our ring sizing page you will find helpful advise and tools to determine the correct size and to convert international sizes to the US standard. 
Although we provide labor, materials and handling for the one free sizing, shipping is the responsibility of the customer. Important information about shipping can be found on our Returns page.
Will Whiteflash set a diamond in a mounting I purchased elsewhere?
Yes, we will set a Whiteflash diamond into a customer's mounting, providing of course that it is appropriate for the chosen diamond.  The setting will need to be physically evaluated by our production team before a final decision is made. For additional information on this service please see our page about working with customers property.
What is rhodium plating?
White gold products are routinely electroplated with a very expensive metal called rhodium. Rhodium is a platinum group metal that is intrinsically white and lustrous. Gold alloys are not pure white because they contain a high percentage of yellow gold. Rhodium is what gives white gold it's bright white look.
Because plating deposits a very thin layer of metal over the alloy, it is possible for it to wear off and reveal areas of the yellowish metal beneath. How often a piece of jewelry will need to be replated to retain its bright white appearance is affected by several factors: Lifestyle, body chemistry, and exposure to certain chemicals in the environment.
Re-plating is not difficult or terribly expensive. It is a routine final step in servicing such as sizing, prong repair, or repolishing. Typically customers do not have a need for frequent replating.
One of the advantages of platinum is that it is intrinsically white and does not require plating. However, white gold alloys are harder than platinum and resist scratching and deformation better.
What type of metal alloys does Whiteflash use?
Our gold products are either 14k or 18k. 14K is 58.3% pure gold mixed with 41.7% other metals that give gold the hardness to be durable in jewelry. 18K is 75% pure gold. White gold is an alloy of metals that give the metal hardness and whiteness. Nickel is normally used in this alloy. White gold products, because they are not pure white, are normally plated with rhodium to give the metal a bright white luster.
Our platinum products are made with 95% pure platinum and 5% irridium.
For more details please see this page on metals and alloys overview.
Does Whiteflash service the jewelry it sells?
Yes. We have a full service manufacturing operation and provide servicing on everything we sell. All purchases are covered under our One Year Service Policy, which is part of the Whiteflash Guarantee, offering great convenience and peace of mind.
Are Whiteflash designs available in Rose Gold (Pink Gold)?
Some, but not all, items in our catalogue are available in Rose Gold by Special Order. We offer selections in both 14K and 18K rose gold, depending on the model. Prices tend to be a bit higher for specialty manufacturing, and turn around times tend to be one to three weeks longer. As a special order item, rose gold products are not returnable. If you are interested in ordering one of our designs in Rose Gold please contact us for a quote, availability and expected delivery times.
How will my jewelry or loose diamond be packaged? Do you supply a high quality box?
Yes we do. We understand that the presentation is a very important part of the experience and we provide elegant packaging. Please see our packaging page for images and information about our jewelry and loose diamond boxes.
*Loose A CUT ABOVE diamonds come with a diamond toolkit containing a hearts and arrows viewer, stone tweezers and cleaning cloth. Since these items are of little value after the diamond is set, they are only included when the diamond is purchased loose, or upon special request when shipping set in jewelry.
Do you have a ring size conversion chart to help determine the correct size to order?
Yes we do.  An international ring size conversion chart is contained within the Find My Ring Size Tool.  Once on that page click the Find My Ring Size Tool button.  You will see a tab called Ring Size Conversion that will allow you to convert to the equivalent US size from a variety of different international standards. 
In addition to the online tools available there for determining your correct size, there is also a form that you can submit and a set of plastic ring sizers will be sent to you free of charge with which you can physically size the finger in US sizes.
What is the best way to clean my diamond jewelry?
Proper maintenance of your diamond jewelry is easy and important. Diamonds should be cleaned regularly to insure that they perform at their peak and deliver maximum fire and brilliance. Even the best diamonds will suffer from the buildup of film that is an inevitable product of everyday life.
We recommend a weekly soak in a cleaning solution, accompanied by gentle brushing and a rinse with clean water. If you don't have a pre-made soaking solution you can easily make one by combining 1/3 household ammonia with 2/3 warm water.
Let the jewelry soak for at least 30 minutes- longer if you haven't done it in a while. Then take a fine bristle brush (you can find really good ones at the art supply store) and gently brush the piece, giving particular attention to the underside of the feature diamond. Then rinse and allow to dry.
The ammonia and water solution will not damage fine jewelry set with diamonds or (most) precious stones. However, costume jewelry or jewelry that may contain glue should never be soaked. Organic gemstones such as pearls or amber, or semi porous gemstones like turquoise also should not ever be soaked.
Regular attention not only will keep your diamonds and precious metals gleaming brilliantly, but also gives you the chance to inspect the piece for any issues such as lifted prongs or loose stones, before they become a problem. Annual inspection and cleaning by a professional is also highly recommended.
For additional information please see our Jewelry Care Essentials page.
If I buy Whiteflash loose diamonds and settings seperately, do they come assembled?
Yes, they will be expertly set and finished by our master craftsmen and there is no extra charge for labor when you buy our diamond(s) and settings seperately. You will receive the finished item beautifully packaged.
Does Whiteflash offer Engraving?
Yes we offer engraving. There is an additional charge of $39 for most items. You can choose from either block, italic, or script fonts and most any letters, numbers or symbols found on a standard keyboard can be engraved. Approximately 15 characters can usually be engraved, but depending on the size of the surface being engraved the maximum number that can fit may be smaller. Finger size, band width and construction style will factor in to what can be done with engraving. Some styles cannot be engraved at all due to lack of space. Purity stamp and company hallmark will take up some of the available space, unless you specifically opt out of having those stamps. For more about engraving and to see samples click here.
If you have any specific questions about engraving, we will be happy to discuss it with you.
What advice do you have regarding matching wedding bands?
We have many wedding bands that match engagement rings we offer. Some are sold as sets, others can be mixed and matched. Please contact one of our diamond and jewelry consultants for guidance on which styles can be mixed. For the best results we recommend purchasing both engagement ring and wedding band at the same time.
Wedding bands that are purchased after the engagement ring will vary slightly in fit and alignment. To minimize variances we highly recommend that customers send in their engagement ring for fitting during the construction of any band that contains diamonds.
Note: Any band that features a contour that fits the shape of the engagement ring can ONLY be ordered if Whiteflash has the engagement ring in hand. To avoid having to send your engagement ring back while the band is made, please consider purchasing the band at the same time as the engagement ring.
What prong styles does Whiteflash offer?
Across our entire catalogue of designer items, as well as Whiteflash designs, you will see a full range of prong styles. In many cases, we can accommodate a customer’s preference. In other cases, the design itself precludes certain prong styles, or the designer has their distinct way of finishing the prongs.
Finished Prong Styles
The 4 Main Styles of Finished Prongs
A very popular choice among our customers is the “claw” and "petite claw" style. If you have a particular style that you wish to use on your order, please make sure you discuss this with a Whiteflash representative before your order is processed. In this way you will know the options and we can be sure to finish the prongs in the way you prefer.
See our guide to diamond settings.
Does Whiteflash carry Designer Engagement Rings?
Yes we do! We are authorized distributors for some of the top designer brands including Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, Ritani, Vatche, Danhov and Benchmark . If you do not find a particular style on our site made by one of these fine designers, just let us know and we will get it for you. Read about our designers and access their catalogues conveniently on our designer engagement rings page.
Will you copy a setting I saw somewhere else?
We will not copy designer pieces as they are the creative property of the artist. If you love everything about the designer style we recommend you purchase the original from the designer. Our custom design process enables us to put together design elements inspired by a style you like in order to create a new style, but it must not be a duplicate of a trademarked design. Many designs are in the public domain and not trademarked and therefor can be replicated. Our diamond consultants can help you determine what is possible.
Payments and Order Process
Does Whiteflash offer financing?
Yes.  While most of our customers interested in financing simply use a credit card to make their purchase, we also offer a convenient financing alternative with Affirm, allowing you to spread payments out over 3,6, or 12 months at rates as low as 10% APR.  We encourage customers interested in Affirm financing to get pre-qualified before finalizing your purchase decision.  Not all customers will qualify for the full amount of their purchase and rates will vary based upon credit profile. Pre-qualification will not affect your credit score.  
We also have a popular option called Flex Plan which allows for a 90 day payment period with no interest. It's like layaway.
90 Day Flex Plan - How it Works
Purchases of jewelry or in-house natural diamonds where the total is over $1,500 are eligible for the Whiteflash Flex Plan. The order may be placed with a 20% down payment and three equal payments of the balance scheduled at 30 day intervals. (Prepayments may be made at any time.) Should any scheduled payment be more than 10 days late, the merchandise will be returned to stock and a store credit issued.
Normal 30 day money back return privileges apply for all in-house natural diamonds and jewelry items from our catalogue. The 30 day money back guarantee for Flex Plan begins the day the order is placed and runs concurrently with the Flex Plan.
Therefore, during the first 30 days of initiating a purchase through the Flex Plan, you may cancel the order and receive a full refund of all funds paid. After 30 days, should you cancel the order, you will receive store credit for all monies paid.
Your order will go to production once the third regular installment has been received (normally at the 60 day point).
Diamonds from Virtual Selection category are not eligible for Flex Plan. Custom designs and catalogue items altered from their stated specifications (semi custom) are not returnable.
Customers interested in making a purchase using the Flex Plan should speak to their Whiteflash diamond consultant or contact customer service at 877-612-6770.
Do I have to pay in full at the time of my order?
Payment in full is required before an order can ship. We have provisions for temporary holds of merchandise while wire transfer or other arrangements are made. We also have a flexible payment plan (Flex Plan) that provides for payment spread out over 90 days. A customer service representative will be happy to assist with such requests.
What are Whiteflash turn-around times?
We make every effort to turn around orders promptly, while at the same time exercising great care and attention to detail. We provide free Fedex insured delivery with every new order.
Loose Diamonds
In-house diamonds (A CUT ABOVE, Expert Selection and Premium Select) can usually be shipped same day if payment is received by 1pm.
Virtual Selection diamonds (or those sourced for you) can usually be shipped the same day that diamond is approved and payment recieved, provided payment arrives before 1pm. The complete virtual selection process involves extensive handling, real time gemological reviews, imaging and approval. Logistics and unforseen delays can impact the start to finish process time. Please see this page for more information about our Virtual Diamond Service.
For catalogue items we endeavor to meet or beat the delivery times included in all our product descriptions. However, due to seasonal demand fluctuations or situational events, there are occasional delays. We will advise you at the soonest possible time of any delays expected on your order.
Custom design projects are usually completed in about a month. Because of the nature of this process, the time frames cannot always be predicted with certainty. Please see our Custom Jewelry Design page for more details.
Can I split payment between two credit cards ?
YES, but you will have to contact us by phone, live chat, email or visit our showroom so that a consultant can process your order. *Please note that we can only split between cards under the same name.
Can I split payment between credit card and wire transfer?
YES, but the 3% wire discount will only apply to the portion of the order paid by wire transfer.
What forms or procedures are required to process my order?
Because we deal in expensive items, for your protection there are sometimes security steps necessary to process your order. Depending on many different factors you may be required to fax or email forms for verification, and in some cases we will need to speak to you before proceeding with your order. The process is usually very straight forward and worth the extra effort in order to be certain that the transaction is secure.
How are invoice totals calculated and incentives and credits applied?
Whiteflash offers a number of incentives and adjustments such as Customer Loyalty Credit for returning customers and Form of Payment Adjustment for payment by wire transfer. In addition we run special promotions from time to time on certain products. There is a specific and logical order by which pricing and invoice totals are calculated when these items are applicable.
There are basically three elements involved and they are calculated in sequence:
Pricing - Advertised Price
Incentives - Credits and Special Promotions
Form of Payment Adjustment (wire transfer)
Whiteflash offers 3% off the Final Price when payment is made by wire transfer. Final Price is calculated by Advertised Price less any applicable Incentives. Sales tax, if applicable, is calculated based upon Final Price and added to the invoice to arrive at Final Invoice Total.
*only the portion of the invoice paid by wire transfer will receive the Form of Payment Adjustment.
Can I place a diamond on RESERVE while I am making a final decision?
Yes you can. For customers who have decided on a particular diamond and just need a brief time to make arrangements, we provide the option to place it ‘on reserve’ to prevent it being purchased by another online shopper. This secures the diamond for 24 hours at which time it will again become available for purchase on the website. 
We strongly encourage customers to place an order rather than a reserve to provide better protection against the disappointment of the diamond being sold to another shopper at the expiration of the reserve.

Chat, email or call in and we will be happy to accommodate you.
How is pricing determined when exercising Trade-up benefits?
Pricing of any eligible trade up is tied to the payment method of original purchase and balance.
If the original item was paid by credit card and the trade-up balance paid by credit card, credit card pricing will apply to new item.
If original item was paid by credit card and the trade-up balance is paid by wire transfer, credit card pricing will apply to new item and we will extend a 3% credit on the amount paid by wire transfer.
If original item was paid by wire transfer and the trade-up balance is paid by credit card, the new item will be priced at credit card and the portion originally paid by wire transfer will get the 3% wire credit.
If original item was paid by wire transfer and the trade-up balance is paid by wire transfer, the new item will be priced at wire price.
The benefit reflects credit for the full amount of money actually paid on the original purchase of the diamond. When applicable, sales tax is collected on the difference. Any discounts or incentives on the original purchase will be deducted from trade value. See our Lifetime Trade Up benefit page for more details.
Can I change my order after it has been placed?
Yes, you can always change your order after it has been placed. However, any custom, customized, or non-catalogue items may involve fees. Those fees may be substantial in the case of non-returnable items or custom work involving CAD and other services that entail costs that are not recoverable.
Turnaround time will also be affected by change orders. Any substantive change will reset delivery time back to the original production lead time.
In which currency are your prices listed?
All prices are listed in US Dollars. Price in selected currency is an estimate and provided as a convenience only. Actual payment must be made in $US dollars. Estimate reflects 3% wire discount.

What forms of payments do you accept?
For purchases within the USA and Canada we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, ApplePay, and Bank Wire Transfer. For most purchases outside the USA and Canada we accept only payment made by bank wire transfer. Within certain limits we are able to accept credit cards issued in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Please inquire for specifics if you desire to use a card from one those additional countries.
Does Whiteflash collect sales tax?
Whiteflash is required to collect state sales tax (8.25%) on all orders shipped within Texas or picked up at our showroom. Due to a 2018 Supreme Court ruling concerning internet sales, any state that has a state sales tax will be permitted to require online merchants who meet certain thresholds to collect the tax and remit it to them.
Below is a list of states for which we are now required to collect sales tax. The amounts will be automatically calculated in the shopping cart:
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
Below are the states that collect their own sales tax, but require merchants to 'notify and report'. We are required to report to the Tax Commission customer names, addresses, and aggregate dollar amounts for each purchase:
  • Oklahoma
Please note: The collection of internet sales tax is rapidly evolving and Whiteflash is doing everything possible to be in full compliance. While merchants are now being required to collect and/or report to the states, it has always been the obligation of the consumer to comply with their local tax laws. Please refer to your local requirements for the most up to date information. The above list may not be accurate or complete.
How do I place my order?
We try to make it as easy as possible! You can order securely online, by using our CHAT function to communicate with a diamond consultant, by sending email with the items you would like to order, or by calling us toll free at 877-612-6770. If you are in the Houston area you are cordially invited to visit our showroom in Sugar Land!
Does Whiteflash ship internationally?
Yes. We are currently able to ship securely to more than 70 international destinations (Please click here for a complete list of countries that we ship to and the maximum insurance available).
Most orders shipping outside the US and Canada must be paid by wire transfer. Within specific limits we are also able to accept cards issued in UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.  Please contact customer service if you wish to make a purchase with one of those cards. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept credit cards for other international orders at this time.
While Whiteflash provides complimentary insured shipping, duties, taxes or other fees that may be applicable in the destination country are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Because import rules change frequently, we recommend that you verify all taxes and duties with your local authorities before making a purchase. For additional information please see our shipping page.
How are duties and taxes such as VAT and GST handled on international shipments?
The aspect of international shipping that is the hardest to predict is customer costs related to taxes, duties or fees collected by the taxing authorities in the country in which the customer takes delivery.
Whiteflash uses FedEx for our international deliveries, and FedEx acts as the broker for the customer providing all necessary paperwork to the Customs officials in the destination country.
As a convenience, Whiteflash does our best to provide customers with good faith estimates based upon information provided by FedEx and/or other sources. However, fees such as GST, VAT, and Customs policies can change at any given time and neither Whiteflash nor FedEx can be expected to have current knowledge in all cases.
It is therefore the responsibility of the customer to be aware of the fees and policies of their local Customs office and to anticipate any fees that might be payable in order to complete delivery.
Whiteflash provides complimentary expedited insured FedEx shipping worldwide, but all applicable Customs fees, taxes and duties are the sole responsibility of the customer.
What is a bank wire transfer and how do I make one?
A bank wire transfer is a direct bank-to-bank transfer of funds. You transfer money directly from your bank account to the merchants bank account. Some banks allow you to do this by phone or online. In some cases you may need to go to your bank to execute a transfer.
Bank transfers can sometimes go through within hours, but can sometimes take longer depending on several factors including the time of day and day of the week that the transfer is initiated. Other forms of bank transfer  such as ACH, E-Check, and Bill Pay are not the same as wire transfer.  They require longer clearance times, and may not be eligible for the special wire transfer pricing.
If you place an order selecting wire transfer as the form of payment, you will be contacted by our order processing department who will give you the necessary information to execute the wire transfer.
Do I receive a discount if I pay by wire transfer?
YES. You will receive a 3% discount on the portion of your order paid by wire transfer.
Please note: We are unable to offer any discounts on certain designer settings or on the purchase of extended warranties. Please contact a sales consultant if you have any questions about exclusions to the wire transfer discount.
What are the dark arrows I see in the actual diamond photos?
The bottom-most facets on the diamond (the main pavilion facets) draw their light from the highest angles. When a Hearts & Arrows diamond is photographed from directly overhead, these areas will go dark if the camera blocks, or obstructs, the light source. This is known as obstruction. The dark areas are, literally, a reflection of the viewer or camera lens in the crown of the diamond.
Properly designed diamonds maximize positive contrast patterns which create on/off reflections and scintillation (sparkle) in the diamond with even the slightest motion. The precision of the contrast patterns can be seen in certain static views such as our magnified diamond images, ideal scope and ASET images. In real life, because there is almost always some motion either of the diamond or the eye of the viewer, the contrast patterns are not readily visible. For more information see our page about light performance imaging.
Can I get digital photos of my finished ring?
Yes, and they are included with your order! Your new jewelry will be photographed upon completion and you will receive beautiful images that you can share with friends and family via email. In an effort to get your order to you as soon as possible, your images may not be sent by email until after your order ships. For samples of some of these creative images it's always fun to browse our testimonials page to see the latest Whiteflash "eye candy".
What is the significance of all the different diamond photos?
The most important characteristics of diamonds are sparkle, brilliance and fire. The light performance qualities of a diamond can be visually assessed by using certain types of special viewing devices. Whiteflash provides several helpful images captured using these devices to assist customers in objectively determining diamond cut quality and light performance. For more on this important topic please visit our imaging page.
Secure Shipping
Is my order insured while in transit?
Yes. All outbound Whiteflash shipments are insured until the package is picked up.
Because values are typically very high, there are specific procedures that Whiteflash follows to ensure the security of your jewelry. Please see our shipping policy page for important details.
Do you ship to Australia and are there special provisions as a result of AUSFTA?
Yes, we have a lot of great customers from the land down under! And yes, the Australia United States Free Trade agreement has advantages. We have created a page of information and helpful links about AUSFTA. *Be sure to verify the information at your local offices as things may have changed since this page was updated.
International Shipping -which countries does Whiteflash ship to?
We ship to destinations worldwide. We are limited only by the ability to deliver high value packages securely to certain locations. Please see our international shipping list for countries we currently service. If your country is not on the list, please contact us for current status as delivery options do change.
Why does Whiteflash prefer to ship via Fed Ex "Hold for Pick-Up"?
For security reasons the standard Whiteflash method of delivery is Fed Ex "Hold for Pickup". The package is securely delivered to a staffed Fed Ex location where the recipient is required to show identification in order to receive the package. The package is fully insured by Whiteflash up to the point of delivery.
It is important to understand that normal Fed Ex deliveries can be simply left at the recipient's door. Even packages sent by "signature only" can be delivered to anyone at the address. Fed Ex also allows customers to place a note in their file that instructs the delivery person to leave the package at the door if someone is not there to sign for it. Some customers are unaware that such a note is in their Fed Ex file.
Because of the value and importance of the products we sell, every precaution is taken to provide for a secure delivery. Many customers also find this a more convenient method as they can arrange to pick up the package on their own schedule.
In some cases special arrangements can be made to ship directly to a business or residential address. A special waiver is required absolving Whiteflash of any liability resulting from a package being left unattended at the address, or allowing someone other than the specific recipient to sign for it.
More details can be found on our Free Shipping page.
What should I know about on-time delivery?
Whiteflash makes every effort to ship orders out on-time, and there are no delays on most orders. We know how important your order is. In the event we experience an unforeseen delay we will notify you at the earliest possible time.
When we hand off your order to FedEx or other delivery service that may be used, we have no direct control over their operations. They may themselves experience unexpected delays from weather, aviation disruptions, customs clearance (international), or other issue. In the case of such a delay Whiteflash will work proactively with the delivery company doing everything in our power to help ensure a secure delivery at the earliest time possible.
Though delays are rare, we recommend that you plan to give yourself extra time before important events in order for you to have the most stress-free experience possible.
How much does Whiteflash charge for shipping?
We provide FREE SHIPPING on all initial orders!
In cases where shipping is the customer's responsibility, information can be found regarding fees and other important issues on our shipping policy page
Who pays for shipping and insurance in a mixed situation?
All Whiteflash orders come with one free FedEx shipping. However if the diamond or setting was not purchased from Whiteflash the customer is charged for the insurance portion of the FedEx shipping costs of that diamond or setting.
Policies and Warranties
What is The Whiteflash Guarantee?
The Whiteflash Guarantee is a comprehensive set of assurance policies designed to give you complete confidence in your purchase. It starts with multi-level quality control systems certified for ISO 9000 and a complete satisfaction money back return policy. It includes our promise that we sell only conflict free diamonds. Every jewelry item we sell is also backed by a One-Year Service policy.
For more details and additional benefits please see our Whiteflash Guarantee page.
Can I get a commission or reward for recommending a friend to Whiteflash?
YES! Our Referral and Customer Loyalty program was designed to provide extra incentive for recommending Whiteflash to friends and family. Word of mouth is one of the most important ways that we grow our business and we love sending out those referral checks! You can also benefit when you come back to make additional purchases for yourself ("self" referral).
Find out how it works and how easy it is to get rewarded by reading our Referrals and Customer Loyalty page.
How can I sell my diamond or jewelry items?
While Whiteflash regularly does trade-ups and buybacks covered under our value added benefits, we do not buy from the public at large. There are several ways to go about selling your valuables. As a service to our customers we provide information on our "How to Sell a Diamond" page that gives the pros and cons of various methods. There is also a recommendation of a reputable company that Whiteflash recommends at the bottom of the article.
Servicing Diamonds, Engagement Rings and Jewelry Purchased Elsewhere
We do not provide service on products where neither the diamond nor the setting was purchased from Whiteflash.
To be helpful to local customers owning products from one of the designer brands we carry, Whiteflash will attempt to facilitate service for product purchased from another retailer. However, we will not perform that service in our shop. Our role in cases where the customer has purchased the diamond and designer item from another retailer will be limited to communications and logistics. In certain cases we may be unsuccessful in facilitating that service and will decline involvement. Read more about our policies regarding customers property here.
What is your return policy?
Our return policy is designed to give you complete confidence in your purchase. All Whiteflash branded natural diamonds (A CUT ABOVE, Expert Selection and Premium Select) and regular catalogue items are covered by a full 30-day money back guarantee. Our lab-grown diamonds, as well as other non-branded natural diamonds and non-catalogue items are covered by a 10 day money back guarantee. Jewelry that is custom made or altered from original specifications (other than normal sizing) are not returnable. For important details please see our return policy page.
Can I trade-In a diamond I buy from you at a later date?
Yes! One of the outstanding benefits of buying Whiteflash diamonds is that all natural branded diamonds come with industry best 100% Guaranteed Lifetime Trade Up Benefit. You can trade your A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection or Premium Select branded diamond at any time for another natural branded diamond of greater value.
Do you accept diamonds for trade up that were purchased elsewhere?
We do consider trade-up for diamonds purchased elsewhere on a case-by-case basis. Only diamonds that meet the qualifications for one of our in-house categories will be considered.   Each case is evaluated carefully and valuation is based upon prevailing market conditions. Please contact one of our diamond consultants for more information on the process.
Can I trade in my Whiteflash pendant, bracelet or earrings?
Our trade up benefit only applies to certified diamonds. If your pendant or earrings contain qualifying diamonds they are eligible. While the jewelry settings are not eligible, we will make you an offer for an allowance based upon raw materials.
For more details about our trade-in and upgrade please visit our page about Lifetime Trade-Up.
Will Whiteflash price-match?
Whiteflash pricing is designed to be highly competitive. Because we provide many benefits and assurances that others do not, there are times when a competitor may be offering an item at a lower price. While we may not always be able to match the price, we would love to talk to you about it. It is important to us that you know full value proposition that comes with making your important purchase from Whiteflash, including trade-up and buyback guaranties, free One Year Service Plan, and Referral Program, as well as our comprehensive gemological evaluations, light performance imaging, creative photography, and ISO 9000 certified multi-level quality control.
For more on our pricing philosophy and some of the credits we do offer, please see the Whiteflash Promotions page.
What is your Privacy Policy?
We care about safeguarding your privacy and your sensitive information. Please see our Privacy Policies page for details.
What is the Whiteflash pricing policy?
Whiteflash is dedicated to providing the absolute best products, services and benefits at extremely competitive prices. Our pricing policy is based upon a commitment to provide our customers with the greatest overall value available in the marketplace, and a sincere respect for our customers who are some the most astute diamond and jewelry shoppers on the planet. One of our company core values is to be Honest and Authentic - therefore at Whiteflash you will not see the gimmicks so prevalent in the market today such as "mark up to mark down" discounts and other so called "deals".
For more on our pricing philosophy and some of the credits and other benefits that we do offer, please see the Whiteflash Promotions page.
We post comprehensive information, including pricing, to a huge number of products that change on a daily basis. We make every effort for that information to be current and accurate and that products are available. In the event that pricing or other errors occur on our website, we will do our best to work with customers for satisfactory resolution to the issue, but we do reserve the right to void orders that we cannot fill due to errors.
Jewelry Insurance
Does Whiteflash offer jewelry insurance?

Whiteflash does not sell jewelry insurance, but we have arranged for Jewelers Mutual Group to bring our customers valuable information about helping to protect your new Whiteflash jewelry with their personal jewelry insurance product. Since 1913, Jewelers Mutual has been the only insurer exclusively dedicated to jewelry.

For your convenience, Whiteflash has integrated Jewelers Mutual® into our shopping cart, allowing you to get a customized quote for any of your purchases with us. Additionally, you can visit any time after your purchase and retrieve your customized quote by simply entering your Whiteflash Order Number and Email Address.
Jewelers Mutual’s comprehensive coverage comes in the form of a repair or replacement policy that provides coverage where many other carriers can fall short. It includes protection against accident loss, theft, damage, and even mysterious disappearance (where you can’t pinpoint exactly how the piece disappeared). You receive worldwide coverage, you can work directly with Whiteflash on your repair or replacement, and you can choose to avoid additional expense by opting for a $0 deductible.
What’s covered with Jewelers Mutual’s Jewelry Insurance?

Jewelers Mutual offers a repair or replacement policy that provides coverage where many other carriers may fall short.  It includes protection against accidental loss, theft, damage and even mysterious disappearance. You receive worldwide, comprehensive coverage that travels with you, wherever you go. Plus, you have the flexibility to work with your own trusted jeweler in the event of a claim.

*This information has been provided by Jewelers Mutual Group. Jewelers Mutual is an alternative to other insurance companies. Coverage is subject to acceptance by the insurer and to policy terms and conditions.

Custom Jewelry Design
How long does it take to make custom jewelry?
We are very experienced in computer aided jewelry design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Our step-by-step process, during which customers work directly with our senior designer, is relatively quick. The design phase requires approximately 7 business days. Upon finalization of design and customer approval of CAD renderings (photo realistic images), the design goes to production and it takes approximately 12 business days to build and finish the piece.
For more information see our page on the custom jewelry design process.
Can you design a piece of jewelry from my sketch?
Yes. Our custom jewelry design process involves collaboration between you and our senior designer. You can provide design ideas through sketches, pictures, or even verbal descriptions. One of our diamond and jewelry consultants can guide you through the process and gather your information and get you a quote.
How do the CAD images differ from what the finished piece will look like?
Computer "renderings" generated from the CAD file are quite realistic, but there are important subtle differences between these images and what you will see when the piece is finished. The primary difference is that the program file includes extra metal that will necessarily be removed in the finishing and polishing steps. Therefore prongs look longer, edges sharper and the piece is overall a bit bulkier than it will be when finished.
Can you send me the CAD file so I can look at it using my software?
You will get renderings (computer generated images) from the CAD file but not the file itself. As a normal part of our agreement Whiteflash retains all rights to the design. We provide information and CAD renderings necessary for the customer to verify that the design elements have been assembled in the manner specified and that the overall design captures what the customer envisioned.
Will Whiteflash copy a setting I saw somewhere else?
We will not copy designer pieces as they are the creative property of the artist. If you love everything about the designer style we recommend you purchase the original from the designer. Our custom design process enables us to put together design elements inspired by a style you like in order to create a new style, but it must not be a duplicate of a trademarked design. Many designs are in the public domain and not trademarked and therefore can be replicated. Our diamond consultants can help you determine what is possible.
To see styles from some of the top bridal designers please see our designer engagement rings page.
Will Whiteflash build a custom design using my diamond or gemstone?
Unfortunately, the Whiteflash custom design process is reserved for Whiteflash diamonds. You can select from our in-house categories (A CUT ABOVE, Expert Selection, and Premium Select) as well as from our Virtual Selection category or diamonds otherwised sourced for you by a Whiteflash consultant.
We can set your certified diamond into Whiteflash catalogue settings and settings from our designers. For more details please see our page on working with customer property.
What is the payment process for a custom design project?
There is no charge to have our team evaluate your project and provide you with a firm quote. In order to proceed from that point full payment is required. (Full payment of any certified diamond or other feature gemstone going into the custom piece is also required). The project then goes to our designer who builds your project in CAD software. Photorealistic images of the design are shared with you for your approval. One minor modification is allowed at no extra charge. If you should decide not to proceed at this point you will be refunded the amount of your payment less a non-refundable $250 design fee. Upon design approval, your project will to move to the production phase. At this point the order is non-refundable.
For more information see our page on the custom jewelry design process.

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